The Fall of Hermitage House

August 28, 2018|
The Fall of Hermitage House


Velda Brotherton takes it to the limit in her newest thrilling Twist of Poe Mystery… THE FALL OF HERMITAGE HOUSE.

In their most baffling tale of suspense and intrigue to date, Deputy Sheriff Dallas Starr and reporter Jessie West once again team up to bring justice to Grace County.

The new owners of Hermitage House are kidnapped seemingly without purpose. Could their abductions be connected to the reappearance of escaped villains Robert Kimble and Taylor Bainbridge of the Rising Moon cult? What about the distraught man found hiding in the woods with two girls he claims are his daughters?

As the romantic relationship between Jessie and Dal heats up further—finding even more unusual places to bloom—Dal and his fellow deputies search in one direction to unravel the mystery, while Jessie and her best friend Tink go in the other direction, putting themselves in peril during their own search for clues.

Throw in an escaped lion, stolen police cars, and the appearance of a mysterious hermit, and this puzzling case seems to have endless twists and turns. Will this be the one that finally takes Jessie too far in the pursuit of her next story? After losing his wife, can Dal’s heart survive a relationship with a woman who puts herself at risk?

Title:The Fall of Hermitage House
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:August 28, 2018
Publisher:Oghma Creative Media
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9781633733862

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