Tangled in Blood

June 27, 2014|
Tangled in Blood
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~“Why did she feel so sad? She barely knew him, but in their very brief moments together, she felt like she had known him forever. Then it hit her. She knew why she was sad. She didn’t want him to be a freak. When she thought Bain was dead, she had given up on life and love, but Sevon had reawakened her passion and made her believe in love again.

She had wanted to love him.”

In Tangled in Blood, Melinda Killen’s epic sequel to A Time to Dance, feisty café owner Barcelona Morgan (Barr) is faced with some disturbing unanswered questions. Why had Bain—her husband, the love of her life, faked his death and abandoned her?

And why did Sevon—the man who revitalized her will to live and love again—want to kill her?

Sevon is the seventh son of the seventh son of the Roman family, and he is currently undergoing a critical Transformation, which happens every seven hundred years, into becoming the Divine One, the leader of the vampires. But Sevon, handsome and charismatic, with some human blood still remaining in him, is in love with Barr. So is Bain, her scientist husband, who faked his death to protect her and who is reluctantly working for Patrick Panini, the Roman family’s arch-rival, as he engineers a power grab.

The novel takes us through sinister intrigues and intense power plays, from CDC scientists trying to find the source of a deadly flu virus to disingenuous doctors covering up their crimes. Tangled in Blood is both an emotionally powerful love story and an action-packed paranormal thriller. It will ultimately climax in a battle to the death between Patrick Panini and Sevon Roman and a New Year’s Eve rendezvous at a fountain in Spain, where Barr will confront her destiny—and learn the truth.

Title:Tangled in Blood
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:June 27, 2014
Appropriate for ages:All ages

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