The Fables of La Fontaine (Illustrated) by Jean de La Fontaine

The Fables of La Fontaine (Illustrated)

byJean de La Fontaine

Kobo ebook | March 9, 2016

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As Essay on the Life and Works of Jean de la Fontaine xiii
The Life of Æsop, the Phrygian xxxiii
Dedication to Monseigneur the Dauphin li
Preface lv
To Monseigneur the Dauphin lxiii

The Grasshopper and the Ant 3
The Raven and the Fox 5
The Frog that Wished to make Herself as Big as the Ox 7
The Two Mules 11
The Wolf and the Dog 13
The Heifer, the She-goat, and the Lamb, in Partnership
with the Lion 16
The Wallet 18
The Swallow and the Little Birds 20
The Town Rat and the Country Rat 27
The Man and his Image 29
The Dragon with many Heads, and the Dragon with
many Tails 31
The Wolf and the Lamb 35
The Robbers and the Ass 37
Death and the Woodcutter 39
Simonides rescued by the Gods 43
Death and the Unhappy Man 47
The Wolf turned Shepherd 51
The Child and the Schoolmaster 53
The Pullet and the Pearl 55
The Drones and the Bees 56
The Oak and the Reed 61
Against Those Who are Hard to Please 63
The Council held by the Rats 69
The Wolf Pleading against the Fox before the Ape 71
The Middle-Aged Man and the Two Widows 73
The Fox and the Stork 75
The Lion and the Gnat 79
The Ass Laden with Sponges, and the Ass Laden
with Salt 82
The Lion and the Rat 84
The Dove and the Ant 88
The Astrologer Who let Himself Fall into the Well 90
The Hare and the Frogs 95
The Two Bulls and the Frog 97
The Peacock Complaining to Juno 101
The Bat and the Two Weasels 103
The Bird Wounded by an Arrow 105
The Miller, his Son, and the Ass 106
The Cock and the Fox 113
The Frogs Who Asked for a King 116
The Dog and Her Companion 121
The Fox and the Grapes 125
The Eagle and the Beetle 126
The Raven Who Wished to Imitate the Eagle 130
The Wolves and the Sheep 132
The Cat Changed into a Woman 136
Philomel and Progne 141
The Lion and the Ass 143
The Cat and the Old Rat 145
A Will Interpreted by Æsop 151
The Lion in Love 156
The Fox and the Goat 161
The Shepherd and the Sea 165
The Drunkard and His Wife 167
King Caster and the Members 169
The Monkey and the Dolphin 172
The Eagle, the Wild Sow, and the Cat 177
The Miser Who Lost His Treasure 180
The Gout and the Spider 185
The Eye of the Master 188
The Wolf and the Stork 193
The Lion Defeated by Man 195
The Swan and the Cook 196
The Wolf, the Goat, and the Kid 198
The Wolf, the Mother, and the Child 200
The Lion Grown Old 205
The Drowned Woman 207
The Weasel in the Granary 209
The Lark and Her Little Ones With the Owner
of a Field 211
The Fly and the Ant 217
The Gardener and his Master 220
The Woodman and Mercury 223
The Ass and the Little Dog 230
Man and the Wooden Idol 233
The Jay Dressed in Peacock's Plumes 235
The Little Fish and the Fisherman 239
Battle Between the Rats and Weasles 241
The Camel and the Drift-Wood 244
The Frog and the Rat 246
The Old Woman and Her Servants 251
The Animals Sending a Tribute to Alexander 253
The Horse Wishing to be Revenged on the Stag 257
The Fox and the Bust 259
The Horse and the Wolf 263
The Saying of Socrates 265
The Old Man and His Children 267
The Oracle and the Impious Man 270
The Mountain in Labour 272
Fortune and the Little Child 275
The Earthen Pot and the Iron Pot 277
The Hare's Ears 279
The Fox with His Tail Cut Off 281
The Satyr and the Passer-By 283
The Doctors 287
The Labouring Man and His Children 289
The Hen with the Golden Eggs 291
The Ass that Carried the Relics 295
The Serpent and the File 296
The Hare and the Partridge 298
The Stag and the Vine 300
The Lion Going to War 304
The Ass in the Lion's Skin 306
The Eagle and the Owl 308
The Shepherd and the Lion 313
The Lion and the Hunter 316
Phœbus and Boreas 318
The Bear and the Two Friends 323
Jupiter and the Farmer 326
The Stag Viewing Himself in the Stream 328
The Cockerel, the Cat, and the Little Rat 332
The Fox, the Monkey, and the Other Animals 335
The Mule That Boasted of His Family 337
The Old Man and the Ass 339
The Countryman and the Serpent 343
The Hare and the Tortoise 345
The Sick Lion and the Fox 348
The Ass and His Masters 352
The Sun and the Frogs 354
The Carter Stuck in the Mud 356
The Doc and the Shadow 360
The Bird-Catcher, the Hawk, and the Skylark 361
The Horse and the Ass 363
The Charlatan 365
The Young Widow 368
Discord 373
The Animals Sick of the Plague 375
The Rat Who Retired From the World 381
The Heron 383
The Man Badly Married 385
The Maiden 388
The Wishes 393
The Vultures and the Pigeons 396
The Court of the Lion 401
The Milk-Maid and the Milk-Pail 404
The Curate and the Corpse 409
The Man Who Runs After Fortune, and the Man
Who Waits for Her 411
The Two Fowls 416
The Coach and the Fly 420
The Ingratitude and Injustice of Men Towards
Fortune 422
An Animal in the Moon 426
The Fortune-Teller 431
The Cobbler and the Banker 435
The Cat, the Weasel, and the Little Rabbit 440
The Lion, the Wolf, and the Fox 443
The Head and the Tail of the Serpent 448
The Dog Which Carried Round His Neck His
Master's Dinner 451
Death and the Dying Man 456
The Power of Fables 460
The Bear and the Amateur of Gardening 464
The Man and the Flea 469
The Woman and the Secret 471
Tircis and Amaranth 475
The Joker and the Fishes 479
The Rat and the Oyster 481
The Two Friends 484
The Pig, the Goat, and the Sheep 486
The Rat and the Elephant 488
The Funeral or the Lioness 492
The Bashaw and the Merchant 496
The Horoscope 502
The Torrent and the River 507
The Ass and the Dog 511
The Two Dogs and the Dead Ass 514
The Advantage of Being Clever 520
The Wolf and the Hunter 523
Jupiter and the Thunderbolts 529
The Falcon and the Capon 533
The Two Pigeons 536
Education 543
The Madman Who Sold Wisdom 547
The Cat and the Rat 549
Democritus and the Anderanians 553
The Oyster and Its Claimants 559
The Fraudulent Trustee 561
Jupiter and the Traveller 567
The Ape and the Leopard 571
The Acorn and the Gourd 574
The School-Boy, the Pedant, and the Nursery
Gardener 577
The Cat and the Fox 580
The Sculptor and the Statue of Jupiter 585
The Mouse Metamorphosed Into a Girl 588
The Monkey and the Cat 595
The Wolf and the Starved Dog 597
The Wax Candle 599
"Not Too Much" 601
The Two Rats, the Fox, and the Egg 604
The Cormorant and the Fishes 619
The Husband, the Wife, and the Robber 624
The Shepherd and the King 627
The Two Men and the Treasure 635
The Shepherd and His Flock 637
The Kite and the Nightingale 639
The Fish and the Shepherd Who Played on
the Clarionet 643
The Man and the Snake 645
The Tortoise and the Two Ducks 650
The Two Adventurers and the Talisman 655
The Miser and his Friend 659
The Wolf and the Peasants 662
The Rabbits 667
The Swallow and the Spider 672
The Partridge and the Fowls 674
The Lion 676
The Dog Whose Ears Were Cut 682
The Two Parrots, the Monarch, and His Son 684
The Peasant of the Danube 688
The Lioness and She-Bear 695
The Merchant, the Nobleman, the Shepherd, and
the King's Son 697
The Old Man and the Three Young Men 700
The Gods as Instructors of Jupiter's Son 705
The Owl and the Mice 708
The Companions of Ulysses 713
The Farmer, the Dog, and the Fox 721
The Dream of an Inhabitant of Mogul 725
The Two Goats 728
The Lion, the Ape, and the Two Asses 733
The Wolf and the Fox 737
The Sick Stag 740
The Cat and the Two Sparrows 744
The Miser and the Ape 747
To the Duke of Burgundy 750
The Old Cat and the Young Mouse 752
The Bat, the Bush, and the Duck 754
The Eagle and the Magpie 759
The Quarrel of the Dogs and the Cats; and,
Also, That of the Cats and the Mice 762
Love and Folly 767
The Wolf and the Fox 770
The Crab and Its Daughter 774
The Forest and the Woodman 776
The Fox, the Flies, and the Hedge-Hog 780
The Hawk, the King, and the Falcon 782
The Fox and the Turkeys 791
The Crow, the Gazelle, the Tortoise, and the Rat 793
The English Fox 803
The Ape 807
The Fox, the Wolf, and the Horse 809
The League of the Rats 812
A Scythian Philosopher 817
Daphnis and Alcimadura 820
The Elephant and Jupiter's Monkey 826
The Madman and the Philosopher 829
The Frogs and the Sun 831
The Arbitrator, Almoner, and Hermit 833

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