The Billionaire Bargain Trilogy by Melody Sanders

The Billionaire Bargain Trilogy

byMelody Sanders

Kobo ebook | February 25, 2017

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Book 1 Description:

An urgent flashing of the house lights beckoned the audience back to their seats for the Second Act. Vicki had spent the intermission backstage, chatting with two of her favorite singers who would soon grace the stage once more as the booming baritone Magnifico and his daughter Angelina, a dazzling soprano whose career had reached new heights during these ten, high-profile New York performances.

Vicki couldn’t conceal her delight at the absolutely full house. “I guess the new marketing firm really hit one out of the park,” she commented quietly to Martin as the lights dimmed. “All ten performances are sold out!”

Her lawyer friend smiled. “It’s the inspired leadership they’ve been getting,” he replied. “New blood, new ideas. It’s just magnificent.” The maestro appeared at the edge of the orchestra pit and received enthusiastic applause. “Although even I would admit that Rossini’s genius might have something to do with it,” Martin said, raising his voice over the audience’s appreciation. “Still, you’ve broken the glass ceiling yet again, I would say. Bravo, Miss Vydra.”

“You’re too kind,” she said, patting his hand as the strings stirred in a quiet but ominous tremolo, quickly ushering in a sudden and violent orchestral tutti, brassy and loud, which filled the huge auditorium with the dark ferocity of the storm it depicted. Vicki let the eruption pass through her, finding herself carried by its torrential force, allowing the moment to fill her with an awed respect for nature’s power. She knew that it could not last, and the audience was soon deposited kindly into the peaceful meadow of the storm’s passing. Horn calls signaled the all-clear and, as one can always expect from Rossini, the good humor and delicate, social fun-poking resumed.

Book 2 Description:

Vicki stood in the center of her apartment, trembling slightly and as nervously excited as she could ever remember being. The stunned Pavel, seldom lost for words but now simply dumbstruck by Vicki’s lurid suggestion, was still kneeling by the armchair, a position he had only taken as a gesture of respect to gain Vicki’s trust. It would be merely the first such gesture; the others would take them both into entirely new, and deliciously intoxicating territory.

“Do you think you can do that?” asked Vicki, her voice catching slightly with the raw exhilaration of taking control and directing her own future. 

Book 3 Description:

Pavel blew out a final billow of cigarette smoke and looked up once more, with a certain disbelieving disdain, at the huge sign hanging overhead. “’The Van Horten Wing’,” he read aloud, “’Supporting the World’s Endangered Cultures’.” He flicked the spent cigarette into the gutter and cleared his throat. “What absolute bullshit.” Plucked from the incredible high of his dangerous liaison with Vicki just two nights earlier, Pavel was now in a deep despair, riddled with doubt and guilt and confusion. He hadn’t had a cigarette in three years, but found himself on some kind of long-repressed auto-pilot, buying a pack and a lighter, placing the slender cylinder between his lips and inhaling its acrid pungency with a desperation he had thought long gone. Had it been in any way possible at this nauseatingly public event, he’d have showed up staggering drunk and made a deliberate spectacle of himself. Anything to kill the inner demons who were so viciously twisting his innards.

WARNING: Readers must be 18+ due to mature themes and language.

Title:The Billionaire Bargain TrilogyFormat:Kobo ebookPublished:February 25, 2017Publisher:Melody SandersLanguage:English

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