Textures of Materials: Proceeding of the Fifth International Conference on Textures of Materials March 28-31, 1978, Aachen by G. GottsteinTextures of Materials: Proceeding of the Fifth International Conference on Textures of Materials March 28-31, 1978, Aachen by G. Gottstein

Textures of Materials: Proceeding of the Fifth International Conference on Textures of Materials…

EditorG. Gottstein, K. Lücke

Paperback | January 1, 1979

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Title:Textures of Materials: Proceeding of the Fifth International Conference on Textures of Materials…Format:PaperbackPublished:January 1, 1979Publisher:Springer Berlin HeidelbergLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Invited Papers.- Methods of ODF Calculation.- Recent Developments in Experimental Methods of Texture Measurement.- Deformation Textures in Single Crystals.- Calculation of Deformation Textures According to the Taylor Model.- Microstructural Inhomogeneities Resulting from High Strain Deformations.- The Structure of Highly Deformed Materials and the Development of Deformation Texture.- Recent Aspects in the Understanding of Recrystallization Texture Development.- Some Old Nucleation Theories Reconsidered.- Analysis.- On the Analysis of Orientation Distribution Functions by Superposition of Gauss Type Scattering Functions.- A Simple Way for Calculation ODF from Incomplete Pole Figures.- An Approximative Determination of the Orientation Distribution Function.- Method for Orientation Distribution Function Analysis in Maximum Shear Planes.- Practical Advantages of the Vector Method of Texture Analysis.- Methode of X-Ray Determination of Twin Fault Probability in Cubic Metals with Fibre Texture.- Experimental Methods.- Texture Studies on Magnesium Alloy Tubes.- Energy-Dispersive Diffractometry for Quantitative Determination of Texture.- Texture Control Theoretical and Practical Study.- Determination of Crystallographic Relations in In Situ Composites by Texture Goniometry.- Advances in the Automatic Determination of Pole Figures.- Deformation Textures.- Investigations into the Development of Rolling Texture of Some FCC Metals.- Crystalline Orientation Distribution Function Analysis of Texture Development in Titanium.- Non-Homogeneity of Texture in the Rolling of Nickel.- The Solution of the Taylor Problem for Slip on {111} or {110} .- A Method for the Determination of the Active Slip Systems and Orientation Changes During Single Crystal Deformation.- The Shortcomings of the Taylor Model in the Description of the Plastic Deformation of Real Polycrystals.- Quantitative Analysis of Cross-Slip and Twinning in FCC Polycrstalline Metals.- Selection of the Active Slip Systems in BCC and FCC Polycrystals.- Computer Simulation Study of the Texture Transitions in FCC Metals and Alloys.- Comments on Deformation Texture Development and Poly crystalline Modelling.- The Evolution of Deformation Textures.- Influence of a Rolling or a Tensile Deformation on the Evolution of Texture Symmetrical or Not - of Aluminium Sheets Relation with the Strain Ratio R.- Influence of the Critical Shear Stress Ratio of {112} and {110} Slip Planes of the Rolling Texture of BCC Metals.- The Origin of the FCC Rolling-Texture Component with {111} Parallel to the Rolling Plane.- Microstructural Modelling of Shear Bands.- Development of Dislocation Structure and Orientation Gradients in Kink Bands.- Recrystallization Textures.- Electron Microscopical Studies of Orientation Relationships on Large Angle Grain Boundaries Formed During Cold Work of Copper Single Crystals.- Rolling and Recrystallization Textures in the System Copper-Zinc as Function of the Zn-Content.- Study of the Primary Recrystallization of Alpha Titanium by Three-Dimensional Analysis of Textures and by In-Situ Annealings in the 1 MV Electron Microscope.- Nucleation Phenomena in Low Stacking Fault Energy FCC Metals.- Annealing Textures of Rolled Aluminium Crystals.- On the Recrystallization Textures of Some Binary Aluminium Alloys.- Shear Bands and Recrystallization in Alpha Brass Sheet.- Orientation of Recrystallization Nuclei in a Deformed AlMgSil-Alloy.- Orientation Dependence of Cell Size in Nb-Stabilized Steels and the Development of the Recrystallization Texture.- Texture Transformation During Primary Recrystallization of Rolled Copper Sheets as Function of the Annealing Time.- The Orientation Density Function of Single Crystals from Growth Selection Experiments.- On the Possibility of Proving the Growth Selection Theory of Recrystallization Textures by Growth Selection Experiments.- Grain Growth in Strained {110} Low Stacking Fault FCC Crystals after Artificial Nucleation.- Recrystallization Texture Development in Tensile Deformed Silver Single Crystals.- The Anisotropy of Plane Grain Growth in Cold Rolled Aluminium.- Computer Simulation of Microstructure Alterations and Texture Formation in Normal Grain Growth.- Grain Growth Textures of Iron-Nickel Alloys.- Author Index Volume I.- Author Index Volume II.- Volume.- Transformation Textures.- Textures in Minerals Textures in Steels.- Textures in Special Applications.- Influence of Texture on Mechanical and Physical Properties.