The Crown: Royal Scandals

August 27, 2019|
The Crown: Royal Scandals


The Windsor family has ruled over Britain and the Commonwealth for over 100 years. They have shown an incredible determination to ensure the survival of their dynasty, and to this day, they are still deeply respected within the United Kingdom and across the world.
Like all families, they have experienced many hardships, often with intense public scrutiny observing their every move and decision. From the reign of Edward VIII in 1936 until now, the Windsor’s have endured many public scandals, often being hounded by the media. Their lives are seen as juicy gossip, splashed across the front pages of the mainstream media with paparazzi unscrupulously snapping away at every opportunity. Even in death, they get no respite.
Yet, despite the many rumors and photographs that have circulated, some positive, some very negative, the Royal family remains respected and loved. How have they achieved this? What are their powers of attraction to remain popular after all these years?
The following chapters will investigate the Windsor’s royal scandals. We will delve deeper into the scandals of senior members of the royal family and how their actions have caused disgrace and embarrassment to the family. It is important to note that despite the rumors and photographs that are published in the mainstream media, the majority of these are rumors and speculation only. The validity of royal gossip is rarely addressed by Buckingham Palace, and it is up to the reader’s discretion to decide for themselves if they choose to believe it. This book will address, and attempt to shed some light on media assumptions and speculation over the years, providing a different perspective on the royal family.

Title:The Crown: Royal Scandals
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:August 27, 2019
Publisher:Matthew Spencer
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9780463258569

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