The Canduit Project Gate way to the Cosmos by Werner Rettig

The Canduit Project Gate way to the Cosmos

byWerner Rettig

Kobo ebook | July 27, 2010

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A giant rock from outer space threatened to destroy our one and only Planet. A group of brilliant people designed and raised the money for a deflection project. An electro-magnetic propulsion tunnel, a rotating space station and a moon base was built. During the construction of the domes, workers trying out seismic equipment discovered a fairly large underground lake 200 m below the surface. Understandably they named it Lake Surprise. This lake became later the ultimate space destination for tourists. The deflection equipment was installed and when the asteroid returned it got a kick in the butt and was sent into a safe orbit. The population of the planet, glad to be alive, created a new political system. People all over started to cooperate like never before and attacked our Planet's problems with a vengeance. When people work together in a spirit of love and harmony everything becomes possible.
A new airship age started and space tourism became possible for the general population. Elise and I decided to take part on a flight around the world with the airship Wachenburg. This is a wonderful way to see our planet. Whenever we flew past land, out came the cameras; especially when we passed the beaches of Mallorca. There were all kinds of people doing the Adam and Eve thing without the fig leaf. It wasn't long after we came back that we decided to take a journey to the moon. One of the new powerful delta wing space shuttles ferried us to the the space station. This part of the trip was by itself quite exiting, to see our planet from above is unforgettable. A moon shuttle took as to our natural satellite. Once there we could finally take a look at the legendary Lake Surprise. An elevator took us down to the fantastic beaches. There were women strutting around in bikinis, their most prized possessions getting an automatic uplift because of the low gravity.
We took a moon rover tour of the moonscape that surrounded the moon base during which the driver-guide told as about Professor Bernstein. He said we call him Twelvestein because he is twelve times as smart as Einstein. He is working on a time-machine and must be close to the finish because he is already looking for a copilot. Jokingly I said if he can't find one I'll come along. And that is how I found myself not long afterwards, exploring the past with the Professor. To start out with, there was a temporary loss of sensory perception; when I became aware of my surroundings again I was looking at a tropical landscape. “May I ask where we are, oh great one?” “You can cut out the crap or I’ll leave you right here, but to answer your question, we are in Alberta, Canada looking for dinosaurs.”After a while we saw some eating leaves.
While we were watching the time-machine got splattered with some greenish goo. Twelvestein took us back in time and changed our position a bit. It didn't take long and we saw a giant dinosaur flying past us dropping the remains of a meal on our former position. We decided to continue our tour somewhere else and ended up in Sumer. There we watched a scribe writing on a clay-tablet. The Professor could read it with our magnifier and said the guy was complaining about taxes. We continued our tour by visiting Egypt, Athens and Rome. The Professor was ready to go home and asked me if there was something else I wanted to see, I said yes, my Dad during his tour in Russia. This is how I saw my Dad once more. It was an emotional moment when we saw him riding his small Russian horse. After that Zwölfstein brought me back home a day before I left. To this day my wife hasn't got a clue that I time travelled.
Recently a local reporter came across a Gutenberg version of this book. He came to visit me and kept on talking about my predictions. I never thought about it that way, but some of the things I wrote about have actually happened. Another reader had this to say: The Canduit Project is cleverly written and very enjoyable to read.

Title:The Canduit Project Gate way to the CosmosFormat:Kobo ebookPublished:July 27, 2010Publisher:Werner RettigLanguage:English

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