The Expert Success Solution: Get Solid Results In 16 Areas Of Business And Life by Wendy Lipton-dibnerThe Expert Success Solution: Get Solid Results In 16 Areas Of Business And Life by Wendy Lipton-dibner

The Expert Success Solution: Get Solid Results In 16 Areas Of Business And Life

byWendy Lipton-dibner, Rick Frishman

Paperback | January 8, 2015

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Make a list of 16 challenges to success in business and in life. The list will likely include everything from losing weight to increasing business revenues. Now try to find one expert who can provide concrete, practical, proven solutions to break through all 16 barriers and you'll soon discover there is no all-knowing guru or credentialed expert with the necessary skills and experience.

That's why 16 leading experts came together to create "The Expert Success Solution" Volume 2, the second in the series of collaborative 5-star success buffets with concrete solutions for the most critical personal and professional challenges encountered by men and women around the globe.

"The Expert Success Solution", Volume 2 picks up where the #1 International Bestselling Volume 1 left off, providing all-new, practical, step-by-step strategies in a fast-reading, entertaining, inspirational, hit-you-between-the-eyes, how-to manual. Filled with thought-provoking questions and real-life stories, the tools provided here will solve existing problems and help you avoid life's greatest speed bumps. This is the juncture where motivation meets information and where the biggest decision you'll have to make is whether to grab a tissue or a highlighter. What do you want to be different in your business life and in your personal life?

Wendy Lipton-Dibner and Rick Frishman are multiple-time bestselling authors and internationally recognized experts in business and personal development. Wendy is president of Professional Impact, Inc. and an expert in business acceleration through impact strategy and ethical influence formulas that move people to action. Rick is founde...
Title:The Expert Success Solution: Get Solid Results In 16 Areas Of Business And LifeFormat:PaperbackDimensions:8.5 × 5.5 × 0.68 inPublished:January 8, 2015Publisher:Morgan James PublishingLanguage:English

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Read from the Book

Welcome to "The Expert Success Solution", Volume 2. The book you hold in your hands is the result of a carefully crafted collaboration of 16 experts in personal and professional development.This book took 12 months to create and was a true labor of love for all of us.If you read "The Expert Success Solution", Volume 1, you know that book represented the first time 22 independent experts from entirely different industries sat in a room together to bring you a solid solution for your business and your life in a simple and entertaining book.The response to Volume 1 was overwhelmingly positive. We were honored to hit number one on the international bestseller list less than 12 hours after we released the book to the world, and the feedback was truly humbling. Our readers loved Volume 1 so much that we decided to do it again!And here we are, bringing you a second collaborative solution to help you get more from your business and your life.Unlike movie sequels that never continue the greatness of a brand, "The Expert Success Solution", Volume 2 lives up to its name and its promise. Our 16 collaborating authors met for four days in a retreat setting where they worked long hours to find their unique contributions to this book. Through that process, they learned more about themselves and each other than they ever imagined was there and discovered the true meaning of the word "synergy." Since then we have held monthly meetings, connected virtually and in person, and continued coordinating our efforts to bring you this collaborative solution. A tremendous amount of personal experience and professional expertise is contained within the pages of this book, and we hope it will serve you well in your business and your life.In 16 strategically crafted and lovingly created chapters, you'll discover proven solutions for starting and/or growing any business with steps you can use to achieve your business goals faster.You'll discover secrets to ensure your business is the right fit for you and that you get projects accomplished, never sell yourself short, always make great choices, select a business and life that's perfect for you, and never settle for second best.Of course, business thrives only when we're balanced in our personal life. So you'll find time-tested advice for parenting that is street-smart and savvy so you can give yourself a break for being human. You'll get questions you can ask to find your life purpose and questions you can ask to make great choices in business and life. You'll get wonderful tips to help you heal from illness, injury, chronic pain, and devastating loss so you can live a happy and healthy life in a body that will serve you well. With so much advice, how do you know where to begin? Well, here's a little preliminary advice to help you use all you'll receive in the chapters to follow.

Table of Contents

1. Focus on Impact: Wendy Lipton-Dibner, MA

2. Work from Your Pool: Rick Frishman

3. Sell Yourself First (and Last!): Pat Skiffington

4. I Hate My Silver Medal!: Helena Nyman

5. How Do You Know When Something's "Right" for You?: Steven Sanchez

6. Too Busy to Make More Money?: Rita Ferguson

7. The Circle of Happy and Healthy: Barbara Anne Cookson, LMT, CHC

8. The Formative Event: Marilyn Ida Horowitz

9. Stifled in the Spotlight: Joyce Sawyer

10. Stress-Less Parenting: Ann Van De Water

11. 4-F Formula Mothering: Lorraine Pursell, MA

12. Turn Pain into Power and Grief into Peace: Angela Alexander

13. Living Your Life with Purpose: Barry Laub, MS, CFP

14. Stand Up and Take Charge: Lesley Graham, RN

15. Discover Your Hidden Power Using Quantum Medicine: Katerina St. Claire

16. How to Be an Entrepreneur in a 9 to 5 Job: Rose Sheehan, MBA

Editorial Reviews

"The Expert Success Solution", Volume 1, was an international bestseller. Volume 2, a collaborative solution designed to enhance health and success in your life, is set to surpass it. -- Armand MorinIn this enjoyable book, 16 accomplished people come together to share their lessons of experience. The payoff is a set of practical ideas for pursuing success in business and happiness in life. -- Adam Grant, Wharton professor and New York Times bestselling author of "Give and Take"Pat Skiffington has shared his "Seven Core Pillars of Sales and Success" and I am so grateful that he did so. I saw areas in my life that I could work on and reach higher levels of attainment. I particularly like "Calendar Discipline" and "Get Creative and Differentiate." If you apply these pillars I am convinced it will dramatically alter the course of your life. -- Anil Gupta, Author of the #1 bestseller Immediate Happiness, ImmediateHappiness.comLesley Graham, RN, captures the need to take charge of our lives. . .and our healing beautifully, offering hope to those struggling with illness. A must-read to know that our future is in our control where our helping hand is the one at the end of our wrist. A must-read. -- Dr. Cheryl Lentz, The Academic EntrepreneurTM, ThinkingBeyondLimits.comIt is wonderful to see "The Expert Success Solution", Volume 2. The solutions offered are as articulate and easy to follow as in volume 1. . .As I am in the business of inspiring people to take charge of their healthy and energetic aging, I am thrilled to see the solutions offered by Barbara Cookson and Lesley Graham. They provide guidance to help people live healthier and more fulfilled lives-something all of us need to learn more about. Excellent resource. -- Elizabeth P. Phinney, expert in fitness after 45A Deepak Chopra approach of tying sound scientific evidence with metaphysics and steps for us to experience it for ourselves. Katerina St. Clare offers insight and expert solutions for real! -- Tina Sacchi, Bestselling Author of "My Spirit Is Not Religious: A Guide to Living YOUR Authentic Life"As president of the Publishers Association of Los Angeles I've seen Steven Sanchez help people sort through the sea of choices confronting them. He has been sharing this amazing gift for more than 20 years. His no-nonsense, practical advice on how to narrow down the list and achieving success with the right choice for your business or your life is not to be missed. I see many books offering self-help advice. I am pleased to recommend the second installment of the bestselling "Expert Success Solution." His chapter is worth the price of the book alone. -- Gary Young, President, Publishers Association of Los AngelesI'm honored to endorse Angela! I had the pleasure of writing the foreword for her autobiography, entitled Miracles in Action. This action-packed chapter is just a sample of her book, which is a must-read! This chapter is simply a tease; you're going to want to know more about her incredible journey. What could have easily devastated her and her family forever now blesses all who hear this amazing story. She demonstrates with practical examples how you can turn your pain into power and grief into peace. -- Eric Wilson, New York Times bestselling author of "Fireproof and October Baby", WilsonWriter.comPat's passion, knowledge and experience are some of the many qualities that make him successful and "Sell Yourself First (and Last!)" is a great motivational and inspirational invitation on how to live life with purpose, meaning and integrity. I have read and studied many resources about how to have more happiness and success in our lives for myself and my clients. This is the first in which I am motivated to implement not one or two but all seven steps, as Pat so eloquently wrote. You will not be disappointed if you are looking for a direct, easy and effortless way to achieve more and not work harder but smarter. Thank you, Pat, for leading the way! -- Anthony Diaz, JD, The Divorce Empowerment Coach, www.anthonyjdiaz.comThis book is a must-read for anyone serious about creating the life they truly desire. Leslie Graham's chapter will motivate you to "Get Out of Your Own Way" to complete emotional and physical healing. -- Bonnie Goldstone, Stingray Hypnosis Consultants International, StingrayHypnosis.comAngela, in her relatively short life, has been faced with more than her share of incredible circumstances, any one of which could have changed her outlook on life. We have watched our niece not only endure but triumph over these challenges with a continuing positive attitude and an abiding trust in God. Indeed, it is her faith that has carried her through. By sharing her experiences. . .she provides encouragement and inspiration to all of us to rise above our losses and misfortunes and live our lives to the fullest. -- Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis Jr., Grammy award-winning artists, formerly of The Fifth Dimension,