Take the Money and Run

October 10, 2019|
Take the Money and Run
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Born to illiterate parents, in a deprived area of Glasgow ensured Joe Armstrong would be stigmatized from day one. His father was an indolent, gambling, alcoholic and his Mother; a hard-nosed, illiterate workaholic. With no one to turn to in times of need; Joe was left to his own devices; to do whatever he had to do to survive.
Despite the trauma and shame associated with abject poverty and perceived ignorance, Joe was forced to survive in a world of 'dog eats dog 'and survival of the fittest, a given. Moreover, Joe suffered the infliction that is an inferiority complex and as anyone with the same infliction will tell you; having an inferiority complex has many underlying consequences.
Due, in the main to his inferiority complex and his parent's indifference towards him; Joe Armstrong sought friendship with those he figured were like-minded people and as a result of being in the wrong place at the wrong time suffered the consequence that was jail time.
Fortuitously aged 19years he met and married a woman, who was sympathetic to both his needs and his personality and from then on it was onwards and upwards; rising through the ranks of apprentice engineer to that of general manager of a large earthmoving company.

Aged 27, due to mitigating circumstance Joe resigned as manager with the earthmoving company and with the aid of a friend created a business. The business became a success as did, coincidentally his infidelity with the female of the species; consequently over a measure of time he unashamedly bedded, among others, his partner's daughter. Again, due to mitigating circumstances, Joe Armstrong is forced to consider other options; one of which is construction; specifically house building.
Ever the entrepreneur, Joe purchases a series of building sites and builds what was considered at the time to be high standard quality homes. Alas although the house building business proved to be lucrative; it becomes his Achilles heel, when time, after time Joe is reminded of his background and why! The likes of him, irrespective of how much money he makes, will never be deemed anything other than working class!
Unfortunately, due to a slump in interest rates and the subsequent financial fallout; sales drop dramatically, forcing Joe to consider advertising in the local paper, a. move that would change his life forever-With change came deceit, infidelity, money laundering, tax evasion and the beginning of a roller-coaster life that would see Joe and co, head off into the blue yonder! Question was! Would Joe Armstrong prove to be the guy who balked the trend by rising to the top or simply confirm that 'you cannot make a silk purse from a sow’s ear?

Title:Take the Money and RunFormat:Kobo ebookPublished:October 10, 2019Publisher:Jim GardnerLanguage:English

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