The Color of Your Soul by David CH Park

The Color of Your Soul

byDavid CH Park

Kobo ebook | August 15, 2012

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The Color of Your Soul is a 91,000 word non-fiction book about what it means for a regular guy to become enlightened. “Enlightened” is a term that I do not use in the book (or elsewhere), however, it applies. I remember being faced with enlightenment when an old girlfriend said that her intention was to become “fully enlightened” in this lifetime. I realized that I had no idea at the time what this meant.

When I asked Fr. Alan Clute, someone whom I trusted and thought would have something to say about this question, he said that the state of enlightenment is one in which everything flows effortlessly. I have since learned that this view is accurate, but it only conveys a part of the truth, which is all that any single word or short phrase can be expected to do.

My awareness of flow brings me to realize that my senses of beauty and effortlessness come out of and are intimately connected to my sense of flow and to each other. Beauty and choice are also linked. Beyond flow, the state of enlightenment also has the sense of being a part of the universe in a way that is not confining or constraining in any way. It doesn’t control me or dictate my actions. So that you may always choose and that choice may have no effect on the ultimate outcome, nevertheless, each choice can be critically important.

This is freeing in that I am fully free to create whatever I want in life - I truly can and do create everything that I experience without fearing that my choice might impact other people's choices. The universe (other people) gets what it (they) want and need. My choice won't change what they get. It will only impact whether and in what way I can be a part of what they get. Whether I connect with them in their creation or not, it is my choice - if I'm not there, someone else will be. So I can be free to create and become what I need and want.

Furthermore, I find that truth leads to more truth and that everything is connected. Ironically, I find that everything is connected by being open to the possibility that nothing is connected or that things are only loosely connected. I conclude that things are connected because it opens me to further truth. Being connected is a discovered truth. I don’t assume that things are connected to begin with. I discover that they are connected.

Thus, I conclude certain things about myself and my experience based on my experience, not the other way around. For example, the experience that everything that can be created has been created - that all things exist in God already - is not only a felt experience, it is seen and felt to be equivalent to the idea that we are the pinnacle of creation and that we expand God through our enjoyment. Not only is it true that we can expand God, we must expand God and this expansion is linked with the realization that all things that can exist already do exist in God. Apparently diametrically opposed ideas are found to actually be the same, larger idea. Not only that, they contain and reflect each other and they also contain notions of flow, beauty, and truth.

I provide tools, including meditation, shamanism, and Huna, with which anyone may do the same thing. None of these tools is hidden, special, or secret. However, using them does require you to be honest, most importantly, with yourself.

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