The Book of Life: Starting to Begin


March 23, 2021|
The Book of Life: Starting to Begin by TDW


Have you ever wondered if you've reached the max potential of what you're capable of in a certain area of your life, and for years you'd always responded in certain ways to certain situations that might have been less than favorable, so many different times that you felt as if you're just not capable of higher levels? You are not alone at all, even though it can surely feel that way. The fact is that every single human being to walk the face of the Earth has the exact same problem as you do in various degrees in every area of life. Hindered beliefs, inaccurate conceptions about self, others and the world we live in, are hidden in the subconscious portion of the mind and were programmed there from birth to seven years old. I had thought all my life that a person gets set in their ways by the age fifty – I know now that we are all set in our ways by the age seven, if not sooner. Most generally it is only a couple of issues causing an appearance of many seemingly completely different problems, when in fact they are stemmed from a single misconception of self from childhood. Something could have happened to you at the age of two or three and you don't remember it – no memory whatsoever – and that could very well be the exact thing causing frustrations, confusions and grudges against the self and others, eventually turning into hopelessness throughout life. These books are self-help, but they are more geared through the sharing of principles instead of traditional step-by-step, because in this case this is not as simple as a cake recipe that everyone can follow exactly and get the same results each and every time. All of us are different in our contents of hindered beliefs in subconscious and why it's like that. The good news is it will not take seven to nine years to rewire the mind so we can actually pursue in life what we truly desire instead of settling for less, way less. These processes and suggestions in these books and devotionals are designed to bring about awareness rather than things to practice, memorize and axes to grind; rather, they recommend more of periodic auto-inquisition to get the subconscious to rewire itself.

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Title:The Book of Life: Starting to Begin
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:March 23, 2021
Publisher:Tellwell Talent
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9780228830023

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