The Earth System and Evolution of Life by Shigenori MaruyamaThe Earth System and Evolution of Life by Shigenori Maruyama

The Earth System and Evolution of Life

byShigenori Maruyama, Madhava Warrier Santosh

Hardcover | February 10, 2019

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During the last 200 years since Geology has been established as an integrated science, nearly the same duration as modern Biology, our understanding of the Earth has taken great leaps forward through the works of several experts, and by contributions from a large number of scientific community. In the 21st Century, however, we face a massive challenge to understand and integrate the voluminous data and break-through made in several fields of Genome-Biology, Astronomy, Climate in the near future, fast depleting resources and the fate of human beings in this Planet. The well illustrated chapters in this book provide a succinent summary of the multi-disciplinary nature of science and attempts to bridge genome-level biology through astronomy and earth history. Earth system is synthesized as a unit combining various features of the multi-layered Earth for the undergraduate, graduate and experts belonging to various specialties, with an aim to extend the frontiers of the new-generation as well as the future of science.
Title:The Earth System and Evolution of LifeFormat:HardcoverDimensions:310 pagesPublished:February 10, 2019Publisher:Springer NetherlandsLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Earth System1-1 Earth System1-2 Climate1-3 Atmosphere1-4 Hydrosphere1-5 Plate tectonics1-6 Plume tectonics1-7 Grow tectonics in the core and magnetosphereChapter 2 Plate Tectonics2-1 General concept2-2 Plate Boundary Process2-3 Consuming plate boundary process2-4 Divergent plate boundary2-5 Strike-slip boundaryChapter 3 Igneous Petrology3-1 Volcano and volcanism3-2 Origin of magma3-3 Experimental petrology and phase diagram3-4 Volcanic province and tectonic settings3-5 Magmatism through time3-6 Magmatism in the other planets Venus-Mars, Moon and other planetsChapter 4 Metamorphic petrology4-1 Metamorphism and plate tectonics4-2 Metamorphic isograds and subsolidus reactions4-3 Metamorphic facies, facies series, and subduction zone geotherm4-4 Geothermobarometries4-5 Metamorphic fluids4-6 Metamorphism through time4-7 Metamorphic rocks in extra-solar systemChapter 5 Sedimentology5-1 Modern sedimentation5-2 Terminology and classification of sedimentary rocks5-3 Sedimentation and surface environmental change5-4 Orogeny and sedimentation5-5 Sedimentation through time5-6 Sedimentary rocks on Mars, Venus and other planetsChapter 6 Structural Geology6-1 Earthquake and deformation6-2 Seismicity along plate boundary6-3 Accretionary complex6-4 Mountain building6-5 Exhumation of deep-seated rocks to the Earth surfaceChapter 7 Orogeny7-1 Classification of orogeny7-2 Pacific-type orogeny7-3 Collision-type orogeny7-4 Arc-arc collision7-5 Orogeny through timeChapter 8 World Geology8-1 Distribution of plate boundary on the Earth8-2 Geology of Oceans8-3 Geology of continents8-4 Geology of North America8-5 Geology of S. America and Middle America8-6 Geology of Africa8-7 Geology of Australia and adjacent regions8-8 Geology of EuropeChapter 9 Earth History9-1 Overview and Big 8 Events9-2 Formation of the Earth at 4.6Ga9-3 Second magma ocean by the Second Ice-meteorite bombardment at 4.0Ga9-4 Plate tectonics started, life was born, formation of continental crust and birth of Ocean9-5 Hadean Earth9-6 Archean Earth9-7 Proterozoic Earth9-8 Ediacaran-Cambrian transition9-9 Phanerozoic Earth9-10 P/T Boundary9-11 Birth of Human BeingChapter 10 Earth system through time10-1 Crust and continent through time10-2 Ocean through time10-3 Atmosphere through time10-4 Lithosphere through time10-5 Mantle through time10-6 Geomagnetism through time10-7 Earth system through timeChapter 11 Evolution of Life11-1 Phylogenic tree11-2 Origin of Life11-3 Life under extreme environments11-4 Archean11-5 Proterozoic11-6 Phanerozoic11-7 Snowball Earth and Cambrian Explosion11-8 Surface environmental Change and evolution of Life11-9 Life in the UniverseReferencesAppendix