The Billionaire's Secretary Trilogy by Viola Linde

The Billionaire's Secretary Trilogy

byViola Linde

Kobo ebook | March 2, 2017

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Book 1 Descriptions: 

Laurel hadn’t worked since she had married Richard. She had been a secretary at a lawyer’s office and he had been the delivery man. They went out on a couple dates. She couldn’t remember what the attraction was. She was a beautiful woman in a plain Jane sort of way and it’s not like she didn’t get attention. For some reason though, when Richard snapped his thick fingers she was there. Soon after they had started dating Richard got promoted to office work and they got married. Her job was the first thing she fought him for. After she lost that battle it was the last thing she fought him for and became the obedient housewife. Ten years and a heart attack later Laurel needed to find another job.

She pulled into the drive way and turned off the car. It was dark and the air was cold, even inside the car. The house was shadowy and looked much smaller than she remembered it being. Had she really lived her for so long? Had she really let herself be ordered around like a maid, cleaning and cooking and spreading her legs when commanded? Bile rose in her throat and she quickly opened the door, throwing up onto the dive way. Everything seemed to pour out of her in that moment. Her anger, desperation, loneliness, timid ways. She hung there for a moment, one hand on the steering wheel and the other on the door, holding herself above the pavement and pile of puke. She stared at the grey sidewalk, her breath shallow. If only she had left earlier.

But he was gone now. The pleasure at the thought made Laurel feel guilty but she quickly shook the guilt away. Hadn’t she deserved this? After ten years of service to a man who didn’t respect her she deserved a new start. She deserved this and she was going to enjoy it!

Book 2 Descriptions: 

As the doors opened and she stepped out into the hustle and bustle of lab coats her phone vibrated in her bra. With a slight blush she pulled it out, embarrassed. Thankfully no one noticed her as she reached down her shirt. She brought the phone of sleep and was surprised to find a text from Nicholas shining from the phone’s screen.

        Will you be my date for a business dinner this week? It read.

Her heart leapt into her throat at those words. She leaned against the closed elevator doors, her heart thudding in her throat, choking her. It was just a simple dinner date for business but her body couldn’t help but tingle. Despite all her scolding her body wanted Nicholas and her mind wasn’t far behind. Even if he was cold and aloof there were many times she say the sweat chivalrous boy from her lawyer bar days and she couldn’t help but be in love with him in that memory.


She thought her heat would burst out of her chest.

Book 3 Descriptions: 

Nothing ever worked out for her. Her good job as a lawyer’s secretary was cut short by marriage to a man who treated her like a housekeeper and personal slut. Her marriage ended, the first good thing in years, and she found a good job with a past co-worker. That was changed by last night, the first time she’d felt really happy in years! But now that was over as well. She had a choice, and not an easy one. She could continue to work here and try to pretend like last night never happened. OR. Or she could quit and try and find something else. Both options sounded horrible. Both sounded horrible. Was her life always going to be like this? Giving her something good and then taking it away or ruining it immediately after she started to enjoy it?

The elevator rang, signaling her arrival at the top floor. She didn’t attempt to stand, she simply crawled out of the elevator. Her chair seemed so high up so Laurel just sat on the floor, her back against the desk drawers. She would have been fine with Nick going out with Angela and…doing it. If he had just told her. But, in typical male fashion she was learning, he didn’t. Now, here she was, red faced and alone on the floor. 

WARNING: Readers must be 18+ due to mature themes and language.

Title:The Billionaire's Secretary TrilogyFormat:Kobo ebookPublished:March 2, 2017Publisher:Viola LindeLanguage:English

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