The Abbott Saga

May 10, 2015|
The Abbott Saga
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SHADOWS O'ER KILLARNEY is a fantasy romance set in Ireland. An Irish lass committed to her cultural values meets an English agent sent by the king to convince Ireland to join England's parliament for a say in the government. A wee folk, Goliath, encourages Jenny to rely on her gift of intuition to know if this is the treasure sent to her for ever after. Tragedy threatens the full blown romance when Jonathan is injured and refuses to be a burden on anyone. Again, Jenny seeks advice from the wee wise one about what she is to do save their relationship. "Use al' o' yer gifts," he advises. Set in mystical Ireland on the heels of the 1798 Irish Revolution, Shadows o'er Killarney is an untimely love story of two people clutching opposite cultural beliefs and values during political turmoil on the Emerald Isle, enhanced with mythical folklore. 314 standard pages. (Adult content)

PIPES IN THE MIST continues the Abbott's Saga. Because of the turmoil in Ireland and Jonathan's stakes in England, they sail to his homeland. They are blessed with a beautiful child who soon exhibits the gifts of intuition from her mother plus visualizing swirling mists and the sound of bagpipes when her true love arrives from Scotland. From two different worlds, Heather knows she and Stirling will find a way to be together. However, Stirling's ailing father has other plans for his son to become the next laird of the clan. The responsibilities and miles separating them only urges Heather to devise a plan for them to renew their affair. Thus, her journey begins to follow her heart and the mystical emotions pushing her forward, not realizing how unkind life can be before reaching the forever after ending. From the affluent circles of London to the mysterious moors and snow-peaked mountains of Scotland, passion ignites, but quirks of fate threaten to extinguish its flames. 250 standard pages (Adult content)

Title:The Abbott SagaFormat:Kobo ebookPublished:10 mai 2015Publisher:Sherry BoardmanLanguage:English

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