The Axon: Structure, Function and Pathophysiology by Stephen G. WaxmanThe Axon: Structure, Function and Pathophysiology by Stephen G. Waxman

The Axon: Structure, Function and Pathophysiology

EditorStephen G. Waxman, Jeffery D. Kocsis, Peter K. Stys

Hardcover | March 1, 1995

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The axon, interposed between the cell body and the synaptic terminals in most neurons, plays a crucial role in connecting neurons and acting as a conduit for the transmission of information between them. This book provides a comprehensive and up-to-date compendium that brings together chapterson the structure, function, and pathophysiology of axons in both the PNS and CNS. Carefully written, well-illustrated with superb illustrations, and generously referenced, the 33 chapters and introduction have been authored by 49 world-renowned authorities. Recent advances in the molecularneurobiology of axons are carefully reviewed, and new areas, such as the molecular biology of ion channels and myelination, the role of calcium in pathophysiology and regeneration, cell adhesion molecules and their roles in axo-glial interactions and axonal guidance, and optical recording methods,are highlighted. This book will provide an essential reference for neuroscientists as well as clinicians such as neurologists, neurosurgeons, and clinical electrophysiologists interested in axons.
Stephen G. Waxman is at Yale University. Jeffery D. Kocsis is at Yale University.
Title:The Axon: Structure, Function and PathophysiologyFormat:HardcoverDimensions:714 pages, 11.3 × 8.94 × 1.61 inPublished:March 1, 1995Publisher:Oxford University Press

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Table of Contents

Introduction1. Sir A. Huxley: Electrical Activity of the Nerve: The Background up to 1952The Normal Axon2. C-H. Berthold and M. Rydmark: Morphology of Normal Peripheral Axons3. A. Hirano and J.F. Llena: Morphology of Central Nervous System Axons4. J.M. Ritchie: Physiology of Axons5. N. Kleitman and R.P. Bunge: The Schwann Cell: Morphology and Development6. J.A. Black, H.W. Sontheimer, and S.G. Waxman: The Oligodendrocyte, The Perinodal Astrocyte, and the Central Node of Ranvier7. E.S. Monuki and G.E. Lemke: Molecular Biology of Myelination8. J.L. Salzer: Mechanisms of Adhesion Between Axons and Glial Cells9. B. Grafstein: Axonal Transport: Function and Mechanisms10. R.W. Davenport, S. Bolsover, and S.B. Kater: Development of Axons: Calcium, Steering and the Growth Cone11. S.G. Waxman: Voltaged-gated Ion Channels in Axons: Localization, Function, and Development12. R.L. Barchi: Molecular Biology of Voltage-dependent Potassium and Sodium Channels13. W. Vogel and J.R. Schwartz: Voltage-clamp Studies in Axons: Macroscopic and Single Channel Currents14. J.D. Kocsis and K. Sakatani: Modulation of Axonal Excitability by Neurotransmitter Receptors15. P.K. Stys, S.G. Waxman, and B.R. Ransom: Ion Pumps and Exchangers16. H. Bostock: Mechanisms of Accommodation and adaptation in Myelinated Axons17. P.K. Stys and J.D. Kocsis: Electrophysiological Approaches to the Study of Axons18. P. Shrager: Action Potential Conduction Recorded Optically in Normal, Demyelinated and Remyelinating AxonsPrinciples of Axonal Pathophysiology19. G.W. Kreutzberg: Reactiono of the Neuronal Cell Body to Axonal Damage20. J.W. Griffin, et al.: Axonal Degeneration and Disorders of the Axonal Cytoskeleton21. J. Rosenbluth: Pathology of Demyelinated and Dysmyelinated Axons22. S.K. Ludwin: Pathology of the Myelin Sheath23. S.G. Waxman, J.D. Kocsis, and J.A. Black: Pathophysiology of Demyelinated Axons24. P.K. Stys, et al.: Anoxic-ischemic Injury in Axons25. O. Honmou and W. Young: Traumatic Injury of Spinal Axons26. J.T. Povlshock and C.W. Christman: Diffuse Axonal Injury27. M. Devor: Abnormal Excitability in Injured Axons28. M.A. Bisby: Regeneration of PNS Axons29. L. McKerracher, J.P. Julien, and A.J. Aguayo: Role of Cellular Interactions in Axonal Growth and Regeneration30. J. Kimura: Clinical Electrophysiology of PNS Axons31. S.J. Jones: Clinical Assessment of CNS Axons: Evoked Potentials32. A.R. Berger and H.H. Schaumburg: Human Peripheral Nerve Disease (Peripheral Neuropathies33. W.I. McDonald: Overview of Clinical Aspects of Multiple Sclerosis, Including Cognitive Deficit34. M.R. Dimitrijevic: Clinical Aspects of Traumatic Injury to CNS Axons

Editorial Reviews

"An impressive book....with elegant descriptions....There are many stunning freeze-fracture and electron micrographs....The breadth of this book will improve knowledge about the axon for both basic and clinical scientists.This is to be welcomed."--Trends in Neurosciences