Surveys of the Southern Galaxy: Proceedings of a Workshop Held at the Leiden Observatory, The Netherlands, August 4-6, 1982 by W.B. BurtonSurveys of the Southern Galaxy: Proceedings of a Workshop Held at the Leiden Observatory, The Netherlands, August 4-6, 1982 by W.B. Burton

Surveys of the Southern Galaxy: Proceedings of a Workshop Held at the Leiden Observatory, The…

byW.B. BurtonEditorF.p. Isra

Paperback | October 5, 2013

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Problems associated with a general scarcity of observations of the southern sky have persisted since the present era of galactic research began some sixty years ago. In his 1930 Halley Lecture A. S. Eddington commented on the observational support given to J. H. Oort's theory of galactic rotation by the stellar radial velocities measured by Plaskett o 0 and Pearce: " . . . out of 250 stars only 4 were between 193 and 343 0 galactic longitude [=£1: 225 <_20_157e_3b_20_a20_stretch20_of20_one-third20_of20_the20_whole20_circuit20_was20_unrepresented20_by20_a20_single20_star.20_this20_is20_the20_operation20_which20_kapteyn20_used20_to20_describe20_as20_22_flying20_with20_one20_wing22_.20_by20_mathematical20_dexterity20_the20_required20_constants20_of20_rotation20_have20_been20_extracted20_from20_the20_lopsided20_data3b_20_but20_no20_mathematical20_dexterity20_can20_avert20_the20_possic2ad_20_bility20_that20_the20_neglected20_part20_of20_the20_sky20_may20_spring20_an20_unpleasant20_surc2ad_20_prise.20_as20_a20_spectator20_i20_watch20_the20_achievements20_of20_our20_monopterous20_aviac2ad_20_tors20_with20_keen20_enthusiasm3b_20_but20_i20_confess20_to20_a20_feeling20_of20_nervousness20_when20_my20_turn20_comes20_to20_depend20_on20_this20_mode20_of20_progression.20_22_20_during20_the20_past20_few20_years20_substantial20_gains20_have20_been20_made20_in20_securing20_fundamental20_data20_on20_the20_southern20_sky.20_interpretations20_based20_on20_combined20_southern20_and20_northern20_surveys20_are20_producing20_a20_balanced20_descripc2ad_20_tion20_of20_galactic20_morphology.20_these20_matters20_were20_discussed20_at20_a20_workshop20_held20_at20_the20_leiden20_observatory2c_20_august20_4-62c_20_19822c_20_attended20_by20_some20_6020_astronomers20_from20_920_countries. _157e_3b_="" a="" stretch="" of="" one-third="" the="" whole="" circuit="" was="" unrepresented="" by="" single="" star.="" this="" is="" operation="" which="" kapteyn="" used="" to="" describe="" as="" _22_flying="" with="" one="" _wing22_.="" mathematical="" dexterity="" required="" constants="" rotation="" have="" been="" extracted="" from="" lopsided="" _data3b_="" but="" no="" can="" avert="" _possic2ad_="" bility="" that="" neglected="" part="" sky="" may="" spring="" an="" unpleasant="" _surc2ad_="" prise.="" spectator="" i="" watch="" achievements="" our="" monopterous="" _aviac2ad_="" tors="" keen="" _enthusiasm3b_="" confess="" feeling="" nervousness="" when="" my="" turn="" comes="" depend="" on="" mode="" progression.="" _22_="" during="" past="" few="" years="" substantial="" gains="" made="" in="" securing="" fundamental="" data="" southern="" sky.="" interpretations="" based="" combined="" and="" northern="" surveys="" are="" producing="" balanced="" _descripc2ad_="" tion="" galactic="" morphology.="" these="" matters="" were="" discussed="" at="" workshop="" held="" leiden="" _observatory2c_="" august="" _4-62c_="" _19822c_="" attended="" some="" 60="" astronomers="" 9="">
Title:Surveys of the Southern Galaxy: Proceedings of a Workshop Held at the Leiden Observatory, The…Format:PaperbackDimensions:318 pages, 24.4 × 17 × 0.01 inPublished:October 5, 2013Publisher:Springer-Verlag/Sci-Tech/TradeLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

1. Surveys of the Southern Milky Way.- CO Distribution Along the Southern Galactic Plane.- A First CO (J=2-1) Survey of the Southern Hemisphere.- Southern Galactic Plane Surveys of OH and H2O Masers.- Southern Line Surveys with the Parkes 64-m and Epping 4-m Radio Telescopes.- A Southern Survey of H166? Emission from the Galactic Plane.- HI Galactic Surveys Done at the IAR.- A Survey of HI in the Southern Galactic Plane.- Continuum Maps at 843 MHz of the Southern Galaxy and Magellanic Clouds.- 2. Gamma-Ray Surveys.- The Large-Scale Distribution of Galactic Gamma-Ray Emission.- Gas Content and Gamma Ray Emission in the First Galactic Quadrant.- Limits on the Surface Density of Molecular Hydrogen from Cosmic Gamma Ray Data.- On the Radial Distribution of Gamma Rays in the Outer Galaxy.- Local Interstellar Gas Distribution from Gamma-Ray Emission.- 3. Large-Scale Galactic Structure.- What We Should Expect in the Southern Plane.- Recent 21 cm Surveys of the Southern Milky Way and the Distribution of HI Beyond the Solar Circle.- Milky Way Spiral Structure: A New Look.- The Massachusetts/Stony Brook CO Survey of the Galactic Plane.- Latitude Distribution of CO in the Southern Hemisphere.- Molecular Clouds in the Outer Milky Way Galaxy.- 4. The Galactic Center.- A CO Structure near the Galactic Center with Strong Positional and Kinematic Gradients.- OH in the Centre of the Galaxy.- OH/IR Stars in the Central Region of the Galaxy.- 5. Detailed Surveys.- 13 CO Emission from the Galactic Disk in the Range ?=40°-60°.- 13 CO Observations towards the 2nd Galactic Quadrant Made with the Bordeaux Telescope.- A Comparison of 12 CO and 13CO Galactic Surveys.- Artificial Boundaries vs. HI Shells and Supersheils.- Southern OB Associations: New Clues to Star Formation Mechanisms?.- CO J=2-1 Observations Toward Southern HII Regions.- CO in Southern Sources.- Star Formation in a Dust Globule Embedded in the Gum Nebula.- CO Observations of a Sample of HII Regions in the Southern Hemisphere 233.- The Giant Molecular Clouds at ?=333° and in the Carina Nebula.- 6. External Galaxies.- A High Resolution HI Survey of M31.- The Production of a 16-mm Film of M31.- HI Structures in M31.- Molecular Clouds and Star Formation in Spiral Galaxies.- 7. Survey Instruments.- Columbia University Southern Hemisphere Millimeter-Wave Survey Telescope.- High Energy Satellite Surveys.- The Hipparcos Mission - Astrometry from Space.- 8. Closing Summary.- Indexes.- HI Emission From the Galactic Equator (?,v).- CO Emission From the Galactic Equator (?,v).- 408 MHz Radio Continuum at ?b? <_20_40c2b0_20_28_3f_2c_b29_.-20_high20_energy20_gamma20_ray20_emission20_28_3f_2c_b29_.-20_integrated20_hi20_emission20_28_3f_2c_b29_.-20_hi20_surface20_density20_in20_m31. _40c2b0_="" _28_3f_2c_b29_.-="" high="" energy="" gamma="" ray="" emission="" integrated="" hi="" surface="" density="" in="">