The Biology and Conservation of Wild Felids by David MacdonaldThe Biology and Conservation of Wild Felids by David Macdonald

The Biology and Conservation of Wild Felids

EditorDavid Macdonald, Andrew Loveridge

Paperback | July 3, 2010

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The editors utilize their 50 years of combined experience in professional engagement with the behaviour and ecology of wild felids to draw together a unique network of the world's most respected and knowledgeable experts. For the first time, this inter-disciplinary research programme isbrought together within a single volume. Beginning with a complete account of all 36 felid species, there follow 8 comprehensive review chapters that span all the topics most relevant to felid conservation science, including evolution and systematics, felid form and function, genetic applications, behavioural ecology, management of speciesthat come into conflict with people and control of international trade in felid species, conservation tools/techniques, ex situ management, and felid diseases. 19 detailed case studies then delve deeply into syntheses of the very best species investigations worldwide, written by all the leadingfigures in the field. These chapters portray the unique attributes of the wild felids, describe their fascinating (and conflicting) relationship with humans, and create an unparalleled platform for future research and conservation measures. A final chapter analyses the requirements of, andinter-disciplinary approaches to, practical conservation with cutting-edge examples of conservation science and action that go far beyond the cat family.
David Macdonald is Director of the Wildlife Conservation Research Unit in the Department of Zoology at Oxford University. Andrew Loveridge is a career wildlife biologist and conservationist. He is a member of the IUCN/SSC Canid Specialist Group and African Lion Working Group.
Title:The Biology and Conservation of Wild FelidsFormat:PaperbackDimensions:784 pages, 9.69 × 7.44 × 1.52 inPublished:July 3, 2010Publisher:Oxford University PressLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

PrefacePART I - Reviews1. David W. Macdonald, Andrew J. Loveridge, and Kristin Nowell: Dramatis personae: an introduction to the wild felids2. Lars Werdelin, Nobuyuki Yamaguchi, Warren E. Johnson, and Stephen J. O'Brien: Phylogeny and evolution of cats (Felidae)3. Andrew C. Kitchener, Blaire Van Valkenburgh, and Nobuyuki Yamaguchi: Felid form and function4. Melanie Culver, Carlos Driscoll, Eduardo Eizirik, and Goran Spong: Genetic applications in wild felids5. David W. Macdonald, Anna Mosser, and John L. Gittleman: Felid society6. Andrew J. Loveridge, Sonam W. Wang, Laurence G. Frank, and John Seidensticker: People and wild felids: conservation of cats and management of conflicts7. K. Ullas Karanth, Paul Funston, and Eric Sanderson: Many ways of skinning a cat: tools and techniques for studying wild felids8. David Wildt, William Swanson, Janine Brown, Alex Sliwa, and Astrid Vargas: Felids ex situ for managed programmes, research, and species recovery9. Linda Munson, Karen A. Terio, Marie-Pierre Ryser-Degiorgis, Emily Lane, and Franck Courchamp: Wild felid diseases: conservation implications and management strategiesPART II - Case Studies10. Meggan E. Craft: Ecology of infectious diseases in Serengeti lions11. Andrew J. Loveridge, Graham Hemson, Zeke Davidson, and David W. Macdonald: African lions on the edge: reserve boundaries as 'attractive sinks'12. John Seidensticker, Eric Dinerstein, Surendra P Goyal, Bhim Gurung, Abishek Harihar, A.J.T. Johnsingh, Anil Manandhar, Charles McDougal, Bivash Pandav, Mahendra Shrestha, J. L. David Smith, Melvin Sunquist, and Eric Wikramanayake: Tiger range collapse and recovery at the base of the Himalayas13. Dale G. Miquelle , John M. Goodrich, Evgeny N. Smirnov, Phillip A. Stephens, Olga Yu Zaumyslova, Guillame Chapron, Linda Kerley, Andre A. Murzin, Maurice G. Hornocker, and Howard B. Quigley: The Amur tiger: a case study of living on the edge14. Guy A. Balme, Luke T.B. Hunter, Pete Goodman, Hayden Ferguson, John Craigie, and Rob Slotow: An adaptive management approach to trophy hunting of leopards Panthera pardus: a case study from KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa15. Laurie Marker, Amy Dickman, Gus Mills, and David Macdonald: Cheetahs and ranchers in Namibia: a case study16. Sarah M. Durant, Amy J. Dickman, Tom Maddox, Margaret N. Waweru, Tim Caro, and Nathalie Pettorelli: Past, present and future of cheetahs in Tanzania: their behavioural ecology and conservation17. Sandra Cavalcanti, Silvio Marchini, Alexandra Zimmermann, Eric M. Gese, and David W. Macdonald: Jaguars, livestock and people in Brazil: realities and perceptions behind the conflict18. Scott C. Silver, Bart J. Harmsen, Linde E. T. Ostro, Rebecca J. Foster, and C. Patrick Doncaster: The ecology of jaguars in the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, Belize19. Rodney Jackson, Charudutt Mishra, Thomas M. McCarthy, and Som B. Ale: Snow leopards, conflict, and conservation20. Tucker Murphy and David W. Macdonald: Pumas and people: lessons in the landscape of tolerance from a widely distributed felid21. Dave Onorato, Chris Belden, Mark Cunningham, Darrell Land, Roy McBride, and Melody Roelke: Long term research on the Florida panther (Puma concolor coryi): historical findings and future obstacles to population persistence22. David W. Macdonald, Nobuyuki Yamaguchi, Andrew C. Kitchener, Mike Daniels, Kerry Kilshaw, and Carlos Driscoll: Reversing cryptic extinction: the history, present and future of the Scottish wildcat23. Urs Breitenmoser, Andreas Ryser, Anja Molinari-Jobin, Fridolin Zimmermann, Heinrich Haller, Paolo Molinari, and Christine Breitenmoser-Wursten: The changing impact of predation as a source of conflict between hunters and reintroduced lynx in Switzerland24. Pablo Ferreras, Alejandro Rodriguez, Francisco Palomares, and Miguel Delibes: Iberian lynx: the uncertain future of a critically endangered cat25. Mark O'Donoghue, Brian G. Slough, Kim G. Poole, Stan Boutin, Elizabeth J. Hofer, Garth Mowat, and Charles J. Krebs: Cyclical dynamics and behaviour of Canada lynx in northern Canada26. Alexander Sliwa, Marna Herbst, and Gus Mills: Black-footed cats (Felis nigripes) and African wild cats (Felis silvestris): a comparison of two small felids from South African arid lands27. Tadeu G. de Oliveira, Marcos A. Tortato, Leandro Silveira, Carlos Benhur Kasper, Fabio D. Mazim, Mauro Lucherini, Anah T. Jacomo, Jose B.G. Soares, Rosane V. Marques, and Mel Sunquist: Ocelot ecology and its effect on the small-felid guild in the lowland Neotropics28. Jorgelina Marino, Mauro Lucherini, Lilian Villalba, Magdalena Bennett, Daniel Cossios, Agustin Iriarte, Pablo Perovic, and Claudio Sillero-Zubiri: Highland cats: ecology and conservation of the rare and elusive Andean catPART III - Conclusions29. David W. Macdonald, Andrew J. Loveridge, and Alan Rabinowitz: Felid Futures: crossing disciplines, borders, and generationsReferencesIndex