Taboo Investments

October 25, 2017|
Taboo Investments
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When Mark comes to Pleasant Mountain to make a porn movie he turns the small Western town upside down. The economy is failing and working in porn provides a number of ways for locals to dig out of their entrenched lives. Lennox, the owner of Taboo Investments, arrives with his own agenda, and it involves the sexually frustrated mayor and her lawyer sister.

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

The hot summer sun poured in through the downstairs windows of the old hotel. By late morning, despite opening the windows, it was baking hot in the lobby and the office. Jeri only wore a short skirt, panties, and a thin tee shirt, but even then, they were soaked.

Outside, in the back alley, she could hear the two men who were working to get the air conditioner unit running again. Trying to resuscitate the ancient unit, the head man had called it. They couldn't afford a new one and fixing the old one was taking time. Of course, here it was July already, in the worst heat, and the men were just getting to it. That was one of the hassles of life in a small town, getting things done. Pleasant Mountain had a lot going for it, but a ready supply of reliable repairmen wasn't one of them.

Even if they weren't everything she could wish for that way, the younger guy was nice to look at, real eye candy. Unfortunately, watching him made her feel even warmer. His name was Greg and from the moment he showed up, her thoughts had focused on how nice it would be to get him alone and do a lot more than look. He was probably not much more than twenty-one, so a few years younger than she was, with broad shoulders, rippling biceps, and an engaging smile. All that was enhanced by the bulging crotch of his jeans. The sight made her smile to herself. While Robert, her husband, wasn't tiny, he was no porn star. This Greg, however She couldn't help but wonder what he offered a girl. That Robert had been ignoring her for far too long now added to her hunger and made her more than a little curious.

As the day wore on, Greg took off his shirt, giving her a view that was even nicer. Unfortunately, it was also a lot more frustrating. The old guy, his boss, was around all the time, showing him how to do the work. He'd start Greg on something and hover around him to see that he did it right. Greg would glance at her from time to time, so Jeri made sure Greg could see her. She flashed him interested smiles. Maybe that could lead somewhere.

Whenever Greg came into the office for anything, she'd do something to get his attention. Once he came in while she was sitting in her chair and she put her long, bare leg up on the desk and stroked it, turning it like she was rubbing lotion into it. She'd always been told she had sexy legs and the look on his face told her he knew she was doing it for him.

The next time, she pretended to ignore him but turned sideways so he'd see her in profile, get a look at her breasts and the way they showed through the sweaty cotton.

And Robert was gone. He'd been there when the men first arrived. He'd gone over the work with them and then holed himself up in their little apartment that was alongside the office at the back of the building. He said he'd be going over the accounts, see if they couldn't stall payments to some vendors and maybe make some calls to get travel agents interested in booking the hotel.

The truth was that they had money problems that added to her stress. Anything he could do that would improve the cash flow would be helpful. Unfortunately, she had come to learn that Robert wasn't the most creative guy she'd ever known, in or out of bed.

Title:Taboo Investments
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:October 25, 2017
Publisher:Boruma Publishing
Appropriate for ages:All ages

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