Systems Reliability and Risk Analysis by E.G. FrankelSystems Reliability and Risk Analysis by E.G. Frankel

Systems Reliability and Risk Analysis

byE.G. Frankel

Paperback | January 19, 2012

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Ernst G. Frankel This book has its origin in lecture notes developed over several years for use in a course in Systems Reliability f<_r20_engineers20_concerned20_with20_the20_design20_of20_physical20_systems20_such20_as20_civil20_structures2c_20_power20_plants2c_20_and20_transport20_systems20_of20_all20_types.20_increasing20_public20_concern20_with20_the20_reliability20_of20_systems20_for20_reasons20_of20_human20_safety2c_20_environmental20_protection2c_20_and20_acceptable20_investment20_risk20_limitations20_has20_resulted20_in20_an20_increasing20_interest20_by20_engineers20_in20_the20_formal20_application20_of20_reliability20_theory20_to20_engineering20_design.20_at20_the20_same20_time20_there20_is20_a20_demand20_for20_more20_effective20_approaches20_to20_the20_design20_of20_procedures20_for20_the20_operation20_and20_use20_of20_manc2ad_20_made20_systems2c_20_more20_meaningful20_assessment20_of20_the20_risks20_introduced2c_20_and20_use20_such20_a20_system20_poses20_both20_when20_operating20_as20_designed20_and20_when20_operating20_at20_below20_design20_performance.20_the20_purpose20_of20_the20_book20_is20_to20_provide20_a20_sound2c_20_yet20_practical2c_20_introduction20_to20_reliability20_analysis20_and20_risk20_assessment20_which20_can20_be20_used20_by20_professionals20_in20_engineering2c_20_planning2c_20_management2c_20_and20_economics20_to20_improve20_the20_design2c_20_operation2c_20_and20_risk20_assessment20_of20_systems20_of20_interest.20_the20_text20_should20_be20_useful20_for20_students20_in20_many20_disciplines20_and20_is20_designed20_for20_fourth-year20_undergraduates20_or20_first-year20_graduate20_students.20_i20_would20_like20_to20_acknowledge20_the20_help20_of20_many20_of20_my20_graduate20_students20_who20_contributed20_to20_the20_development20_of20_this20_book20_by20_offering20_comments20_and20_criticism.20_similarly2c_20_i20_would20_like20_to20_thank20_mrs.20_sheila20_mcnary20_who20_typed20_untold20_drafts20_of20_the20_manuscript2c_20_and20_mr. engineers="" concerned="" with="" the="" design="" of="" physical="" systems="" such="" as="" civil="" _structures2c_="" power="" _plants2c_="" and="" transport="" all="" types.="" increasing="" public="" concern="" reliability="" for="" reasons="" human="" _safety2c_="" environmental="" _protection2c_="" acceptable="" investment="" risk="" limitations="" has="" resulted="" in="" an="" interest="" by="" formal="" application="" theory="" to="" engineering="" design.="" at="" same="" time="" there="" is="" a="" demand="" more="" effective="" approaches="" procedures="" operation="" use="" _manc2ad_="" made="" _systems2c_="" meaningful="" assessment="" risks="" _introduced2c_="" system="" poses="" both="" when="" operating="" designed="" below="" performance.="" purpose="" book="" provide="" _sound2c_="" yet="" _practical2c_="" introduction="" analysis="" which="" can="" be="" used="" professionals="" _engineering2c_="" _planning2c_="" _management2c_="" economics="" improve="" _design2c_="" _operation2c_="" interest.="" text="" should="" useful="" students="" many="" disciplines="" fourth-year="" undergraduates="" or="" first-year="" graduate="" students.="" i="" would="" like="" acknowledge="" help="" my="" who="" contributed="" development="" this="" offering="" comments="" criticism.="" _similarly2c_="" thank="" mrs.="" sheila="" mcnary="" typed="" untold="" drafts="" _manuscript2c_="">
Title:Systems Reliability and Risk AnalysisFormat:PaperbackDimensions:429 pagesPublished:January 19, 2012Publisher:Springer-Verlag/Sci-Tech/TradeLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

1.0 Introduction.- 1.1 Suggested Readings.- 2.0 Fundamental Concepts.- 2.1 Basic Concepts of Reliability.- 2.2 References.- 3.0 Assessment of Reliability Function.- 3.1 Non-parametric Reliability Function Assessment.- 3.2 Parametric Reliability Function Assessment.- 3.3 Exercises.- 3.4 References.- 4.0 Reliability of Series and Parallel Systems.- 4.1 Simple Series Systems.- 4.1.1 Application to Components with Exponential Failure Densities.- 4.2 Simple Parallel Systems.- 4.2.1 Relation Between MTBF and R(t) in Simple Exponential Redundant System.- 4.3 Variations of Simple Redundant Systems.- 4.4 Analysis of Complex Series Redundant System.- 4.5 Off-Line Redundant Systems.- 4.6 Exercises.- 4.7 References.- 5.0 Failure Mode and Effects Analysis - Fault Tree Analysis.- 5.1 Common Cause Failure.- 5.2 Complex System Reliability Networks.- 5.3 Fault Tree Analysis.- 5.3.1 Min Cut Sets of Fault Trees.- 5.4 Exercises.- 5.5 References.- Appendix 5A Performance of a Failure Mode and Effects Analysis.- Appendix 5B Performance of a Maintainability Engineering Analysis (MEA).- 6.0 Multivariable Probability Distributions and Stochastic Processes.- 6.1 Multivariable Probability Distributions.- 6.2 Stochastic Processes.- 6.3 Markov Processes.- 6.4 Exercises.- 6.5 References.- 7.0 The Generalized Failure Process for Non-Maintained Systems.- 7.1 Solution Using Laplace Transforms.- 7.2 Stand-by (Off Line) Redundant System.- 7.3 Series Systems.- 7.4 Redundant (On-Line) Parallel Systems.- 7.5 State-Dependent Reliability Models.- 7.6 Linear Stress Model.- 7.7 The Effect of Switching.- 7.8 Exercises.- 7.9 References.- 8.0 Analysis of Maintained Systems.- 8.1 Systems Availability.- 8.2 Markov Models for Maintained Systems.- 8.2 Maintained Series Systems.- 8.2 Maintained Parallel Systems.- 8.3 Development of the General Expression for the Mean Time to Failure of a Markov Chain.- 8.3.1 Mean Time to Failure and Variance of Time to Failure of Non-Maintained and Maintained Systems.- 8.4 Models of Maintained Systems with Redundant Off-Line Components.- 8.5 Exercises.- 8.6 References.- 9.0 Strategies for Repair Policies.- 9.0.1 General Repair Strategy Determination.- 9.0.2 Cost of Scheduled Overhauls and Inspections.- 9.0.3 Spare Pare Inventory Provisioning.- 9.1 Use of Dynamic Programming in Systems Reliability.- 9.1.1 Complex system Reliability Analysis Under Constraints.- 9.1.2 Optimization of Multistage Decision Processes.- 9.1.3 Complex System with Component Stand-by.- 9.1.4 Complex System with Switching.- 9.1.5 Reliability of Complex System with Component Maintenance.- 9.1.6 Analysis of Component Failure.- 9.1.7 Conclusions.- 9.2 The Use of the Lagrange Multiplier Method.- 9.2.1 System Involving Two Types of Constraints.- 9.3 Optimum Maintenance Policies by Dynamic Programming.- 9.4 Spare Part Provisioning Models.- 9.5 System Performance Evaluation.- 9.6 Exercises.- 9.7 References.- 10.0 Effects of Component Interaction.- 10.1 Effect of Interaction of Component Reliability.- 10.2 Analysis of "Wear" Rates.- 10.3 Component Reliability.- 10.4 System Reliability.- 10.5 Use of Networks in the analysis of Interactive Systems Reliability, Maintainability, and Availability.- 10.6 Exercises.- 10.7 References.- 11.0 Application of Fault Tree and Other Network Techniques.- 11.1 Implementation of Fault Tree Analysis.- 11.1.1 Representing Fault Trees by Networks.- 11.2 Uncertainty in Reliability Analysis.- 11.2.1 GERT Reliability Networks with Uncertainty.- 11.3 References.- 12.0 Reliability and Risk in Perspective.- 12.1 General Considerations.- 12.1 Risk Attitudes.- 12.2 Analysis of Risk.- 12.2.1 Reliability and Risk Assessment.- 12.3 Issues and Concerns.- Appendix A Basic Concepts of Probability and Statistics.- Appendix B Matrix Algebra and Transformations.- Appendix C Testing for Markov Properties.- Appendix D Non-Markovian Systems.- Appendix E Introduction to Flow Graphs and Gert.- Appendix F Statistical Tables.