The Golden Crossroads: Multidisciplinary Findings for Business Success from the Worlds of Fine Arts, Design and Culture by Marco BevoloThe Golden Crossroads: Multidisciplinary Findings for Business Success from the Worlds of Fine Arts, Design and Culture by Marco Bevolo

The Golden Crossroads: Multidisciplinary Findings for Business Success from the Worlds of Fine Arts…

byMarco Bevolo

Hardcover | October 9, 2009

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The art world is booming. Museums are not mere containers of artifacts anymore, they are full blown experience centers and carry the ultimate prestige brand. The novelty in thinking and approaching challenges in the art world is magnified for business readers. 
MARCO BEVOLO was formerly a Design Director at Philips Design. He primarily works in the areas of communication trends, cultural trends and media relations. He graduated in Psychology of Communication from the University of Turin. Bevolo started his professional career at Italdesign Giugiaro in 1990. Prior to joining Philips Design, h...
Title:The Golden Crossroads: Multidisciplinary Findings for Business Success from the Worlds of Fine Arts…Format:HardcoverDimensions:256 pagesPublished:October 9, 2009Publisher:Palgrave Macmillan UKLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Introduction * New Approaches to Experiencing Culture *  The Art of Relationships: From Customer to Art Community * Brave New World: From Miami, a New Wave of Collectors *  The Emergence of China in the Art World *  Collections Core: When Passion Drives Investment *  How Art and Culture Teach Marketing how to Market *  Promising Promiscuity: Tomorrow's Cultural Charity
* Conclusion

Editorial Reviews

"The Golden Crossroads is a deeply insightful examination of the confluence of art, culture, and business touching upon the pivotal trends of the past and present while highlighting the opportunities that lay before us. Marco Bevolo's prophetic words "what matters most is inspiration and action" should remain at the forefront of our imagination as we seek to define new cultural experiences." - Bruce Mau, Designer and Thought Leader, Chicago"What began as a straightforward attempt to look at a (then) hyper-active and turbo-charged art market and the mechanics of art marketing and the culture industries, was twisted and turned in new directions by the 'global financial crisis'. Bevolo now calls for an end to the rule of the MBA-ocrasy that got us into this mess and a thorough integration of art and design mindedness and methods into the wider business and branding world. Bevolo is blessedly clear-eyed about some of the more cynical and one-dimensional attempts by the luxury goods players to come off as renaissance patrons. What he is proposing is far more radical and it makes for a thrilling – and clearly structured – manifesto for a better commercial world." - Nick Compton, Editor, Wallpaper*, London"In a business world that has lost its reference points, this book gives a fresh new view. It gives to the business community a vision and an inspiration for how to move forward." - Candido Peterlini, VP Product Innovation, Fiat Group Automobiles, Turin "Marco's 21st Century manifesto deserves to do for business what Marinetti's 20th Century Futurismo manifesto did for the arts. With his impassioned plea to put people, creativity and culture at the centre of business enterprise, his message is both timely and inspiring." - John Kearon, Chief Juicer of BrainJuicer Group PLC, London "This book shows us very fundamental insights albeit ones we've been missing these past years. Art is essentially the same as business in terms of expression of 'vision', either through artefact or product/service. As brand consultant, I highly recommend this book not only to anyone in art-related field but also to key people who lead in business." - Rieko Shofu, Executive Manager, Hakuhodo, Tokyo"This is a challenging and ambitious book. It shows what art, design and culture have to offer the world of business in terms of aesthetics and appeal, even entertainment. Exploring this interface is surely critical to our future, and the authors eleven point 'manifesto' is full of useful and important insights that can only help to put greater humanity into our lives and decisions. Given the magnitude of the crisis facing the world today, we certainly need all the help we can get."- Dr Bruce Lloyd, Emeritus Professor of Strategic Management, London South Bank University"With this book, Marco actually asks business leaders to think the un-thinkable, to start the impossible; namely to re-establish an ideology that fights the opportunism of the traditional leadership approach, which has clearly failed. Marco shows how business leaders can create new wealth if they make use of the findings that art can give them."- Johannes Hartman, VP, CMI Western Europe, Unilever, Rotterdam "The author introduces a whole new way of thinking about fine arts, design and culture and business success. This book is a big blow to stagnant categorizations and instead explores how the world is actually operating - by engaging connections rather than mere differentiations." - Gary Chang, Architect, Managing Director, EDGE Design Institute Ltd, Hong Kong "40 years after Andy Warhol taught us that business can be an art, Marco Bevolo shows us how art can make business be better. Intriguing, inspiring and eye-opening: The Golden Crossroads is like a piece of marketing art itself. A true manifesto for the post-marketing era, where selling products means creating purpose."- Wolfgang Schaefer, Chief Strategic Officer SelectNY, Berlin / New York"What is behind the creative minds of artists? What does a successful cooperation between art and business look like? In times of crisis art producers and art consumers stand on the same side for the first time. Predominant "MBA culture" has proved we need to change. Noticing various aspects of cultural, political and social changes, Bevolo calls for new directions in business and cultural liaisons. The Golden Crossroads is not a guide, it is not a catalogue of good projects – it is a source of inspiration and not only for business leaders, this book is highly valuable for a wide spectrum of readers."- Anna Krenz, artist, architect, critic, editor of Design Vox, Berlin"Modern, relevant and with an authentic international perspective, this book provides a much needed alternative to the rigid and constrained thinking that hampers innovation. Bevolo demonstrates, with specific and real world examples, how to create the right kinds of bridges between marketing and fine arts, but also between one creative sphere and another. An ambitious and successful dissection of the convergence between art and commerce. Finally, we can see a path towards brands that have true soul." - Amanda Spring, Managing Partner, Janou Pakter Europe, Paris, France"For all leaders out there please read this book, open your mind to the next level of thinking and start applying it to your own company and life. Einstein once said 'Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them.' This book is about next level thinking." - Edson Williams, founder and director of the artist group Edsonwilliams, London / Amsterdam, and founder and trainer-coach at Lead by Example "Don't invite Marco Bevolo for even a coffee if you don't want to have your views somehow shaken. Bevolo takes the stand and speaks his mind. I imagine Bevolo can probably create trouble in the corporate arena by bringing powerful content and creating doubts about the way business is usually carried out. He takes risks and this book is a true materialization of his intellectual adventures. The Golden Crossroads is an invitation for us to bet on and invest in the possibilities ahead of us." - Luciana Stein, journalist and trend researcher, São Paulo, Brazil