The Distal Nephron in the Kidney of Fishes by Hartmut HentschelThe Distal Nephron in the Kidney of Fishes by Hartmut Hentschel

The Distal Nephron in the Kidney of Fishes

byHartmut Hentschel, Marlies Elger

Paperback | October 23, 1987

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Original work on the renal structures in three classes of lower vertebrates is presented. By the application of light and electronmicroscopy, histochemistry and the compilation of available information on renal physiology and morphology, further evidence for the homology of nephron segments is forwarded. The results have been correlated with the habitat and evolutionary kinship of the lower vertebrates. A general evolutionary line can be drawn from early vertebrates (e.g. Petromyzontia) via archaic fresh-water fish (e.g. Polyteridae) and lungfish to the amphibian nephron. Renal structures of Elasmobranchs are very complex, but can be compared with the more primitive nephron of the Polyteridae. The morphological basis for the unique ability of the marine Elasmobranchs to build up a high urea concentration in the blood is given by the description of the renal countercurrent system in the lateral bundle zone. The intercalated cells which are prominent in the distal nephron of the mammalian kidney have been traced back via the lungfish and the polypterids to the Petromyzontia. The teleost kidneys appear highly specialized and supply a host of animal models for the study of renal secretion. The morphological information with the compilation of literature on renal physiology in fish is relevant for the understanding of the evolution of the vertebrate kidney and serves as a presentation of animal models for the study of basic renal mechanisms.
Title:The Distal Nephron in the Kidney of FishesFormat:PaperbackDimensions:160 pagesPublished:October 23, 1987Publisher:Springer Berlin HeidelbergLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

1 Introduction.- 1.1 Comparative Aspects of the Lower Vertebrate Kidney.- 1.2 Lower Aquatic Craniota.- 2 Material and Methods.- 2.1 Species Investigated.- 2.2 Vascular Perfusion.- 2.3 Vascular Casts with Microfil.- 2.4 Light Microscopy.- 2.5 Electron Microscopy.- 2.6 Identification and Nomenclature of the Nephron Segments.- 3 Agnatha.- 3.1 Myxinoidea (Hagfish).- 3.2 Petromyzontia (Lampreys).- 3.2.1 Lampetra fluviatilis.- 3.2.2 Discussion.- 4 Chondrichthyes.- 4.1 Elasmobranchii.- 4.1.1 Scyliorhinus caniculus.- 4.1.2 Potamotrygon spp..- 4.1.3 Discussion.- 4.2 Holocephali.- 5 Osteichthyes.- 5.1 Polypteriformes.- 5.1.1 Polypterus senegalus.- 5.1.2 Discussion.- 5.2 Chondrostei (Sturgeons).- 5.2.1 Acipenser ruthenus.- 5.2.2 Discussion.- 5.3 Holostei.- 5.4 Teleostei.- 5.4.1 Anguillomorpha.- 5.4.2 Esocoida.- 5.4.3 Argentinoida.- 5.4.4 Salmonoida.- Salmo gairdneri.- Discussion.- 5.4.5 Cyprinoida.- 5.4.6 Siluroida.- Plotosus lineatus.- Discussion.- 5.4.7 Cyprinodontiformes.- 5.4.8 Percomorpha.- Cottidae.- Gasterosteidae.- Syngnathidae.- Heterosomata (Flatfish).- Batrachoididae, Lophiidae, Antennariidae.- 5.5 Crossopterygii.- 5.6 Dipnoi.- 5.6.1 Protopterus dolloi.- 5.6.2 Discussion.- 6 Comparative Aspects of the Distal Nephron.- 6.1 Morphological Definition of the Segments of the Distal Nephron.- 6.2 Differences in the Structure of the Cells of the Distal Nephron as Related to Phyletic Groups of the Lower Vertebrates.- 6.3 Comparative Functional Aspects of the Distal Nephron.- 6.3.1 Freshwater Fishes.- 6.3.2 Marine Fishes.- 6.3.3 Migratory Fishes.- 7 Evolutionary Considerations.- 7.1 Typology of the Nephron Segmentation in Relation to Ontogenetic and Phylogenetic Development.- 7.2 Aspects of the Evolution of the Nephron in the Lower Vertebrates.- 8 Summary.- Acknowledgements.- Appendices.- References.