Tales of the Red Panda: Pyramid of Peril

May 18, 2015|
Tales of the Red Panda: Pyramid of Peril by Gregg Taylor


A desperate call for help from half a world away brings our masked man of mystery far from the urban jungle he is sworn to protect. With his mentor, Maxwell Falconi, who once fought crime behind the mask of the Stranger, in mortal peril, the Red Panda must battle both ancient powers and modern terrors, just to have a chance to fight for his life within… The Pyramid of Peril!

Heroes of All-New Radio Adventures, Pulp-inspired novels and Comic Books, the masked protectors of 1930’s Toronto are back again with a two-fisted thriller sure to please. The Red Panda and his trusty sidekick the Flying Squirrel trade wisecracks and banter as they battle supernatural forces beyond mortal comprehension, and fight to keep unspeakable power out of the hands of those who would use it to enslave humanity!

The Red Panda’s thrilling exploits have been chronicled in Decoder Ring Theatre’s award-winning Radio Drama series The Red Panda Adventures, in Graphic Novel form (digitally from Monkeybrain Comics and in a Trade Paperback edition from IDW Publishing), and in the ongoing Tales of the Red Panda prose novel series. Like all of the Red Panda’s adventures, Pyramid of Peril is a self-contained story, and is a fine entry point for those experiencing our heroes’ world for the first time

Title:Tales of the Red Panda: Pyramid of Peril
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:May 18, 2015
Publisher:Gregg Taylor
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9781310022241

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