The Good News About What's Bad For You . . . The Bad News About What's Good For You by Jeff WilserThe Good News About What's Bad For You . . . The Bad News About What's Good For You by Jeff Wilser

The Good News About What's Bad For You . . . The Bad News About What's Good For You

byJeff Wilser

Hardcover | June 20, 2017

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Eat more steak, drink more whiskey, take more naps, lay off all the kale, and throw out your multivitamins and standing desk. In The Good News About What's Bad For You...The Bad News About What's Good for You author Jeff Wilser shares all the research that allows you to celebrate all your vices and stop feeling bad about not brushing your teeth after eating that extra slice of cake.

This book has two sides to it: one sharing all the good news, then the flip side contains all the bad news, making this the perfect gift that people will want to share and commiserate over with friends.

Told with wit, charm, and a large dose of humor, the author sprints through a broad range of topics-from coffee to green tea, tequila to Vitamin Water, to apologizing and swearing. Wilser sifts through each study to reveal everything from the merits of procrastination to the downsides of yoga.

In an age where so many people bend over backwards in pursuit of the most healthy and "pure" lifestyle, The Good News/The Bad News reminds readers to stop denying yourself pleasure and brings back to the tried-and-true golden rule of "everything in moderation."

JEFF WILSER is a writer whose work has appeared in GQ, New York magazine, Esquire, Mental Floss, The Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, and many other publications, and his TV appearances have ranged from BBC News to The View. He collaborated with Mark Ecko on the book Unlabel: Selling You Without Selling Out. Wilser is also the found...
Title:The Good News About What's Bad For You . . . The Bad News About What's Good For YouFormat:HardcoverDimensions:384 pages, 8.42 × 5.53 × 1.25 inPublished:June 20, 2017Publisher:Flatiron BooksLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

The Good News About What's Bad for You
-Drinking During Pregnancy
-Red Wine
-Vodka, Cognac, Gin, Moonshine, and Every Other Form of Alcohol
-Video Games
-Web Surfing
-Sun Exposure
-Antibiotics in Red Meat
-Ice Cream
-Junk Food
Final Thoughts

The Bad News About What's Good for You
-"Low Fat"
-Frozen Yogurt
-Organic Fruit
-Eye Contact
-Self-Help Books
-Annual Physicals
-Teeth Brushing
-Blood Pressure Drugs
-New Medical Procedures
-Herbal Supplements
-Diet Soda
-Fruit Juice
-Green Tea
-Juice Cleanse
-Standing Desks
-Ball Chairs
-Infomercial Fitness Products
-College Degrees
Final Thoughts

Editorial Reviews

An Amazon Best Book of December 2015 for Nonfiction and Humor & Entertainment"My favorite health book in years...cuts through the pseudoscience behind the health hype." -A.J. Jacobs, author of New York Times-bestselling Drop Dead Healthy: One Man's Humble Quest for Bodily Perfection "Anyone fascinated by health-related research studies and surprising factoids...will be amply entertained and informed by Wilser's lively compendium." -Publishers Weekly"A humorous anthology debunking contemporary wisdom about guilty pleasures and bad habits... Wilser delivers useful advice with cheerful good humor." -Kirkus Reviews"Wilser uses scientific studies, observations, and lots of humor to poke holes in some of the most popular health advice. The articles are short and punchy, and Wilser knows when to add humor. the timely topics and controversial conclusions will get readers thinking." -Booklist"A much-needed dose of cheer to a season of 'bad' behavior." -New York Post"A breezy romp through recent medical research...A fun guide mostly because he enjoys debunking so many fads." -The Telegraph"Prepare to be shocked and to have your world flipped upside down. You'll never think the same way again about what we sadly accept as dogma about our vices. This book will change your life, guaranteed." -Ben Greenfield, Fitness Coach, author of New York Times bestselling Beyond Training"The bad news about Jeff Wilser's new book is that you'll learn there are no quick and easy ways to lose weight, live longer, or have better sex. The good news is that you'll get smarter, and laugh out loud, while Wilser takes you on a hilarious tour of what the scientific evidence really says, and doesn't. Be careful: Laughing too much might rip a hole in your esophagus (see page 130)." -Dr. Ivan Oransky, MD, Vice President and Global Editorial Director, MedPage Today, founder of"Wilser's delivery is comically entertaining. The short segments keep the book moving swiftly and the collective information is fascinating. Studies are still out, but it's probably safe to say this book is good for us all." -Shelf Awareness"Though written in an off-hand, whimsical (and delightful) style, this book has a lot to teach us. It teaches us to be at least a little skeptical of unqualified health claims that come from scientists and (especially) journalists. Read this book and feel a little less guilty about many of your guilty pleasures." -Dr. Barry Schwartz, psychologist, author of Why We Work, Practical Wisdom, and The Paradox of Choice"Just the right amounts of serious research, light-hearted humor, and good, old-fashioned's the perfect antidote to yesteryear's tiresome and stodgy health and wellness tomes---and most importantly, it's one hell of a good time." -Rochelle Bilow, editor at Bon Appétit, author of The Call of the Farm"A vast compendium of knowledge that informs, debunks, amuses you---and disabuses you of the notion that kale is awesome." -Brian Sack, TV host & author of The B.S. of A. and In The Event of My Untimely Demise"Informative and entertaining...filled with facts gleaned from experts.... The book's great." -Withings Health Boosters"Interrupting the endless swirl of information telling us we're doing it wrong or we're doing it right, Jeff Wilser's book is a calming, hilarious, and information-packed reminder that everything should be taken with a grain of salt (and maybe a shot of whiskey, too)." -Jen Doll, author of Save the Date: The Occasional Mortifications of a Serial Wedding Guest"Jeff Wilser's newest book challenges each of us to think more critically about every trendy article about what's *really* good or bad for you. With facts, humor, and solid counter-arguments for each popular wellness fad, Wilser reminds us that healthy habits begin with balance and shows how sometimes we need to break rules to be healthy and happy." -Andrea Syrtash, host of the podcast "Do a 180: Change Your Life in 3 Minutes" and author of He's Just Not Your Type (And That's a Good Thing)"Both entertaining and informative. When a book opens with the admonition to 'eat more bacon,' you know you're in for a treat." -Andrew Shaffer, author of Great Philosophers Who Failed at Love"Jeff Wilser exposes the cynical marketing and unscientific groupthink behind today's health fads. Now we can all feel better about our questionable life choices." -Marty Beckerman, bestselling author of The Heming Way