The Alien Connection

September 12, 2014|
The Alien Connection
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The Author of the book, ‘The Alien Connection’, was a successful clairvoyant who worked under the pseudonym, Madam L’Jean. Winifred has been on Radio, Television, in Newspapers and Magazines. She has travelled throughout Australia working as a Clairvoyant, giving counsel to people with unsolved problems, changing many lives and gaining National recognition along the way. She has had many dreams and visions of the future and has an ability to see an earthquake in the vibrations in the air before it happens. Winifred has known for many years about string theory, just by looking into different dimensions of space. Mozart once came to her in a dream and told her, “The answer is all in the loops” - she now believes he must have been referring to the different levels of dimensions that are all around us, yet hidden from us in a different level of reality. Winifred believes that when we die we join with a collective consciousness on a different realm in another dimension. She says that although we experience a corporeal existence, the reality of life really lies in a Holographic Universe. As a young child of eight, she was taken aboard an alien spacecraft and shown scrolls, inside a pyramid, that have yet to be discovered. The Alien Connection has remained with her over the years, for she has had follow up visitations and has witnessed many sightings, since her encounter in her youth. This book will take you through her childhood in England, where she encountered and was taken onboard an Alien spaceship while playing in the woods in the English Countryside. The story continues onto the war years in London where her visions saved her from death many times and onto New Zealand and Australia where she started her life as a Psychic. Although Winifred still has visions and futuristic dreams, she is now a retired clairvoyant living in Western Australia.

Title:The Alien Connection
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:September 12, 2014
Publisher:Vivid Publishing
Appropriate for ages:All ages

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