The Anatomy Of Manifesting What You Want Every Time: The Forgotten Science Of Prayer Beyond Myth And Superstition by Reginald Martin

The Anatomy Of Manifesting What You Want Every Time: The Forgotten Science Of Prayer Beyond Myth…

byReginald Martin

Kobo ebook | June 1, 2012

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This ebook is not for the novice in metaphysics and spiritual development. In science there is an expression of presenting "elegant" theories and hypotheses. Meaning the idea may be simple to present, but the underlying meaning is complex and multi-layered. Esoteric elegance is the essence of this ebook. We all have certain gifts and abilities. The ideas written here are simple for me to present and explain, the ability to understand the complex and communicate them in a simple to understand format is a gift I was born with and honed as an educator over many years. The ideas are not written as the ultimate understanding and meaning metaphysical ideas for you. They are a gateway that will open new avenues into a deeper meaning and direction meant for you explore. Do you enjoy metaphysics, quantum physics and spiritual development? Have you moved to a place in your development that you recognize the untapped power within but stuck without direction? Are you finding that much of the metaphysical a spiritual growth material is the same old thing repackaged and regurgitated? If you are interested in gaining a higher level of knowledge and understanding of metaphysics and quantum physics ideas to help you grow and develop in your everyday life this is the book for you. Don’t get fooled by the use of the word prayer. Many of ideas presented are advanced beyond much of what you have probably read. It is more than a mental exercise and theoretical musings. The information is based in practical application of metaphysical principals for use in everyday life. I use a few religious ideas as a common basis from which many of us are familiar with as a starting point. It is the reason I use the word "prayer." But know the ideas are much deeper and far more powerful than religion has taught. Why has positive thinking not worked the way you hoped? Get a simple yet powerful understanding that will change the way you think forever! Learn simple but extremely powerful concepts and techniques that will change your life for the better. Understand the essence of everything in the Universe and how recognizing this truth can help you create the physical reality you desire. Get a much deeper understanding of language, what it is on a deeper metaphysical level and how it has trapped you into a reality you have been unable to escape. Learn how to recognize your vibrational level and change in an instant. Even though I use the word "prayer" that has a religious connotation, It is much deeper and goes beyond religion. It is "metaphysical" or beyond the physical in how it operates in our lives. Here is a secret, prayer is not about what you do or even what you say. Understanding this concept will change your life and unleash power you may have never thought you had! If you are familiar with metaphysics, "The Secret" and other new age ideas you will get a much better understanding of why the Law of Attraction may not have worked as you would like. There is nothing wrong with the Law of Attraction. You just have to go beyond the surface information and understanding most people talk about. Wouldn’t it be reassuring to know that you could manifest what you wanted in your life whenever you desired? Wouldn’t it be motivating to know manifesting has a simple to follow formula? Wouldn’t it be comforting to know that you no longer need to guess if you are doing things the “right” way and bring what you want into your everyday life? Wouldn't it be great to live the 5th dimensional existence of unconditional love and self acceptance at all times? What if you could know the key to figuring out how all aspects of your life are integrated physically and metaphysically? In other words how do you develop a good relationship, how do you keep a good healthy body? How do you attract wealth and abundance into your life? How do you maintain a positive mental attitude? There is one
Title:The Anatomy Of Manifesting What You Want Every Time: The Forgotten Science Of Prayer Beyond Myth…Format:Kobo ebookPublished:June 1, 2012Publisher:Reginald MartinLanguage:English

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