The Challenge Accepted

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The Challenge Accepted
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If Brydon can fulfill his quest to bring the fabled Gauntlet of Ven-Kerrick back to his homeland of Falara, he will marry the princess and be crowned the next king. He had known the journey would be difficult, but he had not counted on becoming friends with the assassin whose original goal had been to murder him before his quest had begun, nor had he suspected he would fall in love with a girl along the way. And he definitely had not planned on becoming involved in the political intrigue of several countries not his own.

In the first book, The Gauntlet Thrown, Brydon discovered the gauntlet missing from Ven-Kerrick, stolen by a man called Reed with powers as rare and incredible as Brydon's. Through separation, kidnapping, and near-death experiences, Brydon and Toryn tracked the gauntlet and battled Reed, only to find that he had been a pawn for an even greater evil, one known only as the Dark Master. Will Brydon be able to save his friends and the woman he loves in order to return to his original quest?

Find out in The Challenge Accepted!

BRYDON REDWING - A knight-priest from Falara on a quest to bring the fabled, magical Gauntlet of Ven-Kerrick back home, in order to marry the princess and ascend the throne.

TORYN OF REDOL - A footloose would-be assassin who tried to end Brydon's quest before it began. He now joins Brydon on his journeys, mostly to avoid returning home as a failed killer and admit he has grown to like the man he once set out to murder.

ALYN - A horse-obsessed woman kidnapped from her homeland, she is now embroiled in a conflict with people who once meant nothing to her, but for whom she now feels loyalty towards and, quite possibly, even some affection.

DAVIN - A silver-haired man rescued from slavers. Davin has abilities beyond even his knowledge. Will they be his salvation or lead to his ultimate destruction?

VERANA - A healer from the Order of the Rose, drawn into Brydon's troubles by her sense of duty and her profound respect for Jace the Wanderer.

JACE THE WANDERER - A wandering knight-priest from the Order of the Shield, Jace was rescued by Brydon and now works to recover the gauntlet and restore order to Ven-Kerrick and the Concurrence.

SHEVYN - A mute girl rescued from slavery by Toryn and protected by Brydon, who turned out to be the last descendent of the royal Ven-Kerrick family. Though restored to her throne, she knows her kingdom will not be safe until the Dark Master is defeated.

SELLARIS - A rebellious red-haired beauty obsessed with Brydon. She was responsible for removing the gauntlet from Ven-Kerrick and now works with the Dark Master to bring about the destruction of the northern kingdoms.

LAVAN - Sellaris's petulant brother. He seems to have little will of his own and is content to follow his sister from place to place and scam to scam.

GARYN - A turncoat from the band who stole the gauntlet, he befriended Toryn and now seeks to atone for his former deeds.

RAKYN - A Prince of Silver, he rules Darkynhold from the Black City. His powers rival Brydon's and he seems willing to train Brydon in their use--but at what price?

NYKAR - Friend, bodyguard, and confidant to Prince Rakyn.

DARYNA - Daughter of Haaryd, a Thalarii chieftan. She was ordered to guide Toryn to the sea, whereupon he abandoned her and earned her eternal wrath.

MIKYL - A Thalarii chieftan not content to rule his small band of riders. He once thought to marry Daryna, until she rode away with a despised man from the north. He seeks power over all of Thalarii and, eventually, the northern kingdoms, as well.

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