The Couple's Road Trip Guide: Relationship Lessons Learned From Life On The Road by Josh ParafinikThe Couple's Road Trip Guide: Relationship Lessons Learned From Life On The Road by Josh Parafinik

The Couple's Road Trip Guide: Relationship Lessons Learned From Life On The Road

byJosh Parafinik, Aminda Parafinik

Paperback | July 7, 2015

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A 1500 pound bear, stowaway mice, and a toothless tow-truck driver---when Josh and Aminda Parafinik left on a summer camping, biking and rock climbing adventure, they didn't realize how integral these things would be to teaching them about marriage.

"The Couple's Road Trip Guide" uses tales from the road to illustrate how a successful road trip is analogous to the journey of married life.

If you are engaged or newly married and tired of hearing that marriage is hard work, don't be discouraged. God gave us marriage as a gift, and He wants it to be enjoyable! He blessed us with a wide world to explore with our spouse by our side. Come sit down next to the campfire with Josh and Aminda as they share their road map for making marriage a joy and lifelong adventure.

Josh Parafinik is an experienced and passionate educator, having worked as a college professor, a teambuilding facilitator and a volunteer youth counselor. He holds a BS in Psychology and an MS in Adventure Education.Aminda Parafinik's articles have been published in outlets including blogs, national ministry newsletters and trade publ...
Title:The Couple's Road Trip Guide: Relationship Lessons Learned From Life On The RoadFormat:PaperbackDimensions:210 pages, 8.5 × 5.5 × 0.68 inPublished:July 7, 2015Publisher:Morgan James PublishingLanguage:English

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Ah, the allure of the open road. Songs have been sung about it, movies have been made about it. The freedom of driving, the excitement of a new destination---accompanied by favorite snacks and carefully planned music. As hours and scenery fly by, a road trip can become a true bonding experience with the person in the adjacent seat. Ideally, the bond solidifies over games and laughs rather than disagreements and stony silences, especially if the person next to you is your spouse. My husband and I (Aminda) love the open road, and we love to explore. We started road tripping about the same time we started dating, and we have been traveling ever since---from our home in Phoenix to the beaches of California, the mountains of Colorado or the canyons of southern Utah. On our way back from every fun-filled long weekend, we dreamed of taking extended time off for a Big Kahuna trip, one that would let us relax and really cover some ground. We believed that God would bless such a trip---He tells us He "will send his angel with you and make your journey a success" (Genesis 24:40 )---and he did. Three years after our wedding, we made it happen. We embarked on a three-month-long road trip around the western United States---two people, one truck, 90 days. Through it all, God revealed invaluable lessons about each other and our marriage.Yes, we were free from the daily grind of our jobs and our house, but we still faced all the challenges that couples do on a daily basis. We had a budget to follow, decisions to make and setbacks to overcome. We were constantly reevaluating our itinerary and budget. Sometimes it was unclear if our car was going to keep moving forward or if the best thing for our relationship was to go backward. Yes, they were simple questions---nothing extreme---but the way we deal with them could have had long-term consequences. Any challenge can create conflict, and if not handled well, conflict can breed resentment and strife, so to ensure the ordinary trials didn't become extraordinary negativity, we ramped up our communication and cooperation.Road Trip Defined: What was it that we were so excited about doing on our trip? To frame some of the stories and analogies we use, we need to start by explaining that the primary goal for our Big Kahuna road trip was to explore the best rock climbing that the western states have to offer.This sport, this shared passion, has played a huge role in our relationship since we met on a rock-climbing outing organized by the local Arizona chapter of a national Christian climbing group. Most rock climbers have a special relationship with their climbing partners. After all, partners may literally hold each other's lives in their hands as they hold the end of the rope. A bond forms quickly during such activities. Good communication and trust are critical to the relationship between climbers, so both were fundamental in our relationship even before it became romantic.While rock climbing has motivated us to explore the country, Josh and I share much more than the mutual enjoyment of a singular sport. We share an enthusiasm for new experiences and adventure, especially out in the world's wonderful wide open spaces, and we both love fresh air, scenic vistas and hidden, tranquil spots.Our second goal was to escape a Phoenix summer. Living in Phoenix in the summer is tough for two people who like to be outside as much as we do. The call of lush forests and alpine lakes is strong when the world outside your door is dry, brown and blazing hot. Once out of Arizona, we drove straight for the cool, forested hills of northern California, Oregon, Idaho and Colorado.As much as we love outdoor recreation, we don't want this to define us as full-on adrenaline junkies. Just because we aren't limited by a fear of heights doesn't mean we don't struggle with other fears like anyone else. (We address the benefits of overcoming fear in a future chapter.)We can't deny the inherent risk to climbing, but there are also plenty of ways to mitigate that risk, which we practice. The more you understand the sport and how the gear works, the less intimidating it becomes. We're both cautious and committed to staying safe. The sport of rock climbing is more than just hanging out in high places. It is a challenging physical activity requiring full body strength, power and endurance as well as mental focus. With many variations of techniques and terrain to climb, the sport provides endless ways to learn and challenge oneself. Not to mention, it's a sport that can take you to beautiful places not many people get to see!

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Fuel Up: Inject High Performance Thinking Into Your Marriage

Chapter 2. Keep Your Sparkplugs Clean: Generating Positive Words and Actions

Chapter 3. Know Your Coordinates: Keeping Tabs on Your Partner

Chapter 4. U-Turns not Allowed: Stay Committed to the Present

Chapter 5. Forks in the Road: Healthy Decision Making and Communication

Chapter 6. Brake Check: Trusting your Life Partner

Chapter 7. Slug bug! Cultivate a Healthy Sense of Humor

Chapter 8. There's Only One Driver's Seat: The Importance of Designated Roles

Chapter 9. Are We There Yet? Finding Healthy Alone Time

Chapter 10. Fender-benders Happen: The Practice of Forgiveness

Chapter 11. Caution, Steep Curves Ahead: Speaking the Truth in Love

Chapter 12. Taking the Scenic Route: Quality Time Over Quantity

Chapter 13. Born to be Wild: Live Big