The Courtship Of Princess Leia: Star Wars Legends by Dave WolvertonThe Courtship Of Princess Leia: Star Wars Legends by Dave Wolverton

The Courtship Of Princess Leia: Star Wars Legends

byDave Wolverton

Mass Market Paperback | April 1, 1995

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Seeking rich, powerful allies to bring into the  Rebel Alliance and a new home planet for the  refugees of her native Alderaan, Princess Leia  considers a proposal that could tip the balance of power  against the evil Empire. The Hapes Consortium of  63 worlds is ruled by the Queen Mother, who wants  Leia to marry her son, the dashing and wealthy  Prince Isolder. Han Solo has always dreamed of  marrying Leia himself, and now he makes a desperate  last gamble to win her back. Soon he, Isolder,  Luke Skywalker and Artoo will be at the center of an  adventure leading to an awesome treasure, a group  of Force-trained "witches," and a  showdown with an invincible foe.
Title:The Courtship Of Princess Leia: Star Wars LegendsFormat:Mass Market PaperbackDimensions:384 pages, 6.9 × 4.1 × 1 inPublished:April 1, 1995Publisher:Random House Publishing Group

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Rated 3 out of 5 by from Great story... just not a Star Wars novel... A really silly romp that has mostly nothing to do with the concept promoted in the title. Leia gets a proposition from an intergalactic prince and the first third of the novel is Leia humming and hahhing while Han acts like a jealous idiot. Would've been a lot more cohesive story if it weren't a Star Wars novel. The other characters outside the core three were really fascinating and didn't have nearly enough time to develop.
Date published: 2017-02-05
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Are you sure she's Leia SOLO...? This book had to be one of my favorite SW books, and for many reasons. I mean, a lot of people know the ending because they've read later books (coughMEcough), but yet even when you know the ending, it's still a great book. It's got humor in spots, to the point of making you laught out loud, and the author makes you really want to scream at Leia for even POSSIBLY falling for a prince-- Isolder-- vs. Han, the smuggler. It's well versed, and keeps you on the edge of the seat with a few scenes too... and it has a tender air that a lot of the other books lack. I'd recomend the book to ANY Star Wars fan, even if they weren't an EU fan! Rock on Star Wars!!!!!!!!
Date published: 2004-09-16
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Two Thumbs Up! The Courtship of Princess Leia is a GREAT book. It was lots of fun NONSTOP and had a couple of interesting twists, too. I mean, I always thought that Leia would marry Han but now there's a NEW guy, Isolder of Hapes! I won't give away the end, but the book was fast paced, with an awesome villian, to boot!
Date published: 2002-10-07
Rated 2 out of 5 by from no that good Okay, first off, I liked Allston's books, so when it said in the back of Solo Command that this story continues in Courtship of Princess Leia, I went out and bought Courtship. The main reason that I didn't like this book, was because I wanted an end to Zinge, and here, I get next to nothing! Also, do you think that the Millenium Falcon can destroy a super star destroyer? Yeah right! And the idea of hundreds of force sensitive people that weren't destroyed by the Emperor, I mean, come on! My advice is to rent this book from the library, if you like alove story, then go and buy it.
Date published: 2000-10-16
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Absolutly Fabulous! This is one of the most fabulous star wars books that I have ever read! I loved the way that Leia kept Han on the edge of his seat while he was waiting to find out if she would marry him. I also loved the way that Threepio tried in "his own way" to help make Leia fall in love with Han! All-in-all a marvellous novel and a terrific plot!
Date published: 1999-10-20
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Good, not great, but good This was the first Star Wars novel that I ever read and I found it quite intresting in many respects. Overall it was a good book, however it lacked something... I dunno, maybe it's just that it's a love story and I'm not the biggest fan of those.
Date published: 1999-08-18
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Leia Solo? Weird how the movie's created a galactic love story that is now tarnished when a new Prince arrives in Leia's life. His name is Isolder and he is beyond in love with Leia. Infact he wants her to be the queen mother of his 63 system galaxy. Han reacts badly to the news that she just might fall for him and so he takes her to his untamed world of Dathomir. He then is recognized as a "kidnapper" but he decides to make a deal with the lovely princess and the deal is "Seven days in Dathomir, if you fall in love with me all over again then marry me.But if not then ill take you back in seven days and do my time in prison." Ahh aint that cute. The book is very well organized and since im into the love/romance of movies this book is an excellent choice for the have-to-have fan of Star Wars.
Date published: 1999-04-29

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A bold adventure set in the Star Wars universe. As the future hangs in the balance, a politically advantageous royal marriage creates complications for Princess Leia and Han Solo, while a deadly new user of the Force on the planet Dathomir poses an even graver danger to Luke Skywalker