The Diwan: of Shaykh Muhammad ibn al-Habib by Muhammad Ibn al-HabibThe Diwan: of Shaykh Muhammad ibn al-Habib by Muhammad Ibn al-Habib

The Diwan: of Shaykh Muhammad ibn al-Habib

byMuhammad Ibn al-HabibEditorMuhammad Murtada Al-Boumas-houli

Hardcover | April 18, 2017

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The Diwan – Bughyat al-Murideen as-Saa’ireen wa Tuhfat as-Salikeen al-‘Arifeen –The Desire of Journeying Murids and the Gift to Wayfaring Gnostics

The Diwan of the Shaykh and Gnostic of Allah Sayyidi Muhammad ibn al-Habib al-Amghari al-Idrisi al-Hasani is here made available in the first ever complete Arabic-English edition of the full Diwan. It is 21.6cm by 14cm (5.5 by 8.5 inches), 500 pages and in a sturdy casebound binding. It comprises the author's own sublime introduction to the Shadhili Darqawi path, his noble Wird and collection of qasidas, extra qasidas written in commentary on the Diwan by the author himself and some of his most eminent students, some qasidas from the Diwans of Shaykh al-Fayturi and from the current head of the order, Shaykh Muhammad Murtada al-Boumas-houli as well as the latter's preface.

The Diwan of Shaykh Muhammad ibn al-Habib has long been famous among the Sufis for its balance between poems expressing direct spiritual experience and those in instruction on travelling the path.

Shaykh Muhammad ibn al-Habib, may Allah be pleased with him, was born circa 1290/1871 in Fez. He received a traditional education in fiqh and the sciences of Islam, Iman and Ihsan. He was Maliki in fiqh, Ash’ari in ‘aqida and Darqawi-Shadhili in tariqa. Describing himself, he said:

“Allah, may He be exalted said: ‘As for the blessing of your Lord – declare it.’ So let Muhammad ibn al-Habib, al-Amghari al-Hasani by lineage, dwelling in Fez, the poor slave of his Master, yet enriched by Him with other-than-Him, declare, in speaking of Allah’s blessing, that idhn (authorisation) has come to him from Allah and the Messenger of Allah and all the awliya’ of Allah, and that Allah has singled him out with sciences and secrets which only the unique man of Muhammad possesses.”

He died, may Allah have mercy on him, in 1391/1972 while on the way to Hajj, and is buried in his zawiya in Meknes.

He is the Sufi sharif, teacher, guide to Allah and shaykh of the Darqawi tariqa, Sayyidi Muhammad ibn al-Habib ibn as-Siddiq al-Amghari al-Idrisi al-Hasani. He was born in Fes in 1295 AH/1878 CE and had an utterly traditional education in all the sciences of Islam, Iman and Ihsan, including Qur'an recitation and commentary, fiqh of the...
Title:The Diwan: of Shaykh Muhammad ibn al-HabibFormat:HardcoverDimensions:502 pages, 8.5 × 5.5 × 1.25 inPublished:April 18, 2017Publisher:Diwan PressLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Contents Preface - Shaykh Muhammad al-Murtada al-Boumas-houli Introduction to the Diwan - Shaykh Muhammad ibn al-Habib The Wird The Lesser Wird The Seal of The Wird The Wird of the Salat The Wird of Fajr Commentary on the Wird Yaqulu 'ubaydullah The Greater Qasida Fa in shi'ta an tarqa Lesser Qasida Sharibna mina'l-anwar Minor Qasida Saqani hibbi Doctrines of Tawhid Yaqulu 'abdu Rabbihi Buraq of the Tariq Yaqulu afqaru'l-wara Miracles of the Way Al-hamdulillahi wa salla'llahu Virtues of the Ism al-A'dham Tajarrad 'ani'l-aghyar Praise Laka'l-hamd Stimulation of Desire for the Act of Dhikr Aya man yurid qurban Reflection Tafakkar jamil as-sun'i Robe of Nearness Qad kasana dhikru'l-Habibi Qasida Written Before the Prophet Nahnu fi rawdati'r-Rasuli Withdrawal into the Perception of the Essence Qad bada wajhu'l-Habibi The Qualities of Muhammad Muhammadun mansha'u Forgiveness Astaghfiru'llah Departure of Illusion Kana li wahmun Eyewitnessing Ya man yurid hadrat al-'iyani The Oneness of Action and Existence Sa'altu qalbi Counsel Salamun 'ala'l-ikhwan Annihilation in Allah Ya taliba'l-fana fi'llah Withdrawal from Other Than Allah Ruhi tuhaddithuni Manifestation of the Essence A shamsun bada Purification Fa in shi'ta tathiran Counsel on Death Tazawwad akhi li'l-mawt Another Song Ahimu wahdi Song on Departure Kam laka min The Final Song Salumun 'ala ahli'l-hima Takhmis Commentaries on Qasidas The Takhmis on 'The Qualities of Muhammad' Shaykh Muhammad ibn al-Habib The Takhmis in Lam on 'The Departure of Illusion' by the needy slave Abu Hafs 'Umar The Takhmis in Ha on 'The Manifestation of the Essence' by Abu Hafs 'Umar The Takhmis in Ha on 'Withdrawal from all that is other than Allah' by Sayyidi Fudul al-Huwari The Takhmis in Waw on 'Purification' by Sayyidi Fudul al-Huwari The Takhmis in Ha on 'Withdrawal from all that is other than Allah' by the faqih Sayyidi Hammoud ibn al-Bashir A Qasida by Sayyidi Fudul ibn Muhammad al-Huwari Another Qasida by Sayyidi Fudul ibn Muhammad al-Huwari A Qasida by Sayyidi Muhammad ibn al-Habib ad-Dar'i A Qasida by Sayyidi 'Abdullah ibn al-Habib ad-Dar'i The HafiDHa Qasida of Ahmad al-Badawi Surah Yasin The Beautiful Names This Qasida in Fa by its Author as-Sayyid Ahmad al-Hilali A Tawassul composition by the Gnostic of Allah Shaykh Zarruq A Story by Abu Hafs Umar The Isnad of the Tariq The Salat of Ibn Mashish the Diwan of Shaykh Muhammad al-Fayturi Hamuda Ya taliba'l-ma'rifah Adramat naru'l-hawa Tajalla hibbi Nadani hibbi Utruk ya murid Refuge Prayer by Shaykh Muhammad Wafa Qasidas of Shaykh Moulay Murtada al-Boumas-houli Treasured Letters The True Shaykh The Strength of the Shaykh Commentary on the Qasida 'Counsel on Death' Commentary on the Qasida 'Ahimu Wahdi' ????? ????? ???? ?? ?????? ????? ????? ???? ??????? ??????????