The Columbia Sourcebook of Literary Taiwan by Sung-sheng Yvonne ChangThe Columbia Sourcebook of Literary Taiwan by Sung-sheng Yvonne Chang

The Columbia Sourcebook of Literary Taiwan

EditorSung-sheng Yvonne Chang, Michelle Yeh, Ming-ju Fan

Hardcover | September 2, 2014

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This sourcebook contains more than 160 documents and writings that reflect the development of Taiwanese literature from the early modern period to the twenty-first century. Selections include seminal essays in literary debates, polemics, and other landmark events; interviews, diaries, and letters by major authors; critical and retrospective essays by influential writers, editors, and scholars; transcripts of historical speeches and conferences; literary-society manifestos and inaugural journal prefaces; and governmental policy pronouncements that have significantly influenced Taiwanese literature.

These texts illuminate Asia's experience with modernization, colonialism, and postcolonialism; the character of Taiwan's Cold War and post-Cold War cultural production; gender and environmental issues; indigenous movements; and the changes and challenges of the digital revolution. Taiwan's complex history with Dutch, Spanish, and Japanese colonization; strategic geopolitical position vis-à-vis China, Japan, and the United States; and status as a hub for the East-bound circulation of technological and popular-culture trends make the nation an excellent case study for a richer understanding of East Asian and modern global relations.

Sung-sheng Yvonne Chang is professor of Chinese and comparative literature at the University of Texas at Austin. She is author of Literary Culture in Taiwan: Martial Law to Market Law; Transformations of a Literary Field: On Contemporary Taiwanese Fiction; and Modernism and the Nativist Resistance: Contemporary Chinese Fiction from Ta...
Title:The Columbia Sourcebook of Literary TaiwanFormat:HardcoverDimensions:592 pagesPublished:September 2, 2014Publisher:Columbia University PressLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

AcknowledgmentsIntroduction: Literary Taiwan-an East Asian Contextual PerspectivePart I. The Beginnings and the Entry Into Modernity Through Colonial Mediation (1728-1948)1. Preface to Volume 1 of Jade Ruler Between Sky and Sea (1728), by Xia Zhifang2. Preface to Collection of Coral Branches (Eighteenth Century), by Zhang Mei3. Preface No. 5 (by the Author) (1816), by Zhang Fu4. Ars Poetica (Mid-nineteenth Century), by Lin Zhanmei5. Elucidating the Meaning of Literature, by Xie Xueyu6. Congratulations on the Founding of the Taiwan Literary Society, by Wei Qingde7. On the New Mission to Promote Vernacular Writing, by Huang Chengcong8. On Reforming Classical Chinese, by Huang Chaoqin9. A Letter to the Youth of Taiwan, by Zhang Wojun10. The Awful Literary Scene of Taiwan, by Zhang Wojun11. On Reading "A Comparison of Old and New Literature" in the Taiwan Daily News, by Lan Yun (Lai He)12. Diary, by Liu Na'ou13. Advance, by Lan Yun (Lai He)14. The Solitary Spirits League and the Anarchist Theater Movement, by Zhang Qishi15. Why Not Promote Nativist Literature?, by Huang Shihui16. Annotation on Three-Six-Nine Little Gazette, by Xin An17. A Proposal on the Construction of Taiwanese Vernacular Writing, by Guo Qiusheng18. On Reforming the Taiwanese Vernacular, by Huang Chunqing19. The Prospect of Popular Literature, by Qi (Ye Rongzhong)20. A Giant Bomb on the Old Poetry Scene, by Chen Fengyuan21. Elegant Words, by Lian Yatang22. Absolute Objection to Nativist Literature Written in the Taiwanese Vernacular, by Lai Minghong23. On Taiwan's Nativist Literature, by Wu Kunhuang24. Burning Hair-the Rites of Poetry, by Shui Yinping25. Writing on the Wall, by Guo Shuitan26. Manifesto, by Jie Zhou27. Foreword: Understanding Folk Literature, by Huang Deshi28. Art Belongs to the People, by Yang Kui29. The Historical Mission of Taiwan Literary Arts, by Zhang Shenqie30. Miscellaneous Thoughts on Literature-Two Types of Atmosphere, by Lü Heruo31. Poetry Snippets: On Highbrow, by Weng Nao32. Preface to Mountain Spirit, by Hu Feng33. Youth and Taiwan (II): Ideal and Reality of the New Drama Movement, by Shima Rikuhei (Uchiyama Atsumu)34. A Chat with the Governor-General About Discontinuing Chinese Columns in Daily Newspapers, by Anonymous35. Why Can't Taiwan's Art Scene Not Advance?, by Old Xu36. Criticism and Guidance Welcomed, by [Wu] Mansha37. On the Future of Taiwanese Literature, by Zhang Wenhuan38. The Prospect of Taiwanese Literature, by Long Yingzong39. The Past, Present, and Future of Taiwanese Literature, by Shimada Kinji40. On Building a Literary Scene in Taiwan, by Huang Deshi41. Diary (1942-1944), by Lü Heruo42. Responsibility of the Literati on the Island, by Yu Wen43. Taiwanese Theater in the Current Stage of Development, by Takita Teiji44. A Conversation on Taiwanese Culture, by Nakamura Akira and Long Yingzong45. A Commentary on Current Literature, by Nishikawa Mitsuru46. Kuso Realism and Pseudo-Romanticism, by Shi Waimin47. An Open Letter to Mr. Shi, by Ye Shitao48. Good Writing, Bad Writing, by Wu Xinrong49. In Defense of Kuso Realism, by Yidong Liang50. The Thorny Road Continues, by Zhang Wenhuan51. Our Propositions, by Nagasaki Hiroshi, Takayama Bonseki (Chen Huoquan), et al.52. The Path of Bridge-Report on the Second Writers' Gathering, by Ge Lei53. Questions and Answers Concerning Taiwanese Literature, by Yang KuiPart II. Wading Through the Cold War Under Martial Law (1949-1987)1. Inaugural Preface to Literary Creation, by Zhang Daofan2. Declaration, by Ji Xian3. Inaugural Preface to Military Literature: Establishing a Modernized, Popularized, Revolutionary, and Combative National Literature, by Editors4. Poetry Is Poetry; Song Is Song; We Do Not Say "Poem-Song", by Ji Xian5. Explicating the Tenets of the Modernist School, by Ji Xian6. To the Reader, by Xia Ji'an (T. A. Hsia)7. A Critique of Peng Ge's Setting Moon and a Discussion of the Modern Novel, by Xia Ji'an (T. A. Hsia)8. Newsletter of Literary Friends: Correspondence Between Zhong Zhaozheng and Zhong Lihe9. Notes from the Editors of Epoch Poetry Quarterly, by Zhang Mo10. On Symbolist Poetry and Chinese New Poetry: A Rejoinder to Professor Su Xuelin, by Qin Zihao11. Five Years Later, by Editors12. To the Poet Ya Xian, by Shang Qin13. Random Talk on New Poetry No. 4-Whither It Goes?, by Yan Xi14. Taiwanese Writers Whose Works Burst with Local Color, by Wang Dingjun15. Notes of a Poet, by Ya Xian16. Introduction to Modern Literature, by Editors17. One Year of Modern Literature, by Editors18. Preface to Selected Poems of the 1960s, by Zhang Mo, Luo Fu, and Ya Xian19. On Yu Guangzhong's Sirius the Dog Star, by Luo Fu20. Goodbye, Nihilism!, by Yu Guangzhong21. Preface to the Japanese Edition of The Orphan of Asia, by Wu Zhuoliu22. An Open Letter to Guo Lianghui, by Xie Bingying23. An Announcement from the Chinese Writers Association24. I Do Not Value The Locked Heart and Membership in the Writers Association, by Guo Lianghui25. Cutting off the Prose Braids, by Yu Guangzhong26. Lower the Flag to Half-Mast for May Fourth!, by Yu Guangzhong27. Message from the Editors, by Lin Hengtai28. Afterword to Leisurely Journey, by Yu Guangzhong29. Toward a New Departure in Modernism: Thoughts on the Recent Production of Waiting for Godot, by Chen Yingzhen30. The Girl with Long Black Hair: The Author's Preface, by Ouyang Zi31. The Evolution of Modern Poetry in Taiwan, by Huan Fu32. Epigraph to the Inaugural Issue, by Chen Fangming33. On the Predicament of Modern Chinese Poets, by Guan Jieming (John Kwan-Terry)34. On the Special Issue of Retrospect, by Ye Shan35. Not Our Paradise, by Tang Wenbiao36. Benchmarks in Fiction Criticism: Reading Tang Jisong's "Autumn Leaves by Ouyang Zi", by Bai Xianyong37. Qideng Sheng's "Polio" Style, by Liu Shaoming (Joseph S. M. Lau)38. Take Pains to Read, Take Care to Evaluate Family Catastrophe, by Yan Yuanshu39. Looking Forward to a New Kind of Literature, by Yan Yuanshu40. Two Kinds of Spirit in Taiwanese Literature: A Comparison of Yang Kui and Zhong Lihe, by Lin Zaijue41. Author's Preface, by Huang Chunming42. She Is a True Student of China: On Reading Zhang Ailing on Reading, by Zhu Xining43. Should the Ban on May Fourth and 1930s Writings Be Lifted?, by Zhu Xining44. Grassroots Manifesto, by Luo Qing and Li Nan45. The Past Decade of Taiwan Literature (1965-1975)- with Remarks on Wang Wenxing's Family Catastrophe, by Liu Shaoming (Joseph S. M. Lau)46. The Pursuit and Disappearance of Utopia, by Bai Xianyong47. Random Thoughts: Author's Preface, by Chen Ruoxi48. Starting from the Flaws of Taipei People: On the Method and Practice of Literary Criticism, by Ouyang Zi49. Looking Back, by Bai Xianyong50. Preface to Three-Three Journal, by Zhu Tianwen51. It's Realist Literature, Not Nativist Literature: A Historical Analysis of Nativist Literature, by Wang Tuo52. Introduction to History of Nativist Literature in Taiwan, by Ye Shitao53. The Blind Spot of Nativist Literature, by Xu Nancun (Chen Yingzhen)54. Where Is Literature Without Human Nature?, by Peng Ge55. Xiangtu Wenxue: Its Merits and Demerits, by Wang Wenxing56. Impressions Gleaned from the Conference on Literary Arts Organized by the Armed Forces: The Bugle of Unity, by Zeng Xiangduo57. Notes on the Publication of Essays on Nativist Literature, by Yu Tiancong58. Two Types of Literary Mind: On Two Short Stories That Won the United Daily News Fiction Contest, by Zhan Hongzhi59. Ten Years of Flowing River, by Lin Haiyin60. Foreword to Anthology of Modern Chinese Prose, by Yang Mu61. Preface to Thirty Stormy Years: The Present Predicament Facing the Newspaper Literary Supplement in Taiwan and a Way Out, by Ya Xian62. Looking Back at the Chinese Writers and Artists Association, by Yin Xueman63. Taiwan Consciousness of the Taiwanese People, by Zhan Hongzhi64. Influence and Response! From Concern, Engagement, and Action to "We Have Only One Earth", by Han Han and Ma Yigong65. Footprints, Sort Of: Superfluous Words on the Launch of the Newsletter of Literary Friends, by Zhong Zhaozheng66. Eternal Quest (in Lieu of a Preface), by Wang Zhenhe67. The Question of Nativization in Taiwan Literature at the Present Stage, by Song Dongyang (Chen Fangming)68. House of Salt-by Way of Introduction, by Shi Shu69. Flaws and Mercy-Preface to The Mulberry Sea, by Yuan Qiongqiong70. The Translingual Generation of Poets: Beginning with the Silver Bell Society, by Lin Hengtai71. Heralding a Taiwanese Dawn: Introducing Lin Shuangbu, Novelist of the New Generation of Taiwan Fiction and Appraising Taiwan's Enfeebled Fiction, by Song Zelai72. Sacrificing a Life to Literature Is Nothing to Boast About, by Zhong Zhaozheng73. A Painful Confession, by Ye Shitao74. Something Out of Nothing: On Improvisation and Theater, by Lai Shengchuan (Stan Lai)Part III. The Era of Democracy and Globalization (1987-2005)1. Preface to Series in Contemporary Mainland Chinese Writers: Replies to Inquiries, by Guo Feng2. Coming Together for a Long Journey Ahead: Celebrating the Birth of the Taipei Theater Fellowship, by Zhong Mingde3. Preface to Heteroglossia, by Wang Dewei (David Der-wei Wang)4. Writing a Literature with a Nationality, by Peng Ruijin5. Recovering Our Names, by Monaneng6. Preface to Taiwanese Writers: Complete Works (Short Stories), by Zhong Zhaozheng7. If the Poets Don't Die, the Thieves Won't Quit: The Predicament of Taiwan's Poetry Scene and How to Resolve It, by Lin Yaode8. She Waves the Flag: Preface to Ping Lu's New Collection Who Killed XXX?, by Zhang Xiguo (Hsi-kuo Chang)9. Diary, by Qiu Miaojin10. Literature of the Military Family Village: The Inheritance and Abandonment of Homesickness, by Qi Bangyuan11. Discovering a New Taiwan: On Wang Qimei's Collage, by Jiao Tong12. Inaugural Editorial of the Taiwan Poetry Quarterly13. The World of Mountains and Seas: Preface to the Inaugural Issue of the Culture of Mountains and Seas Bimonthly, by Sun Dachuan14. Who Is Going to Wear My Beautiful Knit Dress?, by Ligelale Awu15. Summer Mist, by Zhu Tianxin16. Postscript to On the Island's Edge, by Chen Li17. On Ku'er: Reflections on Ku'er and Ku'er Literature in Contemporary Taiwan, by Ji Dawei (Ta-wei Chi)18. Preface: Just Who Is the Devil with a Chastity Belt?, by Li Ang19. Wandering in Gods' Garden (in Lieu of a Preface), by Wang Dingjun20. Saving a Boatload of Starlight: The Story of How Mr. Wang Tiwu Gave Financial Assistance to Young Writers, by Jiang Zhongming21. The Activist Character of the Literary Supplement to the United Daily, by Li Ruiteng22. Newspaper Literary Supplements and the Nobel Prize in Literature: A Personal Reflection, by Zheng Shusen (William Tay)23. On Bai, by Zhang Dachun24. Retrospect on Thirty Years of Taiwan Literary Arts, by Zhong Zhaozheng25. Foreword II: On Taiwan's Literary Canon, by Chen Yizhi26. To the Reader: Preface to the Unitas Edition of Complete Works of Luo Zhicheng, by Luo Zhicheng27. Broken Chinese and Good Work, by Huang Jinshu28. Like a Road Sign That Looks Ahead and Behind: Introduction to Compendium of Taiwanese-Language Literature, by Lin Yangmin29. The Brave New World of the Mother Tongue: Taiwanese Language Literature Under Construction, by Xiang Yang30. A Flower Recalls Its Previous Incarnation: Remembering Zhang Ailing and Hu Lancheng, by Zhu Tianwen31. The Mysterious Revelations of Nature Writing, by Wu Mingyi32. Building a Bridge for Taiwan Literature: Foreword to Newsletter of the Taiwan Literature Museum, by Lin Ruiming33. A Perspective on Prose, by Liu Kexiang34. My Story of the Chinese Language, by Li Yongping35. A First Step out of "Migration Literature", by Nanfang Shuo36. Hakka Literature, Literary Hakka, by Li Qiao37. The End of the Military Family Village, by Su Weizhen38. Interview with Wu He, by Zhu Tianxin39. On Prose, by Zhang Xiaofeng40. Preface to the New Edition of Born Under the Twelfth Star Sign, by Luo Yijun41. Ocean Tide Loves Me Best: A Dialogue Between Sun Dachuan and Xiaman Lanpoan GlossarySelected BibliographyNotes on the TranslatorsNotes on the AuthorsIndex

Editorial Reviews

The Columbia Sourcebook of Literary Taiwan is a true feat of archival compilation.... The most expansive volume documenting the evolution of literary culture in modern Taiwan available in English.... A crucial index of seismic cultural shifts.... The sourcebook should serve as a reminder that Taiwan retains a vibrant, sophisticated literary culture even in the Internet age of digital media.