The Centurion's Woman: Warrior

March 26, 2018|
The Centurion's Woman: Warrior by Amanda Flieder


Twenty-First Century Survivalist, Alexandria “Alex” Moldovan, is wounded and sitting in a cart on the way to Illyria – but in 5 AD. The lost daughter of Avilius Tacito Severus is traveling through Germania Inferior under the protection of her husband’s commander: First File Verus Celsus Calix. Headstrong and obstinate, Alex challenges Verus at every turn, right in front of his men, leaving the Legionnaires with a growing respect for this fiery and highly skilled female warrior.

Centurion Ixillius Traversi lost everything. Disowned without reason, he finds himself disgraced as he attempts to prevent Centurion Aquilus Naevius, heir presumptive of Alex’s father Avilius, from taking and possibly murdering Alex: the rightful heir to Avilius, the slave Ixillius won through battle, and the wife he no longer has the social status to keep. At the beginning of the long march to Illyria, a battle of wills begins as both Centurions try to gain the upper hand, while Alex seeks to reunite with her father and still hold on to her husband.

The Centurion’s Woman continues in this second book, Warrior, with Minerva’s 1st now on the march to Illyria and the rebellion that is waiting for them if they arrive...

Title:The Centurion's Woman: Warrior
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:March 26, 2018
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9781525505003

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