The Alpha and the Omega: The Beginning and the Ending of the World We Know

February 1, 2018|
The Alpha and the Omega: The Beginning and the Ending of the World We Know
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In God We Trust Our nation is undergoing a national reckoning for sins of descendants of generations past. The evil done by our descendants are the generational curses that we are now unprepared to accept; that is, the reality of what these evils of the past we have inherited in our disobedience to the God we profess to serve has now given us over to the enemy of our souls to deliver in masses the souls of this generation into such carnage that will lead to our ultimate destruction. Our sins as a church and a nation have found us out. Thats why America is on fire and as a recent sign to get our attention, nineteen souls were sacrificed in a fiery hell for the injustices not only to our own citizen but around the world as self appointed policemen. This is the curse upon us as the scenarios will lead up to God turning our enemies on us until we will no longer exist at all as a nation. This article, I writing under duress with tears of sorrow for a once great nation I have been privileged to be born. What we see are all the sins of mankinds inhumanity against him self as his sins have found him out. What I have been made to see and understand through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, all the sins of mankind are now being exposed and he has no idea of whats behind these tragedies we are now witnessing. This is the time Satan has been given to fulfill all things spoken in the scriptures, whether you believe or not, none will escape the horror. We as a nation, carrying the title, In God We Trust as a professing Christian nation, link to the real God we were told to trust in as a nation. This covenant was pass to this gentile nation from the Jews that rejected Christ. We are that gentile nation, the recipients of the Abraham covenant. God anointed this nation (America) with this covenant in its birth In God We Trust to prosper. Our legal tender bares the covenant seal with God that has prevented any nation from committing acts of aggression on our soil until Israel was restored as a nation in 1967 that recaptured their capital Jerusalem; this gives them biblically full nation status. This covenant was made with us for that purpose only. Now that has come to pass, the last forty years will end with a seven year warning; 911. From Sept. 11, 2001 until that date in 2008 of that year and month, we have been protected by Gods divine hand holding back what the devil who has already justified before him through the law of sin and death, our destruction. Man through the enemy of his soul by not knowing what spirit posse him has reached the point of eminent self destruction of all creation if God would permit it. I am somewhat overwhelmed with tears to have to speak such things to a deaf generation of confessing Christians whose lights are out to this world to the point that they would have no hope if God did not intervene to save them. Within this covers are the revelation leading up to this end time scenarios. May God have mercy on all that call upon his name? The Author

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