The Diabetic Foot by Aziz Nather

The Diabetic Foot

byAziz Nather

Kobo ebook | October 9, 2012

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This book provides a comprehensive guide for all healthcare professionals managing diabetic foot problems including general practitioners, nurses, podiatrists, orthopaedic surgeons, vascular surgeons and endocrinologists. It is also written in an easy to read fashion so that patients and caregivers will also find it useful.

It covers a wide range of topics on the Diabetic Foot starting with an Introductory Section on “Overview of Diabetes”. Topics include ‘What is Diabetes?’, ‘Complications of Diabetes’ and ‘Management of Diabetes’. The section on “Basic Science of Diabetic Foot” covers Anatomy, Biomechanics and Pathogenesis: the Diabetes Foot Triad of Neuropathy, Vasculopathy and Immunopathy. Other Sections include Classification, Clinical Presentation and Treatment.

A highlight of the book is the large “Guide to Operative Surgery” section. This section covers Major Amputations, Minor Amputation and other Diabetic Foot Surgeries. The latter details Surgical Debridement and Split Skin Grafting — two of the commonest operations performed. This operative manual is also useful to residents and registrars.

The section on Wound Care has also been carefully assembled to meet the needs of nurses, podiatrists and general practitioners, performing day to day dressing of diabetic wounds. It focuses on the use of New Generation Dressings including Silver and Iodine Dressings and Advances in Wound Healing. Patients and Care-givers will also find this useful.

The last section “A Patient's Guide” is especially written to benefit patients and care-givers. It includes ‘Care of Diabetes’, ‘Care of the Foot’, ‘Choosing your own Footwear’, ‘Doing your own Dressing’ and ‘Rehabilitating your Below Knee Amputation’.

Finally, the Appendix includes details of the formation of NUH Diabetic Foot Team, Asia Pacific Association of Diabetic Limb Problems and the ASEAN Plus Expert Group Forum on the Management of Diabetic Foot Wounds.


  • Overview of Diabetes:

    • Diabetes and Its Complications: A Global Problem (Aziz Nather, April Voon Siew Lian and Joanna Chan Wei Ying)
    • What is Diabetes? (Sharlene Ho, Quah Yan Ling and Aziz Nather)
    • Complications of Diabetes Mellitus (Quah Yan Ling, Sharlene Ho, Ruth Chen Wei Xian and Aziz Nather)
    • Management of Diabetes Mellitus (Aziz Nather, Sharlene Ho and Quah Yan Ling)
  • Basic Science of Diabetic Foot:

    • Anatomy of the Foot (Aziz Nather, Amaris Lim Shu Min and Zameer Aziz)
    • Biomechanics of the Foot (Aziz Nather, Amaris Lim Shu Min and Johan Steenkamp)
    • Pathogenesis (Aziz Nather and Amaris Lim Shu Min)
    • Basic Science of Wound Healing (Teo Zhen Ling, Aziz Nather and Hey Hwee Weng Dennis)
  • Classification:

    • Classification Systems (April Voon Siew Lian and Aziz Nather)
    • Foot At Risk (Aziz Nather and April Voon Siew Lian)
  • Clinical Presentation:

    • Types of Clinical Presentation (Aziz Nather and Amaris Lim Shu Min)
    • Clinical Examination of a Diabetic Foot Problem (Aziz Nather and Amy Pannapat Chanyarungrojn)
    • Foot Screening (Aziz Nather and April Voon Siew Lian)
    • Investigations (Aziz Nather and Amy Pannapat Chanyarungrojn)
    • Charcot Joint Disease (Aziz Nather and Amaris Lim Shu Min)
    • Necrotising Fasciitis (Aziz Nather and Amy Pannapat Chanyarungrojn)
  • Treatment of Diabetic Foot:

    • Value of a Team Approach in Managing Diabetic Foot Problems (Chin Yu Xuan and Aziz Nather)
    • Role of Revascularization in Management of Diabetic Foot Problems (Jackie Ho Pei)
    • Antibiotics for Diabetic Foot Infections (Hey Hwee Weng Dennis and Aziz Nather)
    • Role of Chinese Medicine in Managing Diabetic Foot Ulcers (Ping-Chung Leung)
    • Reducing the Pain of Diabetic Neuropathy: What Works (Mary Suma Cardosa)
  • Guide to Operative Surgery:

    • Major Amputations in Diabetics (Aziz Nather, Gurpal Singh, Amy Pannapat Chanyarungrojn and Andrew Horg Choon Chiet)
    • Minor Amputations (Aziz Nather, Gurpal Singh, Teo Zhen Ling and Francis Wong Keng Lin)
    • Other Diabetic Foot Surgery (Aziz Nather, April Voon Siew Lian, Amy Pannapat Chanyarungrojn, Lim Chin Tat and Andrew Hong Choon Chiet)
  • Wound Care:

    • Assessment of Diabetic Wounds (Aziz Nather and Teo Zhen Ling)
    • Types of Dressings for Diabetic Foot Ulcers (Tiffany Tsao)
    • New Generation Dressings (Aziz Nather and Chris Lee Choon Wei)
    • Advances in Wound Management (Aziz Nather and Teo Zhen Ling)
    • Wound Products for Diabetic Foot Problems (Geoff Sussman)
  • Footwear:

    • Diabetic Footwear (Aziz Nather and Gurpal Singh)
    • What is in the Market at the Moment? A Look at the Industry (Adam Jorgensen)
  • A Patient's Guide:

    • Caring for Your Diabetes (Teo Zhen Ling, Chin Yu Xuan and Aziz Nather)
    • Care of Your Foot (Lynn Li Toh)
    • Choosing Your Own Footwear (Jun Morimoto)
    • Footwear for Diabetic Foot (Harikrishna K R Nair)
    • Doing Your Own Dressings (Yuen Fun Alexis Lai and Aziz Nather)
    • Rehabilitating Your Below Knee Amputation (Lim Kean Seng Andrew and Aziz Nather)
  • Appendices:

    • NUH Diabetic Foot Team (Aziz Nather)
    • Publications by NUH Diabetic Foot Team
    • APADLP
    • ASEAN Plus Expert Group Forum on Management of Diabetic Foot Wounds

Readership: Endocrinologists, orthopedic surgeons, podiatrists, infectious disease consults, nurse educators, specialized wound care nurses, foot screen nurses, counselors, rehabilitation professionals, dietitians, vascular surgeons and skin cover surgeons. Patients and caregivers dealing with the management of Diabetes Foot Problems, undergraduate medical students and postgraduate students.

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