The Eye's Revelation; Book 2 of Third Eye Trilogy

May 16, 2015|
The Eye's Revelation; Book 2 of Third Eye Trilogy


The Eye’s Revelation carries on the suspense, action and thought-provoking nature of Book 1, Through the Third Eye. Shali and Clay find themselves traveling the globe from Papua, New Guinea to Kathmandu, as both the hunter and the hunted. They never could have predicted the paths they would take as they close in on secrets of their quest. The unknown entity trying to stop them is revealed while their closest partner shows a side they had never anticipated. It's difficult to tell the good guys from the bad. The revelations of the Third Eye may force them to renege on their honor.

Why Buy Book of the Trilogy:
- The Trilogy has 5 Star Reviews on 5 Continents
- Thought provoking as well as action packed reading
- Unique in merging multiple genres; mystery, thriller, suspense, literary, historical and religious
- Book 1 submitted by publisher for the 2012 Pulitzer Prize
- Book 1 submitted for the 2012 Independent Publisher Book Awards in multiple genres

Is the Trilogy right for me?
Yes! This is a mystery/ thriller built on the principles of reincarnation and hypnotherapeutic regressions. The novel may appeal to those of most Eastern philosophies because of their view toward those concepts. If you question or do not believe in the possibility of reincarnation, think of the Trilogy as a fantastic story of science fiction, time-travel, zombies, vampires or Harry Potter. No matter what your beliefs, sit back, sip on a cup of tea and enjoy the adventure.
Readers Compare Through the Third Eye to:
- Da Vinci Code & Angels and Demons
- The Indiana Jones adventure series
- The Torah Codes and the Bible Codes

Background on the Third Eye Trilogy:
Nearly six years of research went into the Third Eye Trilogy. Much of that was garnering details on the historical characters portrayed through the possibility of reincarnation. The author scoured documented historical details to make interconnections between historical figures across thousands of years. He also conducted extensive research on hypnotic regression techniques used by psychologists, psychiatrists and therapist in their practices. This laid a foundation for the techniques used by Clay and Shali to find their secrets. The author personally visited many of the geographical settings portrayed in the story to ensure a high degree of accuracy for the reader's benefit.
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Title:The Eye's Revelation; Book 2 of Third Eye Trilogy
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:May 16, 2015
Publisher:Robert Frank
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9780983841623

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