Taking Charge of Your Child's Allergies: The Informed Parent's Comprehensive Guide by M. Eric GershwinTaking Charge of Your Child's Allergies: The Informed Parent's Comprehensive Guide by M. Eric Gershwin

Taking Charge of Your Child's Allergies: The Informed Parent's Comprehensive Guide

byM. Eric Gershwin

Paperback | November 5, 2010

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This complete A-Z guide to the effective home treatment of children's allergies contains all the latest information and informed advice that you need to manage your child's symptoms and to help him or her understand and control their own allergies. Written with sympathy and professional understanding gained from their own and their children's severe allergies, Drs. Gershwin and Klingelhofer offer in simple, jargon-free language the best and most up-to-date counsel on how to deal effectively with asthma, hay fever, eczema, food allergies, contact dermatitis, hives, headaches, rhinitis, latex allergies, and more. Here concerned parents will learn how to identify their child's allergic symptoms, how to distinguish these from nonallergic symptoms, the best strategies for avoidance, and what to do about them. If your child suffers from allergies and you want to know more about these often cruel afflictions and what can be done to avoid or treat them, Taking Charge of Your Child's Allergies is just what your doctor would order!
Title:Taking Charge of Your Child's Allergies: The Informed Parent's Comprehensive GuideFormat:PaperbackDimensions:260 pages, 9.02 × 5.98 × 0 inPublished:November 5, 2010Publisher:Humana PressLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Part I. What Are Allergies, Why Do Children Have Them,How Can I Be Sure My Child Is Really Allergic, And How Can I Best Cope? Why Our Child?Some Facts About Allergies.What Specifically Is an Allergy? How to Know Whether Your Child Is Allergic. Introduction. Family History of Allergies. What Are the Symptoms? The When and How of Allergic Diseases in Children. Associated Factors.Directions for Using the Allergy Finder.The Doctor's Role. Allergies and Allergy Imposters. Allergy, Allergy Imposters, and Physiology. Guiding Your Allergic Child into the Mainstream. General Health Problems. School Problems. Overall School Performance. Physical Education. Other Classes. Other Risks at School. At Homes of Friends. At Home Alone. Holidays.Traveling. Summer Camp.Special Problems of Allergic Children. Other Problems.Teaching Allergic Offspring How to Act Judiciously and Competently on Their Own. Illicit Drugs. Part II. What Are Allergies' Triggers And How Can I Avoid or Control Them Effectively? Food and Food Additives. Symptoms of Food Allergy or Intolerance. Diagnostic Procedures for Establishing the Cause of Food Allergies or Intolerances. Allergy and Intolerance-Causing Agents. Fad Diets. A Special Word About Latex Allergy. Treatment of Food Allergy or Hypersensitivity. Too Much of a Good Thing. Colds and Respiratory Infections. Prevention of Colds and Respiratory Infections. The Importance of Good Nutrition. Psychological Stress . Hygiene and General Health Habits. Recurrent or Chronic Lung Diseases. Airborne Allergens. Plant Pollens. Molds and Fungi. Dust. Animal Dander. Smoke. Pollutants.Other Airborne Allergens. Weather, Climate, and ExerciseCold. Heat. Heat and Cold . Barometric Pressure and Humidity. The Seasons. Activity and Exercise.Part III. The Common Allergic Diseases, Why Children Develop Them, And The Steps You, The Parent, Can Take To Diagnose, Treat, Control, And Avoid Their Symptoms. Skin Irritants. Insect Stings or Bites. Incidence. Usual Age of Onset. Symptoms. Habitats of Stinging and Biting Insects.First Aid and Home Treatment of Insect Stings and Bites. Avoiding Insect Stings and Bites. Controlling Stinging and Biting Insects. Long-Term Treatment. Complications.A Special Note About Spiders. Gastrointestinal Complaints (Colic, Constipation, Diarrhea, and Stomachache). Causes of Food Allergies and Intolerances in Children. Foods Associated with Gastrointestinal Symptoms in Children. A Note on Milk and Enzyme Deficiencies in Children. Identifying Food Intolerance. First Aid and Home Treatment of Food Intolerance. Special Hints. Asthma (Wheezing and Shortness of Breath). Incidence. Usual Age of Onset.Symptoms. Causes. When to See the Doctor.Skin Testing. Treatment of Asthma. Identify the Causal Agent or Agents. Avoid Asthma's Causal Agents. Drugs. Control Symptoms Through Clearance of Mucus, Breathing Exercises, and Medication. Controlling or Treating Asthmatic Symptoms with Medication or Drugs. How to Monitor Your Asthma. Special Hints or Warnings. Hay Fever (Allergic Rhinitis and Chronic Runny Nose). Incidence.Usual Age of Onset. Symptoms. Causes. Skin Tests. First Aid and Home Treatment of Hay Fever. Long-Term Treatment . Complications. Eczema and Dry Skin. Incidence. Usual Age of Onset. Symptoms. Causes. Foods and Eczema.First Aid and Home Treatment of Eczema.Long-Term Treatment.Duration. Complications. Special Hints.Hives. Incidence.Usual Age of Onset. Symptoms.Causes.Treatment of Hives.Long-Term Treatment. Angioedema. Itchy Eyes. Incidence.Usual Age of Onset . Symptoms.Causes. When to See the Doctor. First Aid and Home Treatment of Itchy Eyes. Vernal Conjunctivitis.Contact Lenses. Eye Examinations. Care of the Eyes. Earache. Incidence. Usual Age of Onset. Symptoms. Causes. When to See the Doctor. First Aid and Home Treatment of Earache. Long-Term Treatment. Complications of Earaches. Ear Allergies. Traveling with an Earache. Tonsillectomies and Adenoidectomies. Plant (Poison Oak or Ivy) and Other Causes of Contact Dermatitis Allergic and Irritant Contact Dermatitis. Incidence. Usual Age of Onset. Symptoms. Causes. First Aid and Home Treatment of Contact Dermatitis. Long-Term Treatment. Special Hints. Part IV. General Health Problems: Their Special Importance in Children With Allergies. HeadacheIncidence. Usual Age of Onset. Symptoms. Causes. First Aid and Home Treatment of Headaches. Special Hints or Warnings. Food Headaches. Fever. Incidence. Symptoms.Causes. First Aid and Home Treatment of Fever. Complications. Coughs and Colds. Incidence. Usual Age of Onset . Symptoms. Causes. First Aid and Home Treatment of Coughs and Colds. Humidifiers. Over-the-Counter Cold and Cough Medication. Complications. Special Hints.Other Allergic and Pseudo-Allergic Complaints. Allergic Fatigue or Allergic Tension-Fatigue Syndrome. Depression, Psychosis, and Neurotic Behavior. The Yeast Connection. Arthritis. Bed-Wetting. Dealing with Problems Effectively. Part V. Getting the Best, Most Effective Long-Term Care For Your Allergic Child. Looking After Your Allergic Child. What to Look for in a Physician. Choosing a Subspecialist. Surviving under Managed Care. Being a Responsible Parent . Psychological Aspects of Care for Allergic Children. Secondary Psychological Effects on Parents. Secondary Psychological Effects on Children. Pitfalls to Avoid in Treatment. The Physician. The Patient. Misunderstanding Allergic Disease. The Treatment. Vaccines, Immunization, and Viruses. How Immunization Works. Immunization and Your Child. Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis (DTP). Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR). Poliomyelitis. Other Vaccines. Smallpox. AIDS and Your Child. A Special Note on Gamma-Globulin. A Special Word for Expectant Mothers. Information on Vaccines. A Note on the Needle. Allergy Shots. The Long Haul: What Happens to Children with Allergies? Appendices. A. An Elimination Diet. Food Groupings. Milk-Free Diet. Cereal-Free Diet. Tyramine-Free Diet . Salicylate-Free Diet. Mold-Free Diet. Foods and Other Materials Containing Tartrazine.Foods and Other Materials Containing Sulfiting Agents.Pollen Map and Guide for the United States. Where to Find Allergy-Relieving Products.Index.

Editorial Reviews

"An outstanding book. . . .Especially helpful is information on aiding the child to deal independently with allergy problems."-Library Journal's review of the first edition.