The Art of Wisdom: Poems for Soul Growth

August 25, 2021|
The Art of Wisdom: Poems for Soul Growth by Françoise Hélène


Françoise Hélène walks readers through a reflective journey. Her poetry is a collection of raw sentiments, reminding readers to explore new life perspectives and think differently. In this book, the author explores the connection that inspiration can bring through the arts, music, poetry, nature and soul growth, as well as the value of learning from human life and teaching wisdom from one generation to another. This book delivers a reflective experience and revolves around the themes of simplicity, artistry, nature, freedom, fear, family, belonging, self-awareness, timelessness, love and spirituality. Gain insight, wisdom, emotional strength. Engage in a unique journey of soul-discovery, discover deep emotions and learn to make sense of them for yourself. This book is a winner of Canada Book Awards 2021.

Title:The Art of Wisdom: Poems for Soul Growth
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:August 25, 2021
Publisher:Endless Books Publishing
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9781739950019

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