The Atlantis Legacy Book I - Serpents and Saviours

February 13, 2021|
The Atlantis Legacy Book I - Serpents and Saviours
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Aella Scirocco has a dark secret. It has followed her for ten years, keeping her always moving, always looking over her shoulder, never making friends. For Aella monsters are real. They hunt and they kill. Finally in Ireland, Aella believes she can get on with her life, that she can breathe again, keep her job, make friends and just be normal. All is going well for Aella until the day the Circus rolls into town and just like that, she once again must face the nightmares of her past. That nightmare is Ares Baudelaire, the handsome, charming shapeshifter, a demonic reptilian evil from the cursed race of the Nahdreaa. He will not rest until he has his prize. Aella, the mortal girl who holds such a strange fascination for him.

In her bid to escape from Ares, Aella is thrown headlong into the Circus of Light, into a world she had no idea existed. Now she is part of a war between the forces for good in the universe, and the forces of chaos and evil. It is a war that has simmered beneath the tales of human history ever since the fateful fall of Atlantis, ending the Golden Age, as the blessed city and most of its people, perished beneath the mighty wave that rocked the world. Aella learns very quickly that the Circus of Light is more than it appears to be. It is in fact an army of magical and mythical people, sworn to protect the planet. Here, the world and everything beyond it is not what it seems, there are realms that exist outside this Earth, if one knows the way.

Even as she is in awe of all that is revealed to her, there is an equally dark side as Aella comes to understand. The terror that has stalked her is from an alien race far older and more powerful than Ares himself. The ancient race of the Nahdreaa are the most dangerous threat to human existence in the history of the Earth. Written into myth and legend as the creatures of nightmares and horror, Aella must confront these ancient demons along with the pain of her past, as she learns what it is to be a member of the Circus of Light, to be a performer, a fighter, to not be alone. She was fated to come into the fold of the Circus, to be kept from Ares Baudelaire. Finally, for a time at least, Aella feels safe. However, there are those in the Circus of Light who suspect who Aella really is, and if they are right, Aella must be kept from the Nahdreaa, for her fate is entwined with the fate of the world and should she fall into the wrong hands, mankind will perish.

Title:The Atlantis Legacy Book I - Serpents and Saviours
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:February 13, 2021
Publisher:Suzanne Hogan
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9781838235710

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