Sustainable Strategies For The Upgrading Of Natural Gas: Fundamentals, Challenges, And Opportunities: Proceedings Of The Nato Advanced Study Institute by E.G. DerouaneSustainable Strategies For The Upgrading Of Natural Gas: Fundamentals, Challenges, And Opportunities: Proceedings Of The Nato Advanced Study Institute by E.G. Derouane

Sustainable Strategies For The Upgrading Of Natural Gas: Fundamentals, Challenges, And…

byE.G. DerouaneEditorValentin Parmon, Francisco Lemos

Paperback | June 1, 2005

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Energy and feedstock materials for the chemical industry are in increasing demand and, with constraints related to the availability and use of oil, the energy and chemical industry is undergoing considerable changes. In recent years, major restructuring has occurred in the oil, petrochemical, and chemical industry, with increasing attention devoted to the use of natural gas, methane in particular, as a chemical feedstock rather than just as a fuel. The conversion of remote natural gas into liquid fuels or other transportable chemicals is a challenge to industrial catalysis. Few processes exist so far with the major ones involving the conversion of natural gas to synthesis gas by steam reforming, CO2reforming, or partial oxidation, followed by the syntheses of methanol, hydrocarbons (Fischer-Tropsch synthesis), or ammonia.

In this book, a comprehensive overview of the field of processing natural gas is given, through a series of chapters written by leading scientists and engineers in the field. New developments are discussed and current work relevant to the area is shown by a series of recent works by researchers working in this and related fields.

Title:Sustainable Strategies For The Upgrading Of Natural Gas: Fundamentals, Challenges, And…Format:PaperbackDimensions:445 pagesPublished:June 1, 2005Publisher:Springer-Verlag/Sci-Tech/TradeLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Preface. Section I. Lectures. Natural Gas: Fuel or Feedstock? J.R. Rostrup-Nielsen. Molecular Chemistry of Alkane Activation; F. Solymosi. Economics of Alkane Conversion; J.-P. Lange. Theoretical Basis of the Activation of Light Alkanes; M. Witko et al. Surface Organometallic Chemistry of Tantalum: Application to the Metathesis of Alkanes Catalyzed by a Tantalum Hydride Supported on Silica; J. Thivolle-Cazat et al. The Challenges in Converting Remote Natural Gas to Valuable Products; D. Trimm. Alternative Routes To Synfuel From Natural Gas; D. Trimm. New Technologies for Light Alkane Upgrading. J. Gascon et al. Fundamentals of the Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis; A.L. Lapidus. Reactor Technology for Syngas and Hydrogen; E.H. Stitt. Engineering Alkanes to Olefins and Higher Value Chemicals; D. Sanfilippo et al. Membrane Reactors For The Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis; A.A. Khassin. Sources of methane for sustainable development; V.N. Parmon. Section II. Communications. CO2 Separation by Membranes in Natural Gas Processing; G. Clarizia, E. Drioli. Structural and Textural Properties of MCM-41 Mesoporous Molecular Sieves Containing Nb, V, Mo - Alternative Catalysts for Hydrocarbons Oxidation; I. Nowak et al. Acidic and Catalytic Properties of Dealuminated BEA Zeolites; J. P. Marques et al. Influence of the H-Ferrierite Sample on the Selectivity of Skeletal n-Butene Isomerization; B. De Menorval et al. Study on the Lattice Defects in the Mixed Oxides of Neodymium and Alkaline Earth Elements and their Role on the Oxidative Coupling of Methane; D. Filkova. Molecular Mechanism of the Methane Dissociation on the Vanadium Oxides Clusters. DFT Calculations; W. Piskorz, E. Broclawik. Acidity, Activity and Micro-Kinetics Studies in a H-ZSM5; P. Borges et al. Microkinetic Model for Propane Activation over H-ZSM5; P. Borges et al. 13C MAS NMR Mechanistic Study of the Initial Stages of Propane Activation over Zn/H-MFI Catalyst; Yu.G. Kolyagin et al. Dehydrogeflationof Propane over Chromium-Based Catalysts; P. Michorczyk et al. Catalytic Oxidation of Methanol to Formaldehyde; A. H. Yilmaz et al. Conversion of Gas Condensate over Metal-Containing MFI Catalysts; A.G. Popov et al. Coke Formation on Alumina and Alumina Supported Platinum Catalysts; Z. Sarbak. Activation Studies of the Cs-Doped Cu/ZnO Catalyst for the Higher Alcohol Synthesis; L. Nowicki et al. Development of high temperature catalytic reactors for oxidative conversion of natural gas; S. Cimino et al. The Effect of Process Conditions on Product Formation in Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis; Sh.S. Itkulova. Mathematical Modeling of Steam Reforming Tubes with Shaped Particles; A.P. Kagyrmanova et al. Application of NMR Microimaging for the Investigation of the Heterogeneous Catalytic Reactions Inside Catalyst Pellets and Fixed Catalyst Bed; A.A. Lysova et al. Section III. Conclusions. Natural Gas as Feedstock; J.C. Védrine. Sustainable Strategies for the Upgrading of Natural Gas; Eric G. Derouane. Participants. Subject Index. Author Index.