The future of DNA: Proceedings of an international If gene conference on presuppositions in science and expectations i by J. WirzThe future of DNA: Proceedings of an international If gene conference on presuppositions in science and expectations i by J. Wirz

The future of DNA: Proceedings of an international If gene conference on presuppositions in science…

byJ. WirzEditorE.t. Lammerts van Bueren

Paperback | October 11, 2012

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This book summarizes the efforts and results of the first international Ifgene conference on presuppositions in science and expectations in society with respect to genetic engineering which was held at the Goetheanum, Dornach, Switzerland, October 2-5, 1996. The Goetheanum provided a unique opportunity to gather people from diverse disciplines who have opposing attitudes on modern science and technology. It is due to this venue, among other things, that the participants were able to develop an open, power-free dialogue and could focus more on judgement-forming than a polarizing debate. This Ifgene conference could not have happened without the financial support from many private individuals and the following organisations listed in no particular order: Fetzer Foundation; Stichting Triodos; Evidenzgesellschaft; Mahle Stiftung GmbH; Gemeinnlitzige Treuhandstelle e. Y. Bochum; Initiative gegen 'Bioethik'; Verband fur anthroposophische Heilpadagogik - CHi Verband flir anthroposophische Heilpadagogik, Sozialtherapie und Sozialarbeit e. Y. - D; Stichting ter bevordering van de Heilpaeda­ gogie; Iona Stichting; Antroposofische Vereniging in Nederland; Stichting Klaverblad; Swissair & Crossair; The Rudolf Steiner Association; The Welcome Association; Anthro­ posophische Gesellschaft in Deutschland; Helixor Heilmittel GmbH & Co; Goethea­ num Dornach; Verein flir anthroposophisches Heilwesen e. Y. - D; The Oakdale Trust; Unilever Nederland BV; NV Verenigde Bedrijven Nutricia; Migros-Genossenschafts­ Bund; Ministerie van Landbouw, Natuur en Visserij; CIBA; Stichting Elise Mathilde Fonds; Anthroposophic Society Australia; Therexsys; COOP Schweiz and selected speakers (G. Stotzky - USA, H. A. de Boer - NL, J. Girard-Bascou - F, P. G.
Title:The future of DNA: Proceedings of an international If gene conference on presuppositions in science…Format:PaperbackProduct dimensions:289 pages, 24 × 16 × 0.01 inShipping dimensions:24 × 16 × 0.01 inPublished:October 11, 2012Publisher:Springer-Verlag/Sci-Tech/TradeLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Preface. 1. Introduction; Ifgene Coordinators. DNA-Thinking in Science and Society. 2. The Limits of Culture in Biotechnology: K.M. Meyer-Abich. 3. The Cultural Powers of the Gene-Identity, Destiny and the Social Meaning of Heredity; S. Lindee. 4. The Archetypal Gene - The Open History of a Successful Concept; E.P. Fischer. 5. Back to the Future - Towards a Spiritual Attitude for Managing DNA; J. van der Wal. DNA in Living Organisms. 6. DNA in the Environment: Ecological, and Therefore Societal, Implications; G. Stotzky. 7. DNA and the New Organicism; Mae-Wan Ho. 8. DNA at the Edge of Contextual Biology; J. Wirz. DNA and Human Biography. 9. The Role of Genetic Disposition in Human Health and Disease - Bioethical Aspects of DNA Testing; H. Müller. 10. Genomic Instability - A Story of Repair, Cancer and Evolution, With Existential Impact on the Individual; N. Jaspers. 11. Human Biography and Its Genetic Instrument; M. Glöckler. Plenary Discussions: 12. Practising a Power Free Dialogue in the Plenary Sessions About Modern Biotechnology; H. Verhoog. Workshops: 13. Gene Concepts in Motion: From Mendel to Molecules; J. Girard-Bascou, C. Holdrege. 14. DNA and Food Technology - Between Natural Food and Food Design; A. Hamstra, M. Matze. 15. DNA and Education; J. Armstrong, F. Olofsen. 16. The Biotechnology Dialogue in the Netherlands; H. Vriend. 17. The Genetification of Our Culture; F. Koechlin.18. DNA in Context &endash; Genes, Organisms and Evolution Illustrated Through Algae and Buttercups; B. Goodwin, M. Colquhoun. 19. Transgenic Plants &endash; Consequences and Impacts for Production and Ecology; J. van Damme, B. Keller. 20. Intrinsic Value of Plants and Animals: From Philosophy to Implementation; P. Kockelkoren, M. Linskens. 21. Does Human Retardation Occur at the Molecular Level? J. Verhulst, N. Jaspers. 22. Genetic Disabilities &endash; Predictive Diagnosis, Gene Therapy and Communal Care; P. Miny, et al. 23. Heredity, Gene Therapy and Religion; U. Eibach, M. Gmeindl. 24. Genetic Engineering and Xenotransplantation; J. Jungermann, P. Braidley. 25. Embryo, Heredity and DNA; J. van der Wal, et al. Round Table Discussions: 26. Meeting the Person Behind the Scientist Involved in Gene Technology &endash; Summary of the Round Table Discussions; B. Pedroli. Closing Remarks and Reflection: 27. Biotechnology as a Socio-Technical Ensemble &endash; Closing Remarks and Reflection; G. Ruivenkamp. 28. Ifgene Network. Subject Index.

Editorial Reviews

`Particularly the first half of this book will be of interest to anyone interested in alternative ways to think about DNA and its future... I enjoyed reading this part of the book.' Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy, 3:1 (2000)