The Cherokee Removal: A Brief History With Documents by Theda PerdueThe Cherokee Removal: A Brief History With Documents by Theda Perdue

The Cherokee Removal: A Brief History With Documents

EditorTheda Perdue

Paperback | August 18, 2004

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The Cherokee Removal of 1838–1839 unfolded against a complex backdrop of competing ideologies, self-interest, party politics, altruism, and ambition. Using documents that convey Cherokee voices, government policy, and white citizens’ views, Theda Perdue and Michael D. Green present a multifaceted account of this complicated moment in American history. The second edition of this successful, class-tested volume contains four new sources, including the Cherokee Constitution of 1827 and a modern Cherokee’s perspective on the removal. The introduction provides students with succinct historical background. Document headnotes contextualize the selections and draw attention to historical methodology. To aid students’ investigation of this compelling topic, suggestions for further reading, photographs, and a chronology of the Cherokee removal are also included.
THEDA PERDUE is professor of history and American studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Her publications include Slavery and the Evolution of Cherokee Society, 1540-1865 (1979), Nations Remembered: An Oral History of the Five Civilized Tribes (1980), Cherokee Editor (1983), Native Carolinians (1985), The Cherokee...
Title:The Cherokee Removal: A Brief History With DocumentsFormat:PaperbackDimensions:224 pages, 8.22 × 5.45 × 0.36 inPublished:August 18, 2004Publisher:Bedford/St. Martin'sLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

    List of Illustrations
Introduction: The Cherokees and U.S. Indian Policy
    The Cherokee People
    Early Contact with British Colonists
    The United States "Civilization" Program
    Cherokee Culture Change
    Pressure for Removal
    Cherokee Resistance and Capitulation
  1. Cherokee "Civilization"
    Becoming "Civilized"
    Young Wolf, Last Will and Testament, 1814
    Cherokee Committee, Ruling on Young Wolf's Estate, 1824

A Cherokee View of "Civilization"
    John Ridge, Letter to Albert Gallatin, February 27, 1826

Christian Missions
    Elizabeth Taylor, Letter to Miss Abigail Parker, June 26, 1828
    Sally M. Reece, Letter to Reverend Daniel Campbell, July 25, 1828
    Nancy Reece, Letter to Reverend Fayette Shepherd, December 25, 1828

Quantifying Cherokee "Civilization"
    The Census of 1835

The Cherokee Constitution of 1827
    Constitution of the Cherokee Nation: Formed by a Convention of Delegates from the Several Districts, at New Echota, July 1827
  2. Georgia Policy
    The Georgia Laws
    Georgia State Assembly, Laws Extending Jurisdiction over the Cherokees, December 19, 1829 and December 22, 1830

Georgia and the Supreme Court
    United States Supreme Court, Worcester v. Georgia, March 1832

Dispossessing the Cherokees
    Memorial of Protest of the Cherokee Nation, June 22, 1836

White Intruders
    Zillah Haynie Brandon, Memoir, 1830–1838
  3. United States Policy
    In Defense of the Cherokees: The "William Penn" Essays
    William Penn [Jeremiah Evarts], A Brief View of the Present Relations between the Government and People of the United States and Indians within Our National Limits, November 1829

American Women Organize against Removal
    Catherine Beecher, Circular, Addressed to Benevolent Ladies of the U. States, December 25, 1829

Lewis Cass Justifies Removal
    Lewis Cass, Removal of the Indians, January 1830

Congress Acts
    United States Congress, Indian Removal Act, May 28, 1830

Andrew Jackson Applauds the Removal Act
    Andrew Jackson, State of the Union Address, December 6, 1830
  4. The Cherokee Debate
    Women and Removal
    Cherokee Women, Petition, May 2, 1817
    Cherokee Women, Petition, June 30, 1818
    Cherokee Women, Petition, October 17, 1821 [1831?]

Elias Boudinot’s Editorials in the Cherokee Phoenix
    Elias Boudinot, Editorials in the Cherokee Phoenix, 1829, 1831

The Treaty of New Echota
    Treaty with the Cherokees, 1835

    The Opposition Continues
    John Ross, Letter in Answer to Inquiries from a Friend, July 2, 1836

The Treaty Party’s Defense
    Elias Boudinot, Letters and Other Papers Relating to the Cherokee Affairs: Being a Reply to Sundry Publications of John Ross, 1837
  5. The Trail of Tears
    Memorial of Protest of the Cherokee Nation, June 22, 1836

Forced Removal
    Evan Jones, Letters, May-December 1838

Waiting to Cross the Mississippi
    George Hicks, Letter from the Trail of Tears, January 13, 1839

Removal through a Child’s Eyes
    Rebecca Neugin, Recollections of Removal, 1932

Rebuilding the Cherokee Nation
    Ethan Allen Hitchcock, Journal, 1841

Removal 150 Years Later
    Wilma Mankiller, Reflections on Removal, 1993
       Chronology of the Cherokee Removal (c. 1700-2003)