Surrealist Women: An International Anthology

Paperback | January 1, 1998

EditorRosemont, Penelope

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Beginning in Paris in the 1920s, women poets, essayists, painters, and artists in other media have actively collaborated in defining and refining surrealism's basic project—achieving a higher, open, and dynamic consciousness, from which no aspect of the real or the imaginary is rejected. Indeed, few artistic or social movements can boast as many women forebears, founders, and participants—perhaps only feminism itself. Yet outside the movement, women's contributions to surrealism have been largely ignored or simply unknown.

This anthology, the first of its kind in any language, displays the range and significance of women's contributions to surrealism. Letting surrealist women speak for themselves, Penelope Rosemont has assembled nearly three hundred texts by ninety-six women from twenty-eight countries. She opens the book with a succinct summary of surrealism's basic aims and principles, followed by a discussion of the place of gender in the movement's origins. She then organizes the book into historical periods ranging from the 1920s to the present, with introductions that describe trends in the movement during each period. Rosemont also prefaces each surrealist's work with a brief biographical statement.

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Beginning in Paris in the 1920s, women poets, essayists, painters, and artists in other media have actively collaborated in defining and refining surrealism's basic project—achieving a higher, open, and dynamic consciousness, from which no aspect of the real or the imaginary is rejected. Indeed, few artistic or social movements can boa...

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This anthology, the first of its kind in any language, displays the range and significance of women's contributions to surrealism. Letting surrealist women speak for themselves, Penelope Rosemont has assembled nearly three hundred texts by ninety-seven women from twenty-eight countries in Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, and the ...

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Table of Contents

List of IllustrationsAcknowledgmentsIntroduction: All My Names Know Your Leap: Surrealist Women and Their ChallengeNotes on Individuals Frequently Cited in This Anthology1. The First Women Surrealists, 1924-1929Introduction: The Women of La Révolution surréalisteRenée GauthierDream: I Am in a Field...Simone KahnSurrealist Text: This Took Place in the Springtime...The Exquisite CorpsesDenise LevySurrealist Text: I Went into a Green Song...Surrealist Text: Ivory Blue and Shady Satin...Nancy CanardSurrealist Manifestation at the Diaghilev BalletThe Beginnings of the Surrealist RevolutionSurrealism, Ethnography, and RevolutionNadjaThe Blue WindFanny BeznosI Go, the Wind Pushing Me AlongPurity! Purity! Purity!Suzanne MuzardOn Love: Reply to an InquiryMy Passage in SurrealismValentine PenroseWhen It Comes to Love: Response to an InquirySuzanne Muzard, Elsie Houston, and Jeannette Ducrocq TanguySurrealist Games2. In the Service of Revolution, 1930-1939Introduction: Women and Surrealism in the ThirtiesClaude CabunCaptive BalloonThe Invisible AdventurePoetry Keeps Its SecretSurrealism and Working-Class EmancipationFrom life I still expect that overwhelming experienceBeware Domestic Objects!Nancy CunardHow Come, White Man?The Scottsboro CaseA Trip to HarlemSimone YoyottePale Blue Line in a Forced EpisodeHalf-SeasonGreta KnutsonForeign LandLise DebarmeThe Empty CageThe Little Girl of the Black ForestDenise Bellon, Gala Dalí, Nusch Eluard, Yolande OlivieroExperimental Research: On the Irrational Knowledge of the Object: The Crystal Ball of the SeersMaruja MalloSurrealism as Manifest in My WorkMeret OppenbeimWhere Is the Wagon Going?If You Say the Right Word, I Can Sing...Anyone That Sees Her White Fingers...Jacqueline LambaA Revolutionary Approach to Life and the WorldGisèle PrassinosArrogant HairThe Ghost of ChateaubriandToyenA Community of Ethical ViewsAlice RahonFour Poems from On the Bare GroundDespairHourglass Lying DownValentine PenroseThere Is the FireThe Datura the SerpentTo a Woman to a PathSheila LeggeI Have Done My Best For YouEileen AgarAm I a Surrealist?Mary LowWomen and the Spanish RevolutionMarcelle FerryYou Came down from the Mountains...When He Went Away...The One Seated on the Stones of Cheops...Frenzy, Sweet Little Child, You Sleep...Leonora CarringtonThe Sand CamelGrace PailthorpeWhat We Put in PrisonThe Scientific Aspect of SurrealismSurrealist ArtOn the Importance of Fantasy LifeHélène VanelPoetry and DanceIthell ColquhounWhat Do I Need to Paint a Picture?Jeanne MegnenThe Noise Will Start Tomorrow3. Neither Your War Nor Your Peace: The Surrealist International, 1940-1945Introduction: Women in the Surrealist Diaspora: First Principles and New BeginningsSuzanne CésaireAndré Breton, PoetDiscontent of a Civilization1943: Surrealism and UsThe Domain of the MarvelousMary LowPerchance to DreamWomen and Love through Private PropertyFrida KahloI Paint My Own RealityFrom Her JournalLucie ThéséeBeautiful as...The Buckets in My Head...Where Will the Earth Fall?Leonora CarringtonDown BelowRégine RaufastPhotography and ImageLaurence IchéScissors Strokes by the Clock...I Prefer Your Uneasiness Like a Dark Lantern...Unpublished CorrespondenceThe Philosophers' StoneGertrude PapeThe LakeEardrops from BabylonSusy HareComplaint for a SorcererSonia SekulaWombMeret OppenbeimRound the World with the Rumpus God....Ithell Colquhoun"Everything Found on Land Is Found in the Sea"Water-Stone of the WiseEmmy BridgwaterOn the LineBack to the First BarThe JourneyThe BirdsEdith RimmingtonThe Growth at the BreakThe Sea-GullAlice RahonPointed Out Like the Stars...Little EpidermisSublimated MercuryThe AppellantsFerns in a Hollow of Absence...The Sleeping WomanEva SulzerButterfly DreamsAmerindian ArtJacqueline JohnsonThe Paintings of Alice Rahon PaalenThe EarthIda KarI Chose PhotographyIkbal El AlaillyIntroduction to Vertu de l'Allemagne [The Virtue of Germany]4. Surrealism versus the Cold War, 1946-1959Introduction: Regroupment and Occultation: Women in the Surrealist Underground in the 1950sThérèse RenaudI Lay My HeadFrançoise SullivanDance and AutomatismIréne HamoirPearlAriaThe ProcessionEmmy Bridgwater, Ithell Colquhoun, Iréne Hamoir, and Edith RimmingtonSurrealist Inquiry: What Do You Hate Most?Lise DebarmeI Didn't Know Gertrude SteinMaria MartinsI Am the Tropical Night's High NoonArt, Liberation, and PeaceHelen PhillipsThe Image: Recognition of a MomentVera HéroldThe Big LGisèle PrassinosPeppermint Tower in Praise of Greedy Little GirlsIthell ColquhounThe Mantic Stain: Surrealism and AutomatismDorothea TanningLegendNora MitraniScandal with a Secret Face"Blacker Than Black. . ."About Cats and MagnoliasPoetry, Freedom of BeingOn Slaves, Suffragettes, and the WhipConcupiscence and Scandal: Definitions from the Succinct Lexicon of EroticismValentine PenroseI DreamBeautiful or Ugly It Doesn't MatterJacqueline JohnsonTaking a Sight 1951Alice RahonPainter and MagicianJacqueline SenardReason and Safety FactorsCat=CloverPolarElisa BretonOne in the OtherElisa Breton, Anne Segbers, and ToyenSurrealist Inquiry: Would You Open the Door?Joyce MansourInto the Red VelvetLovely MonsterPractical Advice for WaitingTo Come, Possession, Prick Tease: Definitions from the Succinct Lexicon of EroticismMeret OppenbeimAutomatism at a CrossroadsI Have to Write Down the Black WordsJudit ReiglPoints of Departure for a New RevoltIsabel MeyrellesNight WordsAnneliese HagerOf the Poison of DreamsThe Blue SpellAutomatic DreamDrahomira VandasLight Throws ShadowsAn Egg Hatches Out a FlameRain ManOlga OrozcoTwilight (Between Dog and Wolf)Blanca VarelaDance CardMarianne van HirtumIn Those Rooms...Abandon, Meeting, Orgasm, Seduce, Vice: Definitions from the Succinct Lexicon of EroticismLeonora CarringtonComments on The Temptation of St. AnthonyOn Magic Art: A Conversation, 1996Kay SagePainter and WriterAn ObservationThe WindowChinoiserieFragranceMimi ParentDepraved Person, License, Masturbation, Voyeur: Definitions from the Succinct Lexicon of EroticismSonia SekulaNotes from a Journal: The Occurrence of Meeting a Face Contra a FaceRemedios VaroA Recipe: How to Produce Erotic Dreams5. The Making of "May '68" and Its SequelsIntroduction: Women in the Surrealist Resurgence of the 1960s and 1970sNora MitraniIn Defense of SurrealismNelly KaplanMemoirs of a Lady Sheet DivinerAt the Women Warriors' TableEnough or Still MoreAll Creation Is Androgynous: An InterviewNicole EspagnolFemale SocketHeartstoppingThe Conclusion Is Not DrawnThe Wind TurnsAnnie Le BrunIntroduction to Drop Everything!GiovannaWhere Are We in Relation to Surrealism?Baking Chocolate and DialecticsWhat Do I Know...TherapyMonique CharbonelIt's a WonderUnica ZürnLying in AmbushElisabeth LenkSurrealism: A Liberating and Catalyzing Element in Germany TodayAutomatic Text for Anne EthuinPenelope RosemontPassageCandleRising AsleepJoyce MansourA MangoNight in the Shape of a BisonTen to One to NoWild Glee from ElsewhereAbsolute Divergence: The International Surrealist Exhibition, 1965-1966Mimi ParentAre You a Surrealist?Marianne van HirtumThe Future of Surrealism: Response to an InquiryWhile We Spend Our Lives Ironing...And I Shall Be the Mouth of Copper...The Naked TruthVampiro NoxSurrealism: Rising SignAnne EthuinLegendIsabel MeyrellesI Will Tell You During the Walk...Tyger, TygerLuiza Neto JorgeAnother Genealogy"Monument to Birds" (Max Ernst)FableThe Force of GravitySphericity: FerocityAlejandra PizarnikCaroline von GünderodeIn a Copy of Les Chants de MaldororLeila FerrazSecrets of Surrealist Magic ArtMy Love, I Speak to You of a LoveRikki DucornetMy Special MadnessNecromancyDark Star, Black StarMacheteCleanNancy Joyce PetersTo the Death of MirrorsGeneral StrikeNelly Kaplan's Néa: Woman and Eroticism in FilmAlice FarleyNotes toward a Surrealist DanceJayne CortezConsultationFeathersIn the Line of DutyMake IfaSay ItHaifa ZanganaCan We Disturb These Living Coffins?A Symbol of Sin and Evil Thoughts: Introduction to Ibn Hazm Al-AndalusiHilary BoothTheir Games and Ours: A Note on Time-Travelers' PotlatchHilary Booth, Nancy Joyce Peters, Penelope Rosemont, Debra TaubSurrealist Games: Time-Travelers' PotlatchValentine PenroseFrom These Husks Are Worlds MadeLeonora CarringtonWhat Is a Woman?The Cabbage Is a RoseMeret OppenbeimNobody Will Give You Freedom, You Have to Take It6. Surrealism: A Challenge to the Twenty-First CenturyIntroduction: Women and Surrealism Today and TomorrowSilvia GrénierSaloméSignsCarmen BrunaPoetry: An Incitement to Revolt"Lady from Shanghai"Moi-Même (Myself)Eva SvankmajerováEmancipation CycleTactile LidsStunned by FreedomI Don't Know ExactlyAlena Nádvorn'kováEmila Medková's Photographs and the Anthropomorphization of DetailDetermination of TimeArt History (Sandro Botticelli)Ivana CiglinováThe Old Crow's StoryMary LowThe CompanionQ.E.D.Where the Wolf SingsEncounterHilary BoothLong Hot Summer: Great Black Music TodayPreface to I Am RainOur Skin Is PaperPoem for Central AmericaMarie-Dominique MassoniTwo SecondsHow Old Is the Old Mole?Haifa ZanganaWhat Choice?Jayne CortezWhen I Look at Wifredo Lam's PaintingsBumblebee, You Saw Big MamaSacred TreesPenelope RosemontLife and Times of the Golden GooseThe Bad Days Will EndRevolution by ChanceRikki DucornetThe Volatilized Ceiling of Baron MunodiManifesto in VoicesAlice FarleyPermutations of DesireCostumes: Vehicles of TransformationGestureIrene PlazewskaNewton's DescentDebra TaubA Dance in the ForestExquisite AlchemySecret MelodiesGina LitherlandImagination and WildernessIvanir de OliveiraCollage: Image of RevelationNicole E. ReissDivagationsA Delirious Voyage inside a CircleElaine ParraTo Radicalize with Beauty and LoveSarah MetcalfA Game of Slight DisturbancesKaterina PinosováThe Piece of BoneLenka ValacbováThe Sterile DishKajsa BerghDesirePetra MandalFirst-Hand KnowledgeNancy Joyce PetersWomen and SurrealismBibliographyIndex

Editorial Reviews

This is a very fine volume; it is inclusive, superbly researched, and the introductions are clearly written. . . . It should become a standard text of surrealism. - Stephen Eric Bronner, Professor of PoliticalScience and Comparative Literature, Rutgers University