Taking Control

May 6, 2019|
Taking Control
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Just before Colin's business trip to Asia, his girlfriend tells him that he is too nice to achieve his sexual fantasies. Arriving in Bangkok finds his luggage is missing and when he goes to his hotel room, he finds it already occupied by a lovely Eurasian woman. She gives him a challenging look. Colin needs to take control of the situation and the woman, and let the chips fall where they may.

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

For Colin, the trip to Asia was a dream come true. His company was sending him there, first to Bangkok, and then to Kuala Lumpur, where he was to have talks with vendors about delivery and quality problems. "Take charge," his boss had said. "Get those people in line."

The idea of the trip suited him on two important fronts: He'd been looking for a chance to prove himself to his boss, to stand out from the herd. If he did well, they would promote him and he'd be doing more traveling and making more money. What could be better?

On a personal note, Colin had fantasized about Asia for as long as he could remember. In his mind it represented the erotic as well as the exotic and unknown. He wanted to experience it firsthand.. You didn't get to know Asia by watching travel blogs.

As soon as he knew the trip was certain, he asked his girlfriend, Silvia, to go with him. "We can see Asia together." He would get her a ticket with his frequent flier miles, and the rest would be paid for by the company. Even though he'd spend a lot of the day in meetings, there would still be time for sight seeing and adventure. She was a nurse who rotated hospitals and she was owed a lot of vacation days. "It's perfect timing and will be romantic," he told her.

"Romantic, right," she said, surprising him. He thought she'd be ecstatic. She'd never been to Asia either, only to Europe. "What will I do while you are in meetings?" she asked.

"Sit by the pool, take a tour. We will be in several exciting cities."

She'd sighed and said yes. Now it was becoming clear that he didn't pay enough attention to that sigh.

Because the flight departed from LAX early in the morning, he invited Silvia to spend the night at his apartment. "We can have breakfast and go straight to the airport," he said. "Simple."

She agreed. The day before they were to leave, she came over with her bags as soon as she got off work. She didn't say anything, but from the moment she arrived he sensed that she was a little out of sorts. "Is something wrong?" he asked.

"No," she said. "Everything is fine. It's just the stress of travel." Uncertain why, Colin didn't believe her and whatever it was seemed to keep gnawing at her.

After a light dinner, they watched television and then went to bed early. The idea was to get some sleep. It would be a long flight, after all. Once in bed with her, having her beside him made horny, and he began touching her.

Title:Taking Control
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:May 6, 2019
Publisher:Boruma Publishing, LLC
Appropriate for ages:All ages

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