THE EVE OF DESTRUCTION: Kennedy and Khrushchev on the brink of Nuclear War by Marcus Clark

THE EVE OF DESTRUCTION: Kennedy and Khrushchev on the brink of Nuclear War

byMarcus Clark

Kobo ebook | October 28, 2012

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THE EVE OF DESTRUCTION is about America edging toward nuclear war with the Soviet Union. It would be a war that might kill hundreds of millions of people and poison the atmosphere for fifty years.
   In October 1962, American spy planes photographed missiles loaded with nuclear warheads in Cuba. The Soviet Union was installing the missiles, and they could reach targets in the USA within minutes. President Kennedy was trying to find a way out of the Cuban Missile Crisis without recourse to war.

The US armed forces were confident about attacking the Soviet Union in one all-out nuclear war, certain they would win. President John Kennedy was doubtful about their advice and motives, cautious after they told him similar gung-ho things about the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba.

This is the story of the Cuban Missile Crisis.

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    "Walt, don't make this any more difficult. . . . " They faced each other across the table, Luke struggling for choice words.
    "I won't say a word," he stared a Luke with a smile on his lips.
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    Walt smiled broadly. "Why sure I do! I get paid! It's a damn good job."
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    "Man, you sure asking some strange questions."
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    "I could feel a force all around me, helping me. It was not just me; I felt part of something, Luke. I was a wheel turning another wheel. I could feel power flowing through me."
    "I told him: 'I am here to shut down White Nation.' "
    "Walt laughed at me. He thought I was by myself, I knew I was in the team."
    'Lady, we haven't got much time. My lunch is nearly over. Let me tell you: no nigger woman is going to shut down The White Nation. Forgive me for being so blunt,' he said to me, 'but I see a touch of nigger in both of us.'
    'And you, it seems, are in charge of printing The White Nation?'
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    'Walt, I got a powerful friend called Mr J. Edgar Hoover. You heard of him? Sure you have! Well he don't actually know me, but he is willing to help, he is willing to shut down The White Nation.'
    'Shit. He supports them! Shows you know nothing.'
    'You know journalist called Paul Collins?'
    'Yeah, a bastard, real nigger-hating uppity bastard. And yeah, I heard he's dead.'
    'Killed by?'
    'Who knows, suicide they said.'
    'Killed on instructions of Mr Hoover.'
    'Because he writes bad story about Hoover.'
    'Yeah?' He was showing interest, curious, puzzled.
    'In the story it says that Hoover is a homosexual, that he dresses in the women's clothes, protects the Mafia, embezzles money, blackmails people.'
    'So what's this got to do with—'
    'You print it and Hoover shuts The White Nation.'
    'Then they never, ever gonna print it. Why would they?'
    'Walt, I have this writing story in my purse, the same one that Mr Paul Collins wrote. It's real, see it?' I unfolded it and let him glance at it. 'Mr Hoover hates it because in it is truth about him. Very soon Barsby wants to print story on President Kennedy, to destroy him. If you typeset this story and print it instead, even one hundred copies, then Hoover will find out. Put it on the front page. When Mr Hoover see it, he will shut down The White Nation.'
    'Who are you? How do you know this stuff?'
    'I know this is way we can shut down The White Nation before it do more damage . . . like starting a bad war.'
    'What about me? They are going to come after me!'
    'You are going to say that Luke McBain gave you the story and told you to print it. He is editor. He spoke with—'
    'Yeah. Is that what he wanted? I didn't trust him. Why does he—'
    'Luke McBain is on our team. Think about this Walt. Put all the blame on Luke he will hide. He asks you to blame him. You were just doing what he told you. Will you do this for us?'
    'Who is us?'
    'The black people of this country, the people who work in factories, farms, shops . . . the people who are not white, the ones who they will not let vote, the ones they keep out of college, the ones who cannot eat their lunch with white folks. The children who would be killed in a war, the old people, the young people, the families.'
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Title:THE EVE OF DESTRUCTION: Kennedy and Khrushchev on the brink of Nuclear WarFormat:Kobo ebookPublished:October 28, 2012Publisher:Download eBooksLanguage:English

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