The First Results from SOHO by Bernhard FleckThe First Results from SOHO by Bernhard Fleck

The First Results from SOHO

byBernhard FleckEditorZdenek Svestka

Paperback | October 3, 2013

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The aim of the VIRGO investigation (Variability of solar IRradiance and Gravity Oscillations) on SOHO (SOlar and Heliospheric Observatory) is to determine the characteristics of pressure and internal gravity oscillations by observing irradiance and radiance variations, to measure the solar total and spectral irradiance and to quantify their variability over periods of days to the duration of the mission. VIRGO contains two different active-cavity radiometers for monitoring the sol­ ar 'constant' (DIARAD and PM06-V), two three-channel sunphotometers (SPM) for the measurement of the spectral irradiance at 402, 500, and 862 nm with a bandwidth of 5 nm, and a low-resolution imager (Luminosity Oscillation Imager, LOI) with 12 'scientific' and 4 guiding pixels, for measuring the radiance dis­ tribution over the solar disk: at 500 nm. The instrumentation has been described in detail by Frohlich et al. (1995). In addition, the observed in-flight performance and operational aspects of the irradiance observations are described by Frohlich et al. (1997), and those of the LOI by Appourchaux et al. (1997).
Title:The First Results from SOHOFormat:PaperbackDimensions:799 pagesPublished:October 3, 2013Publisher:Springer-Verlag/Sci-Tech/TradeLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

1. Performance and Early Results from the GOLF Instrument Flown on the SOHO Mission; A. Gabriel, et al. 2. First Results on P-Modes from GOLF Experiment; M. Lazrek, et al. 3. First View of the Solar Core from GOLF Acoustic Modes; S. Turck-Chièze, et al. 4. In-Flight Performance of the VIRGO Solar Irradiance Instruments on SOHO; C. Froehlich, et al. 5. Measurements of Frequencies of Solar Oscillations from the MDI Medium-1 Program; E.J. Rhodes, et al. 6. Tri-Phonic Helioseismology: Comparison of Solar P-Modes Observed by the Helioseismology Instruments aboard SOHO; T. Toutain, et al. 7. Modeling the Distribution of Magnetic Fluxes in Field Concentrations in a Solar Active Region; C.J. Schrijver, et al. 8. Bursts of Explosive Events in the Solar Network; D.E. Innes, et al. 9. Doppler Shifts in the Quiet Sun Transition Region and Corona Observed with SUMER on SOHO; P. Brekke, et al. 10. Observations of Polar plumes with the SUMER Instrument on SOHO; D.K. Hassler, et al. 11. A Coordinated Observation of Polar Plumes; C. DeForest, et al. 12. Eruptive Prominence and Associated CME Observed with SUMER, CDS, and LASCO; J.E. Wiik. 13. First Observations of Coronal Hole Structure and Evolution Using SOHO-CDS; J.E. Insley, et al. 14. EUV Observations of a Macrospicule: Evidence for Solar Wind Acceleration? C.D. Pike, R.A. Harrison. 15. EUV Blinkers: The Significance of Fast Variations in the Extreme Ultraviolet Quiet Sun; R.A. Harrison. 16. Active Regions Observed in EUV Light by the CDS on SOHO; A. Fludra, et al. 17.High-Velocity Flows in an Active Region Loop System Observed with the CDS on SOHO; P. Brekke, et al. 18. The Mg/Ne Relative Abundance in a Recently Emerged Flux Region Observed by CDS; P.R. Young, H.E. Mason. 19. The Relationship Between UV and X-Ray Brightenings; S.A. Matthews, L.K. Harra-Murnion. 20. SOHO CDS-NIS In-Flight Intensity Calibration with a Plasma Diagnostic Method; E. Landi, et al. 21. EIT Observations of the Extreme Ultraviolet Sun; D. Moses, et al. 22. EIT and LASCO Observations of the Initiation of a Coronal Mass Ejection; K.P. Dere, et al. 23. First Results from the SOHO Ultraviolet Coronagraph Spectrometer; J.L. Kohl, et al. 24. Composition of Coronal Streamers from the Solar Ultraviolet Coronagraph Spectrometer; J.C. Raymond, et al. 25. First View of the Extended Green-Line Emission Corona at Solar Activity Minimum Using the LASCO-C1 Coronagraph on SOHO; R. Schwenn, et al. 26. LASCO Observations of Disconnected Magnetic Structures Out to Beyond 28 Solar Radii During Coronal Mass Ejections; G.M. Simnett, et al. 27. The Relationship of Green-Line Transients to White-Light Coronal Mass Ejections; S.P. Plunkett, et al. 28. MHD Interpretation of LASCO Observations of a Coronal Mass Ejection as a Disconnected Magnetic Structure; S.T. Wu, et al. 29. First Results from Swan/SOHO Lyman Alpha Sky/Solar Wing Mapper; J.L. Bertaux, et al. 30. Recurrence of Energetic Particle Flux Anisotropy as Observed by ERNE on July 9, 1996; J. Torsti, et al. 31. Implications of Proton Anisotropy Development Observed by ERNE Instrument During the 9 July 1996 Solar Particle Event; L.G. K

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