Takin' It to the Streets: A Sixties Reader by Alexander BloomTakin' It to the Streets: A Sixties Reader by Alexander Bloom

Takin' It to the Streets: A Sixties Reader

byAlexander Bloom

Paperback | November 30, 2015

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Drawing from mainstream sources, little-known sixties periodicals, pamphlets, public speeches, and personal voices, Takin' it to the Streets remains the most accessible and authoritative reader of an extraordinary decade. The fourth edition revises the comprehensive collection of primarydocuments from the 1960s, focusing on civil rights, Black Power, the counterculture, the women's movement, anti-war activity, gay and lesbian struggles, and the conservative current that ran counter to more typical sixties movements.
Alexander Bloom is Professor of History and American Studies at Wheaton College. He is the author of several books, including Long Time Gone: Sixties America Then and Now (OUP, 2001) and Prodigal Sons: The New York Intellectuals and Their World (OUP, 1987).
Title:Takin' It to the Streets: A Sixties ReaderFormat:PaperbackDimensions:576 pages, 9.09 × 5.98 × 1.18 inPublished:November 30, 2015Publisher:Oxford University PressLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

1. "Keep on Walkin', Keep on Talkin": Civil Rights to 1965- Martin Luther King, Jr., The Power of Nonviolence- Anne Moody, The Jackson Sit-In- SNCC: Founding Statement- The Freedom Rides- Medgar Evers, I Speak as a Native Mississippian- John Lewis, Wake Up America- Letters from Mississippi- Fannie Lou Hamer and Rita Schwerner, Testimony Before the Democratic National Convention- SNCC Position Paper: Women in the Movement- Casey Hayden and Mary King, Sex and Caste: A Kind of Memo- Sheyann Webb, Selma2. "My Generation": American Politics, the Student Movement, and the New Left- Norman Mailer, Superman Comes to the Supermarket NEW- John F. Kennedy, Report to the American People on Civil Rights NEW- Mike Mansfield, Eulogy to the Late President NEW- The New Left: Beginnings- The Port Huron Statement- C. Wright Mills, Letter to the New Left- Casey Hayden, Raising the Question of Who Decides- Jean Smith, How to Help the Ones at the Bottom- Community Organizing- Tom Hayden, The Politics of "The Movement"- Connie Brown, Cleveland: Conference of the Poor- LBJ and the Great Society- "A Time for Action:" Address Before a Joint Session of the Congress- "Will You Join in the Battle to Build the Great Society," Remarks at the University of Michigan- "And We Shall Overcome," The American Promise: Special Message to the Congress- "To Fulfill These Rights," Commencement Address at Howard University- The Free Speech Movement- Michael Rossman, The Wedding Within the War- Mario Savio, An End to History- Free Speech Movement Leaflets- To the Students of Political Science- "Do Not Fold, Bend, Mutilate, or Spindle"- New Left Thinking at Mid-Decade- Gregory Calvert, In White America: Radical Consciousness and Social Change- Carl Davidson, Student Power: A Radical View3. "Say It Loud, Say It Proud": Black Nationalism and Ethnic Consciousness- Black Nationalism and Black Pride- Malcolm X, The Ballot or the Bullet- Ossie Davis, Eulogy for Malcolm X- The McCone Commission Report on Watts, Violence in the City-An End or a Beginning? and Paul Bullock, Watts: The Aftermath- SNCC, The Basis of Black Power- Larry Neal, Black Art and Black Liberation- Harry Edwards, The Revolt of the Black Athlete- The Black Panther Platform: "What We Want, What We Believe"- Deborah Johnson and Flint Taylor, Police and the Panthers- Latinos- Armando B. Rendon, Chicano Manifesto- El Plan de Aztlan- First National Chicana Conference- Luis Valdez, The Tale of the Raza [Cesar Chavez and the Farm Workers' Movement]- Asian Americans- Amy Uyematsu, The Emergence of Yellow Power- American Indians- The Alcatraz Proclamation to the Great White Father and His People- AIM Statement on Wounded Knee4. "Hey, Hey, LBJ": Vietnam and the Antiwar Movement- Background to the War: Vietnam Documents- The Vietnamese Declaration of Independence- Geneva Accords- John Kennedy and the "Domino Theory"- Henry Cabot Lodge on Removing Diem- The Tonkin Gulf Resolution- McGeorge Bundy and "Sustained Reprisal"- John T. McNaughton's "Plan for Action for South Vietnam"- George Ball and the Internal Opposition- Lyndon Johnson on Why Fight in Vietnam- Experiences of War- George Skakel, One Soldier's View: Vietnam Letters- My Lai- Lynda Van Devanter, Home Before- The Antiwar Movement- Paul Potter, The Incredible War- Carl Oglesby, Trapped in a System- SDS Call for a March on Washington- SNCC Position Paper on Vietnam- Martin Luther King, Jr., Declaration of Independence from the War in Vietnam- Daniel Berrigan, Berrigan at Cornell- Resistance and the Draft- Channeling- The Resistance, We Refuse to Serve- Vietnam and the Draft- Michael Ferber, A Time to Say No- Antidraft Activity- Draft Board Raids Up- An Open Letter to the Corporations of America- Beaver 55 Strikes Again- Antiwar Activity Within the Military- Army Times- The Fort Hood Three- The Pentagon is Rising- A Lot of GIs- A.W.O.L.- Oleo Strut Is Recruiting- Join the Foreign Legion- The Vietnam Veterans- John Kerry, Vietnam Veterans Against the War- Robert Cagle, One Vet Remembers5. "Eight Miles High": The Counterculture- Culture and the Counterculture- Pierre Biner. The Living Theatre- The Evolving Views of Bob Dylan: 1963 to 1968- Richard R. Lingeman, The Big, Happy, Beating Heart of the Detroit Sound- Richard Goldstein, San Francisco Bray- Janis Joplin, Love, Janis- Danny Sugerman, Nothing Would Ever Be the Same- John Sinclair, Rock and Roll Is a Weapon of Cultural Revolution- Tom Robbins, To Dance- Snippers v. Snipers [Television]- Gene Moskowitz and Roger Ebert, Easy Rider [Movies]- Religion- Gary Snyder, Buddhism and the Coming Revolution- Malcolm Boyd, Are You Running With Me, Jesus?- The Drug Culture- Confession of a Middle-Aged Pot Smoker- Donovan Bess, LSD: The Acid Test- Carlos Castaneda, The Teaching of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge- Sexual Revolution- Unstructured Relations- The Free-Sex Movement- Hippies- Guy Strait, What Is a Hippie?- Helen Swick Perry, The Human Be-In- The Digger Papers- Yippies- Yippie Manifesto- Jerry Rubin, Do It- The Underground Press- Thomas King Forcade, The Underground Press Syndicate Communes- Roberta Price, Huerfano6. "Love It or Leave It": The Conservative Impulse in a Radical Age- The New Conservatism- The Sharon Statement- Barry Goldwater, 1964 Acceptance Speech- The Conservative Impulse in Politics- Richard Nixon, If Mob Rule Takes Hold in the U.S.- Ronald Reagan, Freedom vs. Anarchy on Campus- George Wallace- Pete Hamill, Wallace- Michael Novak, Why Wallace?- Conservative Responses to 1960s Issues- The John Birch Society and the Vietnam War- Edwin Willis, Communist Infiltration- Spiro T. Agnew, Impudence in the Streets- Paul Goldberger, Tony Imperiale Stands Vigilant for Law and Order- COINTELPRO- Who Were the Targets?- COINTELPRO and Homophobia- COINTELPRO and Violence Counter-Counterculture- Air Pollution?- Rev. David A. Noebel, Rhythm, Riots and Revolution7. "The Whole World Is Watching": 1968 . . . and After- Campus Explosions- Tom Hayden, Two, Three, Many Columbias- Columbia Strike Coordinating Committee, Columbia Liberated- San Francisco State: Black Student Union and Third World Liberation Front, List of Strike Demands- Harvard: The Rulers and the Ruled- Harvard University Strike Poster- Around the Country: Colleges- Santa Barbara- University of IllinoisA Day of Paradox at O.U.- The Face of Justice: Antioch College- Students at Roosevelt U. Seize Office of President in Protest- Think-In Replaces Oberlin Classes- Around the Country: High Schools- Boy's Dress Code- Toward a Democratic Student Government- Atlanta High Schoolers- Around the World- Students of the World . . .- Student Uprisings Rock Mexico- Ronald Fraser, Voices- The Democrats Divide I: Primary Challenges- Jeremy Larner, The McCarthy Campaign- Lewis Chester, Godfrey Hodgson, and Bruce Page, I Shall Not Seek, and I Will Not Accept- The Death of Dr. Martin Luther King- Lewis Chester, Godfrey Hodgson, and Bruce Page, This Will Mean a Thousand Detroits- Robert Kennedy, To Tame the Savageness of Man- Eldridge Cleaver, Requiem for Nonviolence- The Kerner Report- The Democrats Divide II: Chicago- Jeremy Larner, The Chicago Democratic Convention- The Walker Commission, Rights in Conflict- Tom Hayden, The Trial- The New Left Splinters: The Weather Underground- Bring the War Home- Honky Tonk Women8. "She's Leaving Home": The Women's Liberation- Movement- Liberal Feminism- Betty Friedan, The Problem That Has No Name- Alice Rossi, Job Discrimination and What Women Can Do About It- NOW Bill of Rights- Gloria Steinem, What Would It Be Like if Women Win- Radical Women- No More Miss America- New York Radical Women, Principles- Redstockings Manifesto- Barbara Susan, About My Consciousness Raising- Pat Mainardi, The Politics of Housework- Women's Political Action- Women Support Panther Sisters- Women Destroy Draft Files- Free Our Sisters, Free Ourselves- Our Bodies, Our Sexuality- Anne Koedt, The Myth of the Vaginal Orgasm- Barbara Susan, An Abortion Testimonial- Radicalesbians, The Woman-Identified Woman- Race, Ethnicity, and Class: Feminist Issues- Debby D'Amico, To My White Working-Class Sisters- Frances Beal, Double Jeopardy: To Be Black and Female- Abbey Lincoln, To Whom Will She Cry Rape?- Enriqueta Longauex y Vasquez, The Mexican-American Woman- Francisca Flores, Conference of Mexican Women: Un Remolino- Denise Oliver, The Young Lords Party- Asian Women as Leaders- Politics of the Interior9. "When the Music's Over": Endings and Beginnings- People's Park- John Oliver Simon, The Meaning of People's Park- Frank Bardacke, Who Owns the Park?- Denise Levertov, Human Values and People's Park- Their Foe Is Ours- Kent State and Jackson State- The President's Commission on Campus Unrest, Kent State- Tom Grace, Get Off Our Campus- James Michener, What Did They Expect, Spitballs?- The President's Commission on Campus Unrest, Jackson State- Gay Liberation- Franklin Kameny, Does Research into Homosexuality Matter?- Clark Polak, The Homophile Puzzle- Lucian K. Truscott, Gay Power Comes to Sheridan Square- Third World Gay Liberation, What We Want, What We Believe- Gay Liberation Front Women, Lesbians and the Ultimate Liberation of Women- Woodstock and Altamont- A Fleeting, Wonderful Moment of "Community"- Andrew Kopkind, Coming of Age in Aquarius- Michael Lydon, The Rolling Stones-At Play in the Apocalypse- The Environmental Movement- Paul Ehrlich, The Population Bomb- Barry Commoner, Lake Erie Water- Frances Moore Lappe, Diet for a Small Planet- Whole Earth Catalog- Tom Duckworth, More on Getting by Without Money10. "For What It's Worth": Assessments and Implications NEW- Howard Zinn, Facing the 1960s Honestly- Julius Lester, To Recapture the Dream- Wini Breines, Whose New Left?- Fred Barnes, Revenge of the Squares: Newt Gingrich and His Pals Rewrite the '60s- Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., Revisiting the Sixties- Edward P. Morgan, Learning from the Sixties- Michael Kazin, The Port Huron Statement at Fifty

Editorial Reviews

"From experience, this book functions extremely well in class. It deals with all of the key issues--civil rights, the student movement, the war in Vietnam, and the women's movement."--Allan M. Winkler, Miami University of Ohio