The Dead Letter Office

April 3, 2018|
The Dead Letter Office by Gordon Bonnet


A Hated Matriarch. A Family of Suspects.

Crotchety, irritable, self-centered, rich Miss Annamae Dyer has been found clubbed to death in her study, and who had a reason to kill her?

Just about everyone. From her conniving, scheming nephew Robert, who inherited most of her considerable fortune; to her nieces, cool, superior Katherine Yates and artsy, hot-tempered Marie Mackenzie, both mysteriously written out of Annamae's will; to her cousin, Donna Skelly, who has been put upon and abused by the whole family; to her cold-as-ice personal assistant Taylor Bradford—none of them liked her.

In fact, none of them much liked each other, either.

In a family where every-man-for-himself is the watchword, and there's a cool couple of millions at stake, someone wanted the old lady out of the way.

But who... and why?

Now, silver-haired Parsifal Snowe and his team of agents have to tease apart the evidence and sift through the lies and the deception and the secrecy—in order to find out who killed a nasty-tempered old lady whose death went unlamented by just about everybody she knew.

Title:The Dead Letter Office
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:April 3, 2018
Publisher:Oghma Creative Media
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9781633733626

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