The Forgotten Pollution by R.A. RoosThe Forgotten Pollution by R.A. Roos

The Forgotten Pollution

byR.A. Roos

Paperback | December 1, 2010

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The increasing pace of industrialization throughout the world has brought with it a serious and ever increasing threat from air pollution. It is true that this threat is being taken seriously, and that many responsible research workers, government advisors and others are working towards its reduction. But air pollution seems to have something of the nature of a hydra-headed monster: tackle one problem and another immediately grows to take its place. Actions taken sometimes have results that are far from what was envisioned, sometimes even seeming to make the problem worse. In The Forgotten Pollution, Roos shows clearly, and in an often entertaining way, how many of the `unexpected' side effects of pollution by waste gases and particles can be explained by paying attention to the electrical activity of the atmosphere and the earth. Using an instrument which he has developed, the Electrostatic Charged Aerosol Monitor (ECAM), together with other instruments and reference to the literature, much of it dating back to the early days of science when electrostatics was appreciated as a science more than it is today, Roos has succeeded in explaining many hitherto `puzzling' phenomena in a clear, simple and intellectually satisfying way.
Title:The Forgotten PollutionFormat:PaperbackDimensions:384 pagesPublished:December 1, 2010Publisher:Springer NetherlandsLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Vegetation. I.1. Introduction. I.2. The Electrostatic Charged Aerosol Monitor (ECAM). I.3. The Atmospheric Aerosol Observatory (AAO) at Nocé. I.4. The Updrift-Downdrift Cycle. I.5. The Acid Rain Problem. I.6. Pesticide Spraying. I.7. Vegetation Under Very High Electric Stress. I.8. Vegetation Under Natural Electric Stress. I.9. The World of Pollen and Spores. I.10. Conclusion. The Habitat Puzzle. II.1. Historical. II.2. The Clean Air Syndrome. II.3. Electricity. II.4. Electrical Fields. II.5. Electrostatic Air Cleaners and Ionizers. II.6. Health Effects. II.7. Conclusion. The Atmosphere is Not What it is Popularly Believed to Be. III.1. Introduction. III.2. Particles in the Atmosphere. III.3. Pollution Sources. III.4. Transport and Sinks. III.5. Interesting Atmospheric Phenomena. Section 2: Vertical Potential Gradients and Electric Fields. 1.1. History. 1.2. Definition. 1.3. Earth's Vertical Potential Gradient. 1.4. Consequences of High Electric Fields. 1.5. Triboelectricity. 1.6. Space Charges. 1.7. Field-Free Space. 1.8. High Voltage Lines. 1.9. Outdoor and Indoor Fields. 1.10. Other Indoor Fields. 1.11. Field Variations Through Motion. 1.12. Electrical Field Measurements. 1.13. References. Gas and Electricity. 2.1. Ionization. 2.2. Cosmic Rays. 2.3. Radioactivity. 2.4. Electrical Gas Discharges. 2.5. Photoionization. 2.6. Ionization by Combustion. 2.7. Various Effects of Ionization. 2.8. Measuring Methods. 2.9. References. The Electric Field, Mixture of Ions and Airborne Particles. 3.1. Introduction. 3.2. Electrical Activation. 3.3. Natural Extra Activation of Airborne Particles. 3.4. Artificial Extra Activation of Airborne Particles. 3.5. Measuring Methods. 3.6. References. Index.