Tales from an Immigrant Entrepreneur: One Woman's Story

November 9, 2017|
Tales from an Immigrant Entrepreneur: One Woman's Story by Pernille Fischer Boulter


What if you were a well-educated, multi-lingual, widely travelled, and successful businessperson, who fell in love with someone from overseas, got married, and moved to a new country, only to find that because you “came from away” none of your skills or prior achievements were valued? That’s what happened to Danish immigrant Pernille Fischer Boulter when she arrived in Canada in 1998. But raised by parents who valued self-reliance, curiosity about other cultures, meaningful work, and engagement and enthusiasm for life, Pernille determined to reinvent herself and thrive in her new world. To begin with, she made a list of the top one hundred CEOs and entrepreneurs in Atlantic Canada, and called every single person on it. From this humbling first step she was to be named one of 25 Top Women of Influence Inc. ©.

Lively, instructional, inspirational, and abounding with wit and wisdom, Tales from an Immigrant Entrepreneur chronicles Pernille’s inspirational rise. A beacon of light, it offers hands-on advice and suggestions, clearly outlines what sorts of bumps in the road are likely to emerge, and provides thoughtful and imaginative ideas on how to navigate them. It’s a great Canadian success story that gives credit to the mentors who helped along the
way, while also providing an illuminating look at the missteps, hard work, and innovation that figured in.

Title:Tales from an Immigrant Entrepreneur: One Woman's Story
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:November 9, 2017
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9781460287798

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