The Bill Murdoch Mysteries: Books 1-3: Australian Crime Fiction [Box Set]

September 10, 2018|
The Bill Murdoch Mysteries: Books 1-3: Australian Crime Fiction [Box Set]
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Meet Bill Murdoch, the world's most reluctant private investigator…

This box set contains all three books in the Bill Murdoch Mysteries series, each a perfect piece of modern Australian crime fiction which will grab you and keep you guessing until the very last line. Tense and taut, smart and sharply-observed, this series is a 'cracking new addition to the Aussie crime genre'.

HEADLAND (Book #1)

Murdoch’s doing just fine, thanks for not asking. He’s dealing drugs for a crime syndicate in Sydney and saving for a house by the sea. But what does he think life is, a fairy tale?

As the syndicate puts pressure on him to fill the shoes of his murdered boss, Murdoch is cornered by an equally formidable foe: the Australian Tax Office demanding an explanation for his sizeable cash income.

Murdoch spins a beautiful lie, telling tax inspector, Hannah Simms, he’s a private detective. When Simms asks him to investigate the mystery of her niece's disappearance, Murdoch grabs what he thinks is a golden opportunity to outrun the syndicate. But his arrival in the missing girl's small coastal home town causes an unexpected stir and the reluctant PI soon realises his troubles are only just beginning...


CLASS ACT (Book #2)

** Nominated for Best Australian Crime Fiction [Ned Kelly Awards, 2018] **

Can a man who's lived a life of crime ever escape his past? The world's most reluctant private investigator is about to find out...

Former bad boy turned local hero, Bill Murdoch, should be happy with his little piece of paradise. After all, he's got the fancy car and the big house by the beach. The only trouble is he's slowly suffocating in small town life.

So when Murdoch is hired to investigate who framed wealthy businessman, James Harte, for murder, he jumps at the chance. Going undercover amongst the jet set, Murdoch is quickly drawn into an exciting world of yachts, horse racing and glitzy parties. But soon Murdoch's shady past looks set to catch up with him and when he falls for Harte's beautiful wife, Amanda, things take a deadly turn.



How far can you push a man before he reveals his base nature? Bill Murdoch is about to find out…

Murdoch takes on two cases in as many days. First he is hired to find local man, Scott Patterson, the victim of a mysterious abduction. Then an impressive stranger arrives in town with a tempting offer. But has Patterson really been abducted? And is the stranger all he appears to be?

As Murdoch gives in to temptation and risks everything by returning to his old criminal ways, the hunt for Scott Patterson takes an unexpected turn. Soon Murdoch and his partner, Davie Simms, are dragged into a depraved underworld of human trafficking, prostitution and torture, where they will find evil on their doorstep, and face a desperate fight for their lives.


Set in Sydney and small-town Australia, these smart and compelling mysteries are enjoyed by fans of Mick Herron, Peter Temple, Barry Maitland, Ragnar Jonasson, Erik Hamre, Mari Hannah and Dave Warner.


'I really enjoyed this book from beginning to end…A captivating story with engaging characters.'
'Superb writing by Ged Gillmore. For anyone who loves a smart, sassy mystery read.'
'I was engaged from the first page and romped into this book.'
'A thoroughly enjoyable read. Great plotting. Great characters.'
'Lots of suspense, and I didn't see the ending coming... highly recommended!'

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Title:The Bill Murdoch Mysteries: Books 1-3: Australian Crime Fiction [Box Set]
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:September 10, 2018
Publisher:deGrevilo Publishing
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9780648189022

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