The Altar by W. B. Godbey

The Altar

byW. B. Godbey

Kobo ebook | March 10, 2015

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From the introduction:

Perfect and eternal abandonment to God is the only available palladium against damnation, the common lot of Satan's captives in every land and nation, as well as every age, from creation to the last generation who will ever tread the earth; from the simple fact, that God created us all in Adam; Eve no exception to that unity of creation, as she was not a de novo creation; but a transformation of Adam's rib, and consequently created in Adam. Therefore you see from these facts that woman is the second blessing in creation; man having been formed out of the earth and has always demonstrated his earthly trend by his spiritual weakness; whereas the woman who was metamorphosed out of man; thus superinduced by the double refinement of the original material and has in every age and nation demonstrated her moral and spiritual superiority. In my four journeys around the historic world and across this continent immemorially, I have learned when wanting information appertaining to my travels, to ask a woman instead of a man; as the latter has sometimes told men falsehoods and gotten me bewildered, and the former never. (Read my woman preacher) As God commands me, 2 Tim. 2: 2, "Whatsoever thou hast learned, commit thou to faithful people, who shall be competent to teach others and in His providence. This my 198th book, all telling people the sure way to heaven. Consequently, though I do not consider myself a book agent, as I circulate none but my own writings, auxiliary to my preaching because since I began 62 years ago I have learned that I may tell the people orally how to get saved, sanctified and make sure of heaven as I always do; it goes in at one ear and out at the other. Whereas if they read it in a book, they will reread it till they get it so deep down in the soul that Satan never succeeds in robbing them, and consequently I scatter my own writings with no motive but to preach in that way; gladly giving the purchaser every cent an agent could make by selling them; as I do not own them, but they belong to the publishers.

As in my peregrination over the earth I have often gotten into perils of robbers, picking my pockets, and taking my money before I had an opportunity to send it away. Therefore I only keep enough to buy our tickets to our next point, lest the thieves get it. Having preached a week in our Holiness College at Ruskin, Tenn. and run out in an automobile 9 miles to the depot; inquiring the distance to Meridian, Miss. my next appointment, they told me too short and consequently I did not keep enough money to make the run. Arriving at Jackson, Tenn., and proceeding to buy the second ticket, I lacked 45 cents. I first try the agent to loan it, then a grocery man next to the depot; signally failing, I say to a policeman: "send me to the Methodist parsonage at once." Halting a car that moment he shouts to the conductor, "Put this man off at the Methodist parsonage." In two minutes I am there and shout to the sister on the verandah my troubles, when she says her husband is absent and runs to get her money and has only ten cents. Oh how precious the fleeting moments as I want to catch my train!

Table of Contents are as follows:

Chapter 2: HOW DO WE GET IT

About the author:

William Baxter Godbey (1833-1920) is considered as one of the most influential evangelists in his time. He ministered salvation to thousands, and led many of those into entire sanctifiation. His ministry was marked by revival everywhere he went, and preached the Gospel for over 70 years. He travelled back and forth across the continental United States, and is said to have circled the globe in missionary work a full five times.

He wrote well over two-hundred books, (though many of them would be considered tracts or pamphlets rather than complete books) including a complete, seven-volume New Testament commentary, which paired well with his translation of the New Testament. 

It is truly unfortunate that Godbey is best known today for his eccentricity rather than his contributions to the Kingdom of God. One that will quickly become evident in his use of the initials "N.B." throughout many of his books. This is short for "Nota Bene" which means, "Note Well".

Without question, this tireless worker for God is worth remembering, and prayerfully, these books will continue to be a blessing for a new generation.

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